Blue Moon Howling

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Chapter Ten

Naruto paced his cell in a sluggish, almost feverish, manner. It was well into the late hours of the night, and yet he couldn't sleep. Not while he was being confined like an animal. Naruto paused and gave a laugh at irony. However, his restraints tightened up around his body as he chuckled causing double over in pain. Fresh blood could be seen dripping from his silver bands, and light steam rising off his skin. Naruto remembered how relieved he had been when the Elder had taken the binds off him. He also remembered how much he loathed Jin, for putting them back. Naruto had bit the man in the hand good to, after he had done so.

It hurt...

But that could be expected, as his confinement was not meant to be comfortable. He stumbled over to the silver bars of his cage and looked outside. "At least they gave me a view..." thought Naruto as he stared up into the midnight sky, onto the moon. It was a serene scene, and Naruto had found as of late that the moon brought him comfort. He speculated that it was his wolves blood, but then again, he had always liked the moon.

How long had he been in captivity, he was not sure. But he dreaded the coming of the full moon, especially with his new 'companions'. Naruto doubted that a demon being sealed inside a werewolf, controlling his beast, was common place. Questions might be asked, or they may just kill him.

Naruto moved to the side of his bars, and let his back slump against the wall. He looked over at the shadows, the moon light erected within his cell. His mind slowly going into far deeper thoughts.

"Why am I here?"

He had never given the subject much thought. He had just accepted that he was kidnapped, but now he wondered. He wondered for what possible purpose he had been taken for. He understood that perhaps werewolves were not meant to remain by themselves, but then why did no one approach him. Only the snake of a man who captured him came close. He came with a large needle, and would draw blood from him almost daily. It made Naruto feel sick to remember the satisfaction that would show in the mans eyes as he did so.

Naruto perked his head up though. "There is that one scent also."

Since he'd been brought to this place, one scent had lingered in his nostrils. Even now it was present, hidden somewhere, watching him. He found the scent to be rather soothing and even a tad enticing. A spice for his nostrils, as it were.

Naruto sat himself against the walls of his prison, allowing himself to surrender to the peace of his cell. No noise or other such bothersome things truly came to him at thes moments. "A week...I've decided I've been here a week." he said in his mind.

The cracking of stick sounded. Someone was now approaching him. He gave a sniff of the air...several people were approaching.

"Guys lets go back."

"No I want to see the criminal."

"I've never seen these cells being used before."

"What do you think he did?"

"Mommy says only dangerous people go here."

"Kids." were Naruto's thoughts. They spoke in low whispers, obviously thinking he wouldn't here them. They all sounded rather young.

"Come on guys we have to go...Oniisan won't like it if we are here and I heard Oneechan is guarding this place." said one boy from the group. However, the footsteps continued to grow louder, as Naruto's visitors came closer.

"Koda, don't be such a scaredy-pup." said one of the boys friends. A brown haired boy of about thirteen. Naruto smirked to himself at how normal these children seemed to act. While his own childhood had been rather deprived, he had seen constantly how groups of the village children would behave. Some were mischievous, others were cry babies; apparently in a werewolf village, theses things were no exception.

Naruto lifted his head and stared straight across his cell. He had rested on the wall adjacent to the door. Already he was able to see the shadowy silhouettes of the children. With what remaining strength he possessed, Naruto lifted himself off the ground into a upright position. He slowly walked to the front of his cell.

"HOLY CRAP! Is that him!!!" shouted one of the kids.

"Little boys and girls should not be out this late." stated Naruto. He noticed how all the kids flinched back as he spoke. Fear was in there eyes...they were afraid of him. And for good reason. Naruto was quite unaware at the time, but his body was dripping with crimson blood, his hair was wild and unkept, and with the moon light hitting him at such an angle his cold blue eyes stood out. "You should listen to Koda and go home."

They all nearly passed out once he had mention there friends name. "Ho-how do you know Koda." asked one of the braver boys.

Naruto tilted his head and gave a small smile. "It was kind of hard to miss when you said it so loud." stated Naruto who then began to laugh, despite the rough chains binding him and making him bleed.

The boy had the decency to look embarrassed. "Sh-shut up!" he said taking a brave step froward. "Y-you can't intimidate us, because your trapped real good behind those bars."

