Blue Moon Howling

Summary: What if when Naruto was seven he was bitten by a werewolf and the only thing keeping the disease at bay was the Kyuubi. What if when Orochimaru put the seal on Naruto in the Chuunin exams the wolf disease was released? What would happen?

Author's notes: I still plan to write Brutality I was just inspired to right this fic hope you enjoy. Not sure on pairing how about a vote and female pairing. Keep in mind one thing though; I do enjoy Naru/Saku, Naru/Hina, and Naru/Ten. But any of the other Genin girls are fine. Also going to change Naruto's hair color later on, so don't complain when that part comes up.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto this implies for all future chapters as well.

Chapter One
It was a dark and cold night when a seven-year-old Naruto left the Ichiruka (spelling) ramen bar. The full moon was shining brilliantly that night and he couldn't help but stare at its beauty. The wind blew past him when he realized how cold out it was. He ran and took a turn to take a shortcut through the park. It was really dark and hard to see, however his hearing was fine and the noise he heard scared him deeply. A howl echoed in the air and the sound of clawed feet could be heard on the sidewalk.

Naruto turned around slowly when a set of red eyes greeted him. A wolf made its way forward growling menacingly. Step by step it came closer before it bent backwards to attack. Naruto didn't stay any longer; he immediately took off running franticly. He could feel the beasts breath on the back of his neck, its footsteps growing louder and louder. The trees whizzed by as he was making a break for the edge of the park. Naruto made a sharp right and regretted it instantly, ahead of him was a dead end. He slowed down to turn around but a massive jaw clamped down on his right shoulder and shredded through it. He screamed out in intense pain as he fell to his knees.

He made eye contact with the beast, blue met red as his blood flowed freely from his shoulder. He was losing consciousness the last thing he heard was a howl in the night air before finally blacking out.

Naruto's eyes snapped open as he hopped to his feet ready to run. He blinked in confusion, am I alive, he thought. He took off his shirt to look at his shoulder a grotesque bite mark scar on his upper right chest and shoulder seemed to be the only indication that last nights events were real.

He walked home slowly putting last night behind him, deciding to keep the event to himself since he doubted anyone would care. Little did he know of the battle being fought inside of him.

A massive black shadow in the shape of a wolf was banging its head fiercely against bars that appeared to be made of red chakra. The beast gave a loud howl into the dank sewer like mindscape.

"This is certainly going to be an interesting life." said a large red fox from behind his own bars. The wolf gave another loud howl as it banged again against the red bars. "Fight all you like you aren't getting out." The fox gave a maniacal laughter as both he and the wolf faded out into the darkness of their containers mind.

Five years later…

"NARUTO!" screamed out Sakura as a purple flame covered hand knocked a young blond back. His shouts of pain could be heard through out the forest. A tall snake like man gave out a laugh as the raven-haired Sasuke charged forth at him.

"To slow Sasuke-kun." he said as the two started their own fight.

In Naruto's mind scape…

An ear-piercing howl went through the sewers as the dark shadow passed through the disappearing red chakra bars. "Shit." said the Kyuubi as the shadow began to run through the dank hallways of the young boys mind.

He was running…running so fast on all fours. He looked forward at the bright silver full moon. He could here the loud sound of his even paced pants of breath. He felt so free so…alive many scents fill his nose. He was…happy yes happy but that didn't last long slowly the scene in front of him took on a shade of red and he was suddenly angry. Shadows of people made there way into his vision, and without thinking he attacked them. The scene before him changed no more was there a shade of red in his view this made him happy…until he looked back at the forms of those he had attacked. Iruka's body lay dead near his paws. Slowly Sakura, Sasuke, Kakashi, and the Third's bodies joined him. His blue eyes gazed forward, he was in Konoha, bodies of young, old, women, men, and children littered the streets in puddles of blood. He let out a scream but all that came out was a sickening howl.

Sakura gave a worried glance back at both her teammates who were burning up for an unknown reason. She had to protect them, that was what she thought as the sound nin came forth.

