Pulling a Raine- In cooking!

A Ghost of Ivan fic

Goi: Hi all! This fic was inspiresd by me failing at cooking!

Erk: You fail at making pakaged goods.

GoI: So? I don't read it thoroughly enough.

Ivan: Sigh... GoI owns nothing at all.

GoI: This fic is basically how everyone fails at cooking. The First chapter is with Lloyd!


"Okay everyone, who's turn is it to cook?" Ask a short Half-elf, or rather, Genis.

"Um... it was... Um... the order is:

Lloyd, Kratos, Colette, Regal, Presea, me, Genis, Raine, then Zelos." Said a summoner, or Sheena.

"Aw, come on! Why am I first!" Asked a twin swordsman named Lloyd.

Genis sighed and said, "It's by last names, moron."

"But my last name is Irving! I does not come before A!"

Suddenly, Lloyds teacher, Raine, came in and said, "Lloyd! It's a miracle! You know your ABCs!"

Genis sighed again and said, "No Lloyd, your last name is Aurion."

Kratos burst out into tears when he realized his son didn't like his true last name, thinking it means he didn't like him. (OK, that was just for humor. I love Kratos too! But not in that way, y'know?)

Lloyd then, realizing his dad didn't think he liked him, started to comfort him, "Its ok, dad. I was just so used to being called 'Irving', it became habit."

Kratos then got better and returned to his elitist-asshole-who-criticizes-everything-everyone-does self.

Lloyd looked up from his father and said, "Ok, what am I going to make today?"

Genis, looking at everyone else, said, "Lets ask."


Genis was standing at a podium which magically appeared, and said, "Ok guys, we need to decide on the food we want! We have the ingredients for... Sandwiches, Spaghetti, Fruit Cocktail, Tenderloin, Shortcake, Steak, and Beef Stew. We'll vote on which one we want. I'll vote for Spaghetti."

Lloyd looked at Genis crossly and said, "When we get to a town, your getting a swirly. And I vote for steak... Mmm... Steak..."

Kratos then voted next, "I think Steak is a good choice, knowing Lloyds cooking... and mine, in a way."

Colette voiced her opinion, "I think Shortcake is good! I love what Lloyd cooks!" Everyone sweatdropped.

Regal then voted, "I would like Beef Stew."

Presea voiced her opinion, "I would like Spaghetti."

Sheena said her thoughts, "I think Steak would be a good choice."

Raine added her wisdom, "I would like Spaghetti."

Genis said, "Ok, the final totals are: sandwiches-0. Spaghetti-3. Fruit Cocktail-0. Tenderloin-0. Shortcake-1. Steak-3. Beef Stew-1."

Zelos, for the first time in this fic, whined, "Hey! What about me!"

Genis looked at him crossly and said, "Your too stupid to vote... but you'll have to seeing as it's a tie."

Zelos grinned and said, "I vote for... Spaghetti!"

Lloyd's and Kratos' eyes widened. Main ingredient for Spaghetti Tomatoes.

Genis said, "Okay then! Looks like it's Spaghetti!"

Lloyd walked off to the kitchen and Kratos followed him. Presea blocked the kitchen, "Kratos. It's not your turn to cook."

Kratos thought a while and said, "I need to see that Lloyd makes no mistakes."

Presea considered it, then said, "Very well."

Kratos, once inside the kitchen area, rushed to Lloyd. "Lloyd! You aren't going to do this, are you!"

Lloyd looked at Kratos and grinned. "Of course I am, Kratos!" he said, but added, "However, I have a trick."

Kratos looked interested. "What is it?" he asked.

Lloyd whispered something in Kratos' ear, and they both had small chuckles.

Lloyd then went to the cooking. He first read "The ultimate Spaghetti Recipe- By Genis Sage"

1. First, boil a bowl with water in it.

2. Then, add the noodles.

3. Add some onions when the noodles cook.

4. Put the noodles with onions