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Episode Placement: Blackadder - During The Foretelling. Doctor Who - After The War Games (during Season 6B).


Part One

Leicestershire, England

August 22nd 1485

"Well, we're lost," said Edmund as he and Baldrick wandered through a lonely wood. He dismounted his horse to get a look around, but everything looked so unfamiliar. He would never get to the battle now.

"It's our own fault for oversleeping, My Lord," said Baldrick.

"Yes, I know," sighed Edmund. "But I was looking forward to it. All the battling and such. Most fun, I imagine."

"Unless of course you got killed, My Lord."


"Well," said Baldrick, "there's a good chance that one could get oneself killed, My Lord. Dangerous things, battles."

Edmund hadn't thought about that. He'd been so busy thinking about the glory of battle and impressing his father and Uncle Richard. And showing up his brother Harry of course.

"M-Maybe you're right, Baldrick," he stuttered.

He was about to suggest turning back and just pretending they had been at the battle, when he heard a strange sound.

"My Lord, look!" shouted Baldrick. He was pointing into the woods. A large blue box was now standing where before there was nothing.

"Wherever did that come from?" asked Edmund, staring at it perplexed.

Edmund and Baldrick slowly approached the box. Suddenly, a door in the side opened. They both ducked quickly behind a tree but continued to watch.

Two men exited from within the box. One was short with a mop of dark hair. He was dressed in very odd clothing. The other man was taller, younger, and wore a kilt. They were talking to each other.

"Ah yes, I think this is the right place," said the shorter man. "He should be about here somewhere."

"Doctor," said the younger man, "why do the Time Lords want us to talk to this man?"

"All will become clear, Jamie," he replied. "Just you wait and see." They both started looking around.

"Should we do something, My Lord?" whispered Baldrick.

Edmund was quite happy to hide until these men left. "Um, no Baldrick. If we just keep quiet, I'm sure-"

"Doctor!" shouted the younger man. He was pointing towards them.

"I say!" shouted the shorter man. "Who's there? Show yourselves!"

Edmund swallowed and stepped out from behind the tree. Putting on his best brave-sounding voice he said, "It is I, Lord Edmund of York!" He struggled to draw his sword, but it just wasn't coming free. "In the name of King Richard the Third, identify yourselves!" he said in a squeaky voice.

The shorter man tried to suppress a smile and held up his hands defensively. "You may relax, Lord Edmund. We are friends. I am called the Doctor and this is Jamie McCrimmon of the clan MacLaren. We mean you no harm."

Edmund nodded and stopped trying to remove his sword. He looked to Jamie. "You're Scottish?"

"Aye," said Jamie. "What of it?"

"I'm the Duke of Edinburgh," said Edmund proudly, expecting some sort of recognition.

Jamie simply nodded. "Of course you are." He looked to the Doctor. "An Englishman, Duke of Edinburgh. Some things never change."

"Um, are you going to the battle?" Edmund asked.

"I'm afraid not," said the Doctor.

Edmund sighed. "We are, but we seem to have lost our way."

The Doctor beamed a knowing smile. "I may be able to help you there. You are heading in the wrong direction." He pointed behind them. "It's just a few miles that way."

Baldrick grinned. "There we go, My Lord. Now we can get ourselves to the battle. Thank you very much, kind sir."

The Doctor clasped his hands together and gave Edmund a look of sincerity. "You're having second thoughts, aren't you, Lord Edmund?"

"No!" Edmund shot back defensively. "Well… Perhaps…"

The Doctor patted him on the shoulder. "Rest assured that the battle will go well, Lord Edmund. There will be glorious victory."

Edmund looked into the stranger's eyes. He gave off a strong and unusual feeling, as if he wasn't just saying these things, but that he knew them for a fact.

"Are you… Are you a seer?" he asked.

The Doctor's face didn't waver in the slightest. In a quiet and serious voice he said, "I have knowledge of future events, if that's what you mean."

The two of them simply stared at each other for a while before Jamie spoke up. "Uh, Doctor, hadn't we better be going?"

The Doctor clapped. "You're quite right, Jamie my boy. We really must be off now, Lord Edmund, but it was a pleasure to meet you."

"Yes," said Edmund, slightly confused. "Farewell, Doctor, and thank you for your assistance."

The Doctor and Jamie went back inside the TARDIS and watched Edmund and Baldrick on the scanner screen as they stood about confused for a while before leaving.

"Doctor, what's so important about that wee wet wisp of a man?"

The Doctor sighed. "He is responsible for the death of King Richard the Third at the Battle of Bosworth Field, Jamie."

"What?" cried Jamie in disbelief. "Him? He couldnae kill a dead fish."

"Hmm, but kill him he does."

Jamie thought for a moment. "If I remember my monarchs correctly, King Henry the Seventh would then take the throne?"

"Your history is excellent, my boy, but I'm afraid that you have memorized a lie."

"How d'you mean?"

"History, Jamie, is written by the winners. But that's not important now. When Lord Edmund kills King Richard he greatly alters the course of not only his own life but history itself. Never let appearances fool you. Even the smallest of men can change the world."

Jamie pondered these words for a moment. "So, is our work here done, Doctor?"

The Doctor nodded. "Very much so, Jamie. I don't expect to see much of the Black Adder in future."