"Listen all we're here for is to kill Sasuke." said the one covered in bandages. "If you let us have him I promise you wont get hurt." He took at step forward, Sakura charged forth at him kuni drawn, but she was stopped when a green blur came in front of her.

"Sakura-san stay back I will fight." said the thick browed boy named Lee.

"Lee what are you-" she was cut off when he charged the enemy giving out a battle cry.

Sasuke stood looking forward at the scene. An eerie purple chakra surrounded him. "Sakura, who did that to you?" he said as black flame tattoo's appeared on his body.

"I did." stated one of the sound with a grin, but the grin didn't last long as Sasuke was instantly behind him breaking his arm. All the genin present; which consisted of the sound, team Gai, team 10, and team 7, looked on with slight stares of shock as Sasuke took sick pleasure at breaking his opponents arms.

"You seem to take pride in your arms." stated Sasuke giving the broken limbs a light twist.

"Please let me go." said the trapped sound. Sasuke complied by kicking him in the face sending him flying towards his team. He was about to move for the kill when a set of arms wrapped around him.

"Sasuke-kun, stop!" said Sakura. The purple mass of chakra subsided and the boy returned to normal.

"Sakura I-" he was cut off when Dosu spoke.

"Here take are scroll and let us leave." he said and with that they took off.

Ino and the rest all came near team 7 to check up on them. "Are you alright?" she asked.

"Yes we are now, thank you." replied Sakura. "And thank you Lee for helping me."

"It was my duty and pleasure Sakura-san." said Rock Lee.

"Come on Lee we're going." said Ten-ten grabbing Lee's ear. Team Gai left then leaving the rest to talk.

"So what happened?" said Ino. "Why did those guys attack to kill Sauske?"

"We were attacked by scary man." said Sakura shaking at the thought of him. "He did something strange to Sauske and Naruto…NARUTO!" she practically shouted remembering her other teammate. She quickly made her way over to where her teammate rested.

His body was covered in sweat and he was panting hard. Sakura noticed that he looked paler even his hair seemed lighter almost the same shade as Ino's, but she dismissed it as a trick of light.

"Is the dobe okay?" asked Sasuke with mild concern.

"Yeah I think so." said Sakura.

"Well were taking off, there is no point in us staying see ya." said Shikamaru. With that they left.

"Sauske you don't think that-that what happened to you is happening to Naruto do you?" she asked. Sasuke looked at the girl and then to there blonde teammate.

"I'm not sure, I was bit in the neck he was hit in the stomach." said the young avenger.

"Well should we check to see if he has that bruise?" she said pointing to the seal now placed on Sasukes neck. Sasuke nodded. Sakura then got ready to remove Naruto's shirt when she realized how awkward it was. She began to blush slightly in embarrassment thinking of what would happen if Naruto woke up while she was doing it.

"Here I'll do it." said an annoyed Sasuke walking up to the unconscious form of the blonde. He removed Naruto's jacket and then his black T-shirt. What he saw gave him slight surprise. On his stomach was a large spiraltattoo that looked nothing like the one on his neck and on his right shoulder was a rather large scar that appeared to have been made by a huge dog.

"What is it?" asked Sakura, Sasuke was unsure if she meant the scar of the large spiraltattoo on his stomach.

"I'm not sure but it is nothing like themark I have." said Sasuke. The two made camp and waited for their teammate to wake-up but slowly fell asleep.

Naruto's eyes slowly opened to the smell of strawberry, he turned over and found a mass of pink hair in his face. He got up and blushed when he saw it was Sakura, he noticed Sasuke was on the other side of her. How long was I out? He wondered. As he thought this Sakura opened her eyes.

"Naruto your okay!" she practically shouted which woke up Sasuke.

"About time dobe, we were worried." he said, Naruto smiled at those words. "Worried we'd fail that is." Sasuke recovered.

"Shut-up Sasuke-teme." said Naruto.

"Now calm down you two." said Sakura but Sasuke and Naruto were still giving each other death glares. "We have to move." They both agreed she was right this wasn't the time or the place to be doing this.

