This challenge was issued by LINKed up. The pairing is Shelloyd, so if you don't like it...don't read it. It's been a long while since my last straight pairing fic. And unfortunately, it's not all that sad as I intended it to be. Please try to enjoy it...I am sorry it's not that good. This will be two chapters.

Also, I want to state that I haven't played ToS in a long while. The last time I played was last summer, and I vaguely remember the Volt part, or what Sheena says when she makes a pact. So if anything is a little off, please forgive me.

Summery: When your protecting someone you love, no sacrifice is too big for them. Not even your very own life...

Disclaimers: If I owned don't want to know...Nintendo does. The lame title, you see what happens when Fire Emblem is not at my side?

Warnings: Cursing. Shelloyd pairing. I do not hate Zelos, not at all. If I did, I would be a loser. I'm writing in the 1st person POV. And I think Lloyd and Sheena are a little OOC...sorry yet again.

Costly Protection

The final task...

I thought to myself, letting out a deep sigh. The others were a bit ahead of me, as we all began braving the last darkness room.

Raine, Genis, and Colette seemed to have trouble keeping themselves from wobbling, while Zelos, Regal and Presea acted as if they had done this before, easily keeping their balance.

I narrowed my eyes, but I've done this before. I should be the one leading the group right now. I shouldn't be the one, cowering in the back, afraid of what might happen to my friends...and Zelos.

I wish I could've stopped them, there were other Summon Spirits we could get, why did it have to be Volt?

I closed my eyes, still walking.

What if one of them got hurt? What if Lloyd got hurt? I can't face him by myself...I can't let any one of them die. Like those countless people who died last time...

"Hey Sheena!"

I was startled a bit when the voice called out my name, causing me to shift to the right.

I yelped and flailed my arms. If I fell now, I would have to start back at the beginning again...alone.

"No!" I exclaimed when my right foot was about to slip off the edge, but then I sensed a gloved hand catch mine.

My eyesight shifted to my right, realizing it was Lloyd, who had a look of concern plastered on his face. He yanked me back up roughly, wrapping his arms around my waist to steady himself.

He was holding on to me a little more tightly then he needed to. But I didn't mind.

"You've got to be more careful!" Lloyd said, effortlessly swinging me in front of him.

My heart was racing so I pounded my chest to try and slow it down. "Thank you Lloyd." I responded in a small voice, rearranging the top half of my outfit. I watched as he slowly passed me, taking his time so he wouldn't fall either.

"Here," Lloyd held out a hand once he had gotten to my front. "I don't want you falling again."

I blushed a little and took his hand, clearing my throat. "Thanks."

"What are...friends...for?" He asked, pausing on the word friend, then trudging forward when the lightning flashed.

Lloyd moved on slowly, asking if I was doing okay every two or three minutes. I shuffled up closer to his back, urging him to go a little faster, assuring him that I was fine.

"Remember, if you need anything, Sheena. I will always be here!"

By the time we reached the top of the room, everyone was waiting for us, with Zelos and Genis bearing looks of annoyance.

Colette was playing with her bangs and sighed a sigh of relief when she saw us step out.

"We're almost there, so let's not waste our time. I'm bored of this place already." Zelos spit out, emphasizing 'bored'.

I ignored his comment and advanced forward, using the Sorcerer's Ring to demolish the red block that was laying in our way.

"I don't get why we have to do all this in the first place." Genis remarked as I turned to face them, nudging Lloyd in the side.

"Now we have to fall...again." Zelos complained, grabbing Raine's arm. "Let us go, my beautiful professor, and brave the unknown!" He leaped back into the dark room, pulling Raine along with him. A few seconds later, there was a loud, high-pitched scream, and Zelos' disturbing laughter.

"Sis!" Genis screeched, dragging Presea back into the area. Regal and Colette quickly followed them.

I exhaled, moving onward, but Lloyd put a hand on my shoulder, stopping me. "Sheena, you know this is when we fight Volt, right? Are you sure you're all right?"

I turned slightly, giving him a sad smile. "As long as I have my friends with me, I'll be okay. You don't have to keep asking, everything will be fine."

I cringed, that sounded nothing like me. And I didn't like the uncertainty in my voice either.

Lloyd smiled back, getting hold of my hand like he had done earlier. "Great! Remember, if you need any help, you have us. And me."

"Of course. Now let's get going before they start complaining again."

We reentered the area and purposely slipped off the edge. I gasped sharply, no matter how many times this happened, I could never get use to it.

Lloyd had his eyes closed, and I was trying not to scream. The lightning still flashed, distorting our shadows that were covering the dark blue walls around us.

I drew Lloyd closer to me as I had to hold down the bottom part of my apparel that was flying upward because of the air. My pink bow ended up smacking him in the face, causing him to snicker.

