Yuki's Really… A Girl?

It was a bright and unobtrusive morning in the Sohma household. A tall man, who appeared to be in his late twenties came downstairs wearing a yukata. His hair was sticking out a bit at the sides and he seemed to be half asleep. "Oy. Where's Yuki this morning?" He yawned and starched his head before heading into the kitchen. Inside stood an orange haired teen with a carton of milk in his hand. He looked just as sleepy as the older man. He quietly berated the teen who just brushed him off with a growl.

The orange headed teen closed the fridge door and moved out to the table. He was hungry and tired and the annoying smile on his housemate's face made him angry. "How the hell should I know He's probably still asleep." He scuffed, he wasn't the rat's keeper why should he look in on him.

The dark haired adult began to cook his famous curry before replying "Well go fetch him. You two will be late for school." He pulled out a frying pan and got the spices of the rack. Smiling to himself as he counted down the teen's explosive reply.

"Me! Why don't you go get him?" The teen slammed his fist on the table, hackles raising as he wondered why the bastard was smiling.

"Because I'm making breakfast." Was the simple reply. Silence stretched between the two, getting heavier and heavier before finally causing the teen to snap.

"Fine." He said, standing up and stomping his way to the stairs. He cursed the adult as he went in the hopes of annoying him. 'God damned bastard' He thought. And with that Kyo ascended the stairs to find Yuki.

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