They had arrived, after a final battle with some Mist-nins, and some help from Kabuto, they had arrived at the tower. All the team members were physically exhausted some more then others. They now waited in line for the Hokage to finish his speech.

"You all did well to get here I am very proud of-" Naruto tuned him out his mind was deep in thought like it had been all day. He couldn't explain it but something felt different about him. It was at that time he remembered the dream he had had.

"-aruto…Naruto…NARUTO!" said a very pissed off Sakura. He blinked and looked up at her. "You baka we have to clear the floor for the fighters." He gave her a questioning look but still followed her up to the balcony. He noticed Sasuke was fighting with some guy he didn't recognize. He leaned against the wall, he was unusually tired at the moment and had trouble focusing. His mind once again wondered to the events that had taken place. He blinked and looked down Sauske had won his match. So soon. He thought and it continued like that with the rest of the fights, until finally…

Uzumaki Naruto vs. Inuzuka Kiba

"Alright this will be easy huh boy?" Kiba asked his faithful dog who seemed to be hiding in his shirt for some reason. "What's wrong Akamaru? You feeling ok." The dog gave no response it just dug deeper into his shirt. Is he scared of the "dead last"? he thought staring up at Naruto who hadn't moved from the balcony. No couldn't be if anything he is scared of us.

Everyone noticed Naruto wasn't acting like himself when he finally came down to fight. He was quiet and seemed to be deep in thought. His expression was unchanging as he stared at Kiba.

"Well it seems Akamaru doesn't want to waist his time with you so I'll fight you alone." said Kiba getting into his stance. In truth Kiba couldn't force Akamaru to fight but no one had to know that. "Come on dead last show me what you got." Kiba then took off in a burst of speed.

Naruto stood still wide eyed he could see Kiba perfectly in fact better then perfectly he seemed to be moving in slow-motion. In fact he was so surprised that he didn't move at all to doge when Kiba hit him. Naruto was sent flying into a wall making a small crater.

"You can call the match now ref its over he won't be getting up." said Kiba everyone took note in the sound of relief that was in his voice. I guess there was nothing to worry about he is still weak. Thought Kiba. Until he turned around to hear Naruto getting up. WHAT!

Naruto stood-up and smiled. "I was caught by surprise it won't happen again Kiba." he said. Everyone looked on and Narutowith a little bit of shock. Naruto had plastered his fox grin on his face but inside he was concerned. I didn't feel anything from that hit, what is going on? He thought. Kiba isn't that weak and I am not that strong so what is it?

Naruto brushed the ruble off of him as Kiba came charging forth. He was moving even slower then last time, without realizing it Naruto made his hand into a similar position as Kiba's with his fingers sticking out like claws. Kiba thrust his hand forward at Naruto's heart. Before anyone could see Naruto had his hand up. All his fingers were perfectly alignedon top ofKiba's the dog boy was stopped in his tracks. Everyone's eyes were wide with shock as Kiba's fingers seemed to fall out of the there sockets broken. He gave a roar of pain and was on his knees.

Naruto stared at his own hand, which was unharmed. That move took a lot of skill. Observed all the ninja present. Kiba rose to his feet ready fight when a barking sound was heard in the distance, Kiba turned around with his eyes wide.

"What are saying Akamaru I can't just give up!" Kiba yelled, everyone looked at the dog with surprise, especially team 8. Never had they heard Akamaru tell his master to give up. The dog barked some more and Kiba looked down. "I..I…I forfeit."

The Chuunin ref was a little surprised but called the match anyway. "Winner Uzumaki Naruto."

Authors notes: Well that is it for Chapter one hope you like. In the next one it is going to be super long. Naruto meets Ero-sennin, gets training, goes wolf, and fights Neji. All with a bunch of explaining stuff in between from Kyuubi. What will happen? No clue but Review and find out. Also I CAN'T SPELL WELL BE NICE ABOUT IT PLEASE! Thank you.