Once we reached the end of our flight, I landed on my butt and Lloyd landed on his stomach, slamming his forehead on the ground. We both groaned and released our hands from each other.

Lloyd was quick to recover, so he helped me up, repeatedly asking if I was hurt. He was reminding me of Colette now.

"Lloyd, I'm all right. You don't have to keep asking!" I joked, punching him playfully in the arm.

"I just don't want anything bad to happen to my friends, that's all. Especially not you..." He paused, looking at his feet. "Or Colette." Lloyd quickly added.

I smiled again, uncharacteristically locking our arms together. "Come on, the others are in the room ahead."

We both ran forward, reaching the others. Regal and Raine were observing the last red block, agreeing that the only thing left to do was to destroy it and trigger the lighting rod.

I held out my arm, clenching my fist and fired the bolt out of the ring. Zelos ran off to go activate the last rod. He came back to us quickly, and we all readied ourselves when there was a blink of white light.

A gigantic ball of crystal blue, pink and violet appeared. Its red eyes and searing colorless pupils stared at us.


I began to tremble uncontrollably. There he was. Volt.

I took a step back, bumping into Lloyd. "Sheena," He hissed. "Say what you have to say!" Lloyd gave me a hard squeeze to my waist and pushed me forward.

"V-Volt! I a-ask that thou annulst thy pact with M-Mithos and establish a new pact with me, S-Sheena Fujibayashi, of Mizuho."

I wasn't even sure if I said that right, through all my stuttering.


I began to get furious, why the hell isn't it answering me! "Volt! Answer me! I want to make a pact with you!"


I let out a frustrated growl, "It's doing it again! This is what it did before it went berserk on me!"

"I don't understand..." Raine muttered under her breath.

"Calm down Sheena." Zelos and Regal told me.

I began breaking into a cold sweat, those scared me so much. "Volt!" I screamed again.

It rose up higher from where it was floating previously. Before I could do anything, Volt shot out a bolt of lighting straight at me.

I froze, knowing I wouldn't be able to get out of the way in time. From the corner of my eyes, I saw a puff of smoke.

Corrine! I cried in my mind as I watched him fly in front of me, the bolt hitting him head on.

"Corrine!" I screeched, rushing over to where his body lay, sliding to my knees. I threw my hands out to him, noticing he was warm. Tears began forming at the corner of my eyes. "No...why?" I moaned, bringing my hands to my face.

"Sheena..." Corrine let out, his sweet voice shaking. "You were always my friend...don't worry about me...please defeat Volt."

I couldn't listen to what he was telling me, I couldn't even concentrate on what he was saying.

"Corrine! Please don't die!" But I knew it was inevitable, Volt was a strong summon. One direct hit from him, and you're probably finished.

"Take care of yourself..."


I continued staring lamely at Corrine's body, my left hand reaching out to touch the bell that was around his neck.

How pathetic was I? I could not even save my best first friend.


I hated myself, just as much as I had when everyone died. How could I let this happen!

"No! Lloyd!"

My ears perked up at the mention of Lloyd's name, and also the sound of someone stepping up behind me. I turned my head sharply, promptly getting to my feet, watching as the scene unfolded in front of me.

Volt had, once again, fired another bolt at me. Lloyd held up his twin swords, readying himself to try and block the attack.

As it hit him, the sword in his right hand snapped in two, half of the silver shards of the broken blade flew at me, cutting my skin that was exposed. It was sickening, in a way, to hear the sound of metal cracking.

I saw red liquid flying every which way, some splattering on my purple attire, as the bolt slammed into his body. One half of the sword drove itself into him, which, plus the force of Volt's attack, sent him flying backwards into me.

I closed my eyes, and grunted as we both hit the floor, my back grazing some of the fragments. I could feel something warm trickling from Lloyd's back and onto my chest. I wrapped my arms around Lloyd and moved him off me, going as slow as I could.

I rested him on his back, clearing away parts of his blade.

I could tell he was on the brink of death. His eyes were half open, and hazy. Lloyd's beautiful brown eyes looked like swirling chocolate, I could scarcely see his pupils. Blood was pouring out from where the sharp edge of his blade was lodged.

I took a deep breath and tried to say his name, "L-"

"Lloyd!" I heard Colette scream, rushing over to my side. Genis, Regal and Raine promptly came over to where I was also.

I could hear sounds of Zelos and Presea, probably trying to fend of Volt.

But I could care less about them at the moment, I just stared at Lloyd's face, noticing that he was trying to talk to me.

Shaking, I lowered my head and placed my left ear to his mouth. As he talked, his cold breath brushed over my ears, making me shudder.

"S-Sheena...I am...happy that I was able you."