He spoke with mock confidence, sweat was clearly visible on his person. Naruto perked his head up, and the smell of the one intoxicating scent moving. "You really should stay away from him." said a honey laced voice. All the kids turned around at once.

"Kira." said the majority of the group in surprise.

While another loan voice muttered. "Oneechan."

A girl with beautiful mid-night black hair stepped forward. The moon light only managed to graze her upper body, leaving her face shrouded. However, her startling violet eyes stood out.

Naruto couldn't help but notice how well endowed she was, having just the right curves in the just the right places. A faint blush descended upon his face, and his hear picked up an extra beat.

"You should be careful around the prisoner...he's very dangerous." she warned. Finally she stepped into full view, and Naruto found his heart begin to race even faster. She held an aristocratic face, high cheek bones, but ones smoothed over with pale ivory skin. Her full pink lips seemed to shine with an unknown glaze in the moonlight. Naruto briefly wondered if she was a model, but remembered where he was.

"So your the one who's been watching me." stated Naruto staring at her face to gauge a reaction. She showed little surprise at his statement.

"You all better leave before Jin finds out you were trespassing...or your parents." she stated. The kids all paled considerably and turned around on a dime. Naruto heard the girl give the smallest of giggles. He sent her a questioning gaze, which she just seemed to ignore. She then looked over at him for a moment, as if regarding him. "Tell me...if those kids had gotten any closer to the bars...would you have taken advantage of one of them?"

"Nope." said Naruto nonchalantly. "Not smart enough to do that." He gave a foxy grin at her. "So what's your name?"

She walked over to the bars and stared at him, crossing her arms over her chest. "Whats so special about you anyways?" she asked. Naruto got the distinct feeling she already knew some of the answer. He shrugged in indifference.

"No clue."

She gazed at him, a serious expression carved into her face. Then suddenly a smile was cracked, and then she erupted into laughter. "You really are just a baka aren't you." she stated. "Don't even no why your here, such a child."

"Hey look who's talking how old are you?" he asked. She stopped laughing a blushed the slightest.

"Y-you should never ask a woman her age."

"So my age huh." he said. She blushed even further. He then grinned.

"I don't see why your so dangerous." she stated with a superior look in her eyes. "You look quite pathetic to me."

Naruto dropped his head and went over to a corner where he dropped down. "You never told me your name."

"I never felt like giving it." she shot back. Naruto simply nodded, becoming very quite. The girl looked at him for a moment, and then turned around to leave.

"Kira." she said and then walked away.

Naruto looked up a little surprised. His eyes almost immediately traveled to her behind. He then blushed unceremoniously.

"I want her." Naruto stated simply.

"Well well, kit. I never expected you to cave into your desires so quickly or even accept them as existing."

"I know...but for some reason, my body is suddenly aching for that weird? I mean I don't even really know her." asked Naruto.

"You'd be surprised at how natural that is in demon culture...we mate sometimes without even knowing are partners name."

"Still...I wonder whats come over me."

"Its just your demon instincts taking over...your inner wolf is yearning for you to take her." said the nine tailed demon. "Obviously by her scent, you found her worthy, by her appearance you found her desirable, and by hearing her voice you found the need...the need to hear her moan."

Naruto's cheeks became scarlet and he hung his head rather low. He wondered to himself if it was really the time to be thinking of such things.

"I imagine my presence isn't helping much either. Having a demon inside to influence your natural instincts could lead to a hightened sense of lust." stated the demon. "A good choice though, as her hips will support the carriage of many young kits."

"I shouldn't be thinking of this stuff right now...I may die."

"Don't be so grim, well figure out something...besides, if these are your last days, why not spend them trying to satisfy your desires."

"Hmm, maybe." Naruto's eyes were slightly hazed over as he said this.

Hanabi stood read in her stance. She eyed her sister with calculating eyes.

"Begin!" shouted the ref.

Hanabi was about to charge, when she felt a strike to her gut. Next thing she knew she was on her back. Her body was completely immobile. She saw her sister offer her a hand, and she reluctantly took it.

"That was a good match Hanabi." stated Hinata giving her sister an encouraging smile. Hanabi just eyed her.

