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Yuki's Really A Girl?



Yukiko walked down the dirt path holding onto the hand of her five year old daughter. The girl had short black hair and was wearing a floral pattern dress with some flip flops. On the other side of the girl was Kyo Sohma her 'farther'. "Okaa-san I don't like this dress" Yukiko rolled her eyes for the twentieth time. "Akiko, deal with it. I told you not to get your other clothes dirty." Akiko pouted, her short black hair falling into her face.

"Okaa-san I want blond hair" She said suddenly, making Kyo choke a little. "No, never, not in a million years." He said, shuddering at the though of his little girl looking anything like the Yankee. "But Arisa oba-san has blond hair" She argued "and she said I should have a little creativity in my life, whatever that means" Yukiko resisted rolling her eyes again. "Is she your mother?" Kyo started up "No but-"

"Then you can't have blond hair!"

"I want blond hair"

"You can't have it!"

"I want it I want it I want it" She screamed, stamping her foot and flailing her arms around. Yukiko pinned her arms down and looked her in the eye. "Do not ever speak like that to your father again do you understand me?" She lowered her head, ashamed of her behavior. "Hai, okaa-san, gomen" Yukiko smiled at little at her daughter. "Don't be so sad Akiko, your ojii-san will wander if we have been treating you well"

At 'Ojii-san' she immediately perked up. "Come on okaa-san, otou-san Ojii-chan isn't getting any younger you know!" She ran off, tripping over a rock before getting her balance and going around the bend. Yukiko laughed and began to jog quickly to keep up.

When they reached the dojo Akiko was already at something her ojii-san had just told her. "So there you too are. We had though you had gotten lost" He greeted, getting up to hug his son as he whispered in his ear. "Y-yes" Kyo stuttered, blushing. "And?" Kyo looked over to where Yukiko was sitting with the girl. "Yes" The brown haired man was ready to celebrate before Kyo hushed him. "No else besides you an Akiko know yet so keep it quiet. "Ok" his sensei nodded as long as you're happy that's the only thing I want." He made his way over to the two girls.

"Good afternoon Yukiko, how are you today?" He inquired, a smile splitting his face. Yukiko saw the smile and mentally sighed. 'Really would it have killed him not to tell sensei?' She thought, "I'm doing well sensei." Akiko fidgeted between them, bored with way the conversation was going. "Ojii-san, okaa-san and otou-san are going to get married and I'll be their flower girl" She said proudly. "This means you be my sofu-san! (Your grandfather as apposed to ojii-san someone else's grandfather)" the pleased looked on her face made her ojii-san laugh. "Akiko!" Kyo exclaimed, "I thought I told you not to tell anyone" Akiko played with the edge of her skirt a little. "No you told me not tell any one outside this family"

"The family is made up of only three people Akiko" Kyo said, folding his arms across his chest. "But my teacher said, a family is a group of people who love and except each other no matter what." Yukiko sighed for what could have been the fiftieth time that day. 'This is going to be long'

It was after seven when they left Shishou's house. Yukiko held Akiko's hand tightly as they crossed the street. "I can't wait til you and otou-san are married okaa-san" She chirped, skipping half the length of Yukiko's arm. When they rounded a corner on the path to Shigure's they saw two burly looking men and a smaller slim person standing between them. Kyo's eyes narrowed at the man. Yukiko froze up, squeezing Akiko's hand tightly "Okaa-san you're hurting me" Akiko complained, wondering what all the fuss was about over a few men.

"So Yukiko, is this the child you gave birth to?" Akito asked, a smirk plastered on his face. "Get the girl and the child but get rid of the monster I don't even want to hear it's alive." Yukiko backed away with her daughter behind her behind her. Kyo moved in front of his fiancé and child as the burly men moved towards them. "Yukiko get outta here." Kyo hissed, getting into a defense postion. "What about you?" She whispered back, trying to keep Akiko behind her. "Never mind me just leave. I can hold them off on my own" Yukiko fought with herself until she saw the two were almost on top of them. "Be careful" She whispered to the cat cursed.

She picked up her daughter and ran for her life. "Okaa-san what about otou-san he'll get hurt!" Akiko screamed, clinging to her mother as she ran. "Don't worry, he's strong he can take care of himself sweetie" She replied but knowing her daughter she won't believe until he comes home unscratched. She turned a corner and headed for their apartment down the road. She climbed up two flights of stairs when two strange men blocked her path. "Excuse me" She said, backing up a little to allow them to pass. They moved forward and followed her step for step.

"Okaa-san?" She turned and fled. "Hold on tight Akiko!" The girl in her arms was weeping. "Okaa-san I don't like this" Yukiko turned a corner into an alley successfully losing the two. She listened to the sound of cars on the road before leaving her hiding place. "Okaa-san who were those men? What do they want? Why are they chasing us" Yukiko growled she didn't have time for those questions she had to get to somewhere safe before Akito's henchmen took her and her daughter somewhere they didn't want to go. She was about to head to Arisa's Apartment when a black lexus pulled up in front of her. The door opened up and another of Akito's henchmen stepped out and grabbed for her. She dropped Akiko as she was pulled into the car kicking and screaming. "Akiko run! Go get Arisa-oba-chan" But the girl stood rooted to the spot screaming for her mother.

The driver had also gotten out of the car. A well placed kick from Yukiko made him fall on his face. It also pushed the little girl into motion but before she could make it anywhere the men from the park picked her up and shoved her into the car with her mother. Once inside the got back in and another entered from the other while the driver got back in the vehicle. Akiko started crying again and Yukiko tried comforting her until she felt a hand caress her inner thigh and a vvoice she never wanted to hear again whisper in her ear. "Welcome back Yukiko"


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