1Merry xmas:D

"I'm Jewish," said Sephiroth.
"What's an xmas?" asked Link.

-For a special holiday surprise, I'm giving you all presents!-
"Yay, presents!" said Link.
Li covered her eyes and moaned. "I'm afraid."
-As well you should be. Now, first is. . . Cloud! Here you go!-
Cloud looked at the box of chocolate. "I'm on a diet."
-Oh well. Next is. . . Sephiroth!-
"What the-" He looked dubiously at the pink teddy bear.
-Next is the Demon King!-
"Wow, bandages, I could use that after you pushed me 5 FEET TO THE GROUND!"
-Aaand, Link!-
"Yay!" shouted Link as he looked down at a rock. "What a great present!" He then attempted to eat it.
-Here you go Roy!-
"Um. . . a potted giant venus fly trap. How um. . . ouch! thoughtful."
-This one's for Zelda!-
"OMG!" shouted Zelda. "It's a teen magazine!" She saw a picture of Cloud and hugged it.
-And finally. . . Merry xmas Li!-
Li's eyes widened. "Wow, it's a sword!" She tried to pick it up and dropped the hilt on her foot. "Gya!"
-But I feel generous. zappedy-
Li tried to pick it up once more, and to her surprize it was incredibly lighter. "Thank you!"
-And I was running low on zappedy power, so I used the power out of Link's 3 sided sign.-
"I thought he broke his," said Zelda.
Li looked around nervously. "Uh. . . erm. . ."
"Grrr- Gya!"
"Ouch- no- owe! Please- stop- ouchies!"