"What part about it was good Hinata-neesan." stated Hanabi looking down in disappointment. The young girl did not dare look over at her father.

"It allowed me to see just how far I've come...and just how far we both need to go." said the elder of the to Hyuuga. Hanabi looked up at her sister. She had noticed it faintly, after the preliminaries of the Chuunin exams. Her sister had seemed different. But then after a boy named Naruto was taken from the village...she had just...evolved. She walked more confidently and determined. She fought far stronger then Neji. Hell she even dressed more daring.

Her sister seemed to have become an entirely different person. Hanabi sadly could only think of the negatives, such as her receiving the caged bird seal with her sisters latest improvements.

She felt her father approach. "You have improved...Hinata." said the proud Hyuuga male. "Hanabi, go find Neji as he will tutor you for the rest of the need drastic improvement."

"Yes, father." said Hanabi with a bow before she left.

"Hinata." said Hiashi. "Are you feeling alright." His face was blank as he spoke. And no emotion was shown in his words. No weakness...but Hinata was finally able to pick up on the faintest hints of worry. Her father while strict, cold, and no tolerance for weakness...still loved her.

Hinata looked down briefly. "I'm troubled." said Hinata.

Hiashi regarded her. "Truly?" he asked. She nodded. "You seem more confident, aware, and respectable then ever this because you are troubled?"

Hinata nodded again. "I have to get save him...I have to become the heiress." Her voice nearly cracked as she said that. She looked up at her father with determined eyes. "To save Naruto-kun!"

Hiashi turned away from her, seemingly in deep thought. "Then become stronger...if you do...I will push for a more earnest seach of Uzumaki Naruto in the next council meeting with the Hokage."

Though he did not turn around, he could tell Hinata brightened considerably. "I will...father."

"Anything." said Tsunade to the Anbu members currently gathered in her office.

"Nothing." stated the captain. Tsuande let out a sigh.


They all disappeared in a blur. The Hokage took out a bottle of sake and began to down it. "We should spread the search." she said to herself.

"Its been two weeks Tsunade." Jiriaya appeared behind her. She showed little recognition to his presence. "You need to pull yourself together...for the leaf."

"Yet another claimed by the necklace." she said completely ignoring the Toad Sannins presence.

"FOCUS!!!" shouted Jiriaya slamming his fist on the front desk. "What would Naruto want?"

Her eyes went momentarily wide as those words were said. She put down her sake bottle and began to sign some papers. "Has there really been no signs of him?" she asked. Jiriaya nodded.

"I have my spy networks keeping their ears open...if they here anything I will let you know." he said. She nodded in recognition.

"Then I will start preparing for the war, we need to fortify are ranks." she said. Jiriaya gave the smallest of smirks as those words were spoken. "Let me know if you hear anything on the Uchiha brat as well."

"Can do." he said giving a salute before disappearing in a poof of smoke. Tsunade brow formed a worry line and she folded her hands in front of her face.

"Be safe...Naruto."

Jin played with a vile of red liquid. A small smirk graced his features. "Yes, its getting there." he stated.

He was contained in a dark room, filled with various lab equipment. All of it looking rather low tech in comparison to some other more well funded research labs. But it worked well considering no one payed a dime for it.

He gave the vile a swirl in his hands. He placed a small sample under a microscope and stared at it with a perverse smile.

"Soon." he said. "soon..."

The Elder sat at his throne, his brow netted in concentration. He was no fool, Jins proposition from the beginning had been rather shady. But the Elder had hopped in his heart that it was not another one of Jin's ambitions.

The Elder had watched Jin grow up from a pup. He had seen the tortured past the boy carried, and saw the drive for more that he always seemed to be headed towards. While such a quality is usually deemed admirable, this was not the case for Jin.

The boy held no regard for life, or those who posses it. The Elder worried each day that young Kira and Koda would begin to show such unstable signs.

However, the Elder would allow Jin to continue his work. He did it not because he was swayed or ignorant. No, he did it because of his own gut instinct. The instinct that told him their was definitely something more to Uzumaki Naruto.

And until he could be certain of what it was...he had no choice but to keep Naruto confined. He just hoped that his suspicion was wrong...for if he was right.

Then they had just committed one of the highest crimes in their tribe.

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