"Why," I questioned, my words coming out as a hushed whisper. "Lloyd...I would have survived."

"H-how? You...stunned..."

The tears that had formed from when Corrine died began to fall down my face. "It was my fault! I would have survived, even if I didn't move! Lloyd, why!"

Of course I would have survived. I'm a ninja...a summoner. I can take attacks like that, although it would leave me in critical condition. I even had the Card of Lighting in my hands, which would have blocked half of the power of his attack.

"J-just listen to me, Sheena..." With much effort, he placed one hand on my back, pulling me down. "I saved you...that's what is important. Please stay alive, Sheena. Don't...let my efforts go to waste...the only right thing I did in my life. P-please...look at me..."

I didn't want to, but he squeezed my side, like he had done when Volt frightened me. I slowly looked back into his eyes, gasping a little when his hand slid up my neck to the back of my head. Lloyd forced me down, pushing our lips together. His were so cold, I knew he was about to die.

But it was still comforting, so say the very least...

I pulled away, clenching my fists and bringing them to my face. "Lloyd..."

" you Sheena..." He brought up his hand and helped me wipe one tear from my cheek.

"Please...don't..." Before I even finished, Lloyd's hand dropped. He sighed his last sigh, smiling and slowly began closing his eyes.

That ridiculous smile of his stayed on his face...

The more I looked on, the less I could hear what was going on around me. Raine had kneeled down next to him, checking for his pulse. She sniffed and brought up her staff.

"Bring back this soul from purgatory...Resurrection..." Raine chanted, without much enthusiasm.

I got to my feet, "Try this! Purgatory Seal!" I held the Card of Fire, watching my red cards floating around his body.

We watched, we waited. Nothing happened.

"No! Lloyd!" Colette screeched, throwing herself onto him. She nuzzled her head into his neck, pulling the blade from his chest and tossing it to my feet. She grasped his hand, her own was bleeding, and began pounding it on his chest.

Genis fell to his knees and started to scream Lloyd's name. Raine pulled him closer and began to cradle him in her arms, weeping also.

Someone grasped my shoulder tightly and twirled me around. It was Zelos and he appeared worn out. His eyes went from my tattered face to Lloyd's lifeless body.

I noticed a little, but wicked grin begin to form. But when he looked back at me, he was somber.

Was I imagining things?

"Sheena," Zelos finally said, a bit too enthusiastically. "Presea and I...we can't take Volt by-"

Once he said Volt, I snapped my attention to the summon. He was busying himself with Presea, who was having little trouble blocking his onslaught with Earthly Protection.

"You..." I snarled, yanking Zelos' hand off my shoulder. "I'm going to kill you!" I screamed at it, starting to run forward.

"You can't kill a summon..." I heard Zelos say to himself, but I ignored him.

I jumped in front of Presea, "Guardian Seal!" I forced her back, trying to clear the area of anyone who could get hurt. "I'm gonna take you out!" I screeched, sobbing a little. I could feel my anger rising, it felt like I was going to erupt.

Looking at him made me angry, I just wanted to destroy him, just like how he destroyed...killed my two best friends.

Lloyd! I loved him...

I brought up a shaky hand and began chanting. I knew exactly what I was going to do.

"I call upon the Red Giant, the Ruler of Hellfire! Come! Efreet!"

I all but yelled those words. I viewed with determination as Efreet appeared with a flash of bright light, happy that we got him before we came to Tethe'alla.

"I shall reduce you into cinders!" Efreet bellowed, creating a huge eruption.

While he was doing that, I pulled down my hand and rushed forward.

"You're in for a world of hurt! Demon Seal! Pyre Seal! Serpent Seal Absolute! Serpent Seal Pinion!"

Using all the attacks I knew until I was exhausted, I unleashed all my rage I had been holding in, not allowing Volt to even get an attack in.

"43 combo!" I heard Zelos cheer.

Hearing him say that made me attack more furiously. I put up my guard and jumped back.

With the last of my mana, I began to summon, "I call upon the Heavenly Messengers. Come, Sylph!"

"Are you ready?"

"Go! Go! Go!"

"Here I go!"

With another brilliant blink of light, Volt was defeated.


Without another word, he disappeared. I feel to my knees, I was tired.

"You all right?"

"Zelos..." I pounded my fist on the concrete ground, remembering why I was so depleted.


Reluctantly turning my head, I stared past Zelos' small smirking face, realizing once again...

He was dead.

Lloyd was dead...

Because of me...

I realized this was pretty long, so I decided to cut it short and write another chapter, like I said before. I hoped you all enjoyed it, though it was not all that sad. Constructed criticism is always welcomed! Please R and R! And no flames from Shelloyd haters! Cause, though it may not be my most favorite straight pairing (the favorite being Sheelos), I will still defend it!