Summary: A serial rapist captures Casey.

February 7, 2006

8:16 A.M.

He saw her. His car was parked at the side of the District Attorney's office. He had seen several of them rush inside. They were tardy. Normally, the rush is a little earlier. However, the one ADA he wanted had not showed up yet. She was not due for another sixty seconds. Sixty, fifty-nine, fifty-eight, fifty-seven, fifty-six, fifty-five.

There she was. Casey Novak. He spotted her. She was taller than the woman she was walking with. The other woman looked older. He had seen her before, too. She was a police officer for the Special Victims Unit. He had come so close to crossing paths with her on numerous occasions, but he knew to avoid her. He should avoid her partner, too. Her partner has anger problems.

Casey was wearing a nice suit today. She must be going to court. Otherwise, she would be in a nice shirt and a pair of dress slacks. But today she was in a dress suit. A red and gray patterned skirt that came to her knees, a large white winter coat that made her seem fat. He did not like that. His Casey should not look so fat.

The detective's cell phone rang. She gave Casey a wave good-bye before walking in the opposite direction. He could make his move now. If it were not for the other assistant district attorneys rushing inside, he would. But he would just have to wait. He's waited long and hard for this opportunity. Valentine's Day was only a week away. If his plan was going to work, he would need her. He needed Casey soon.

Soon, but not this instant. He watched as Casey continued walking towards the office. She was in heels. She almost tripped, but she regained her composure and kept walking. Of course she would not let the little things cause her to fall. She was better than that. It made her even more precious.

She disappeared into the office building. The door closed behind her. He could no longer see her. He did not know what was beyond that door. He hoped he never would. Now came the waiting. He hated the waiting, but since a glimpse of Casey came at the end of it, he would endure it.

He waited hours for her to come out. She never did. Something must have happened to the court. Otherwise, she would have left. It was almost nine at night. None of her police friends stopped by her office. It was odd. Usually on her filing days, she wore almost casual clothes to work. Some jeans and a nice blouse maybe. Something definitely delayed her court appearance.

Finally she emerged from the door. Eight fifty-two. It had been over twelve hours since she had arrived. Now she was leaving. He started his ignition and followed her with his eyes until she rounded the corner. He then slowly started his car and followed her. However, he remained far enough behind so that she would think nothing of it.

She had a car. Interesting. Well, it was getting too cold for her to ride a bike everywhere. She started her car and started backing out of her parking space. Then she saw him. He gave her a friendly smile and motioned for her to keep going. He would wait. He had to. He followed her onto the highway. He refused to let any other car get in the middle of them. He followed her to a grocery store. As he saw her parking, he drove away and rounded the corner. The alley between the grocery store was not the biggest, but he was not complaining. His car could successfully fit into it. That was all that he asked. He got out, left the doors unlocked, and walked so that he could see around that corner. All he would have to do was wait a little bit longer.

Every couple of minutes, he would glance back at his car. No one else even noticed him. It was pretty quiet. Hardly any people were on the streets. Well, it was a Tuesday. Apparently, some good shows are on Tuesdays. He did not care. If it would bring him to Casey, he did not care.

Twelve minutes later, Casey was out of the store. She had a bag of groceries in her hand. A half-gallon of milk, a box of cereal of some sort, and something else. It looked like a magazine of some kind. He smiled and walked out from his hidden position.

"Woah, you look tired," he said as he approached Casey. "I can carry those to your car, if you want."

Casey shook her head as she clung to her bag. "No, I've got it," she said firmly.

"Sorry," he said. "I was trying to do you a favor. It's the whole 'I-scratch-your-back, you-scratch-mine," he continued.

Casey rolled her eyes. "What do you want?"

"It's not me that needs help," he said. "It's my car. I don't know what's wrong with it."

Casey raised an eyebrow at him as she fished in her pocket for her keys. "I suggest you call a tow-truck or a car service shop," she said. She then frowned. He seemed nice. She should be able to trust him. But then again, she deals with rapists all day long. If there was one thing she learned in her job, it was never to trust anyone.

"Yeah, right," he said. "I would except my cell phone died."

"Pay-phone's right around the corner," Casey stated. Her fingers were on her keys. As soon as this guy backed up, she would take them out of her pocket.

"I'm sorry, where?" he asked, confused.

Casey removed her hand. She had not grabbed her keys. She started to point at the corner before he startled her. He grabbed her arm tightly. His grip was freakishly strong. In her attempt to break free, she dropped her bag of groceries. He grabbed hold of her other arm. She tried to break free, but he kept his hold on her tight.

"Don't fret, Casey," he whispered as he dragged her towards the alley. "You'll be safe with me."

Casey tried to kick at him. Her legs could reach his crotch, but she was not in a good position to kick him hard enough to let her go. She tried biting, but that was not going to work either. His arms moved down towards her waist. He strengthened his grip. She struggled harder.

They were back in the alley now. Completely out of sight. Casey realized that she was not going top be able to break free by force alone. She tried screaming. He threw her to the ground. One foot went to her right shoulder. "Shut up," he commanded as he applied more pressure to her shoulder.

He leaned down and yanked her up by her wrists. She screamed again, but he did not care. He threw her up against his car. She hit her head on its roof. He then punched her to ensure that she would remain unconscious. He shoved her into his car and drove off. As he rounded the corner, he looked at the grocery store. There were no people in front of it. The store owner was in the window looking around, but it was obvious that he had not seen anything.

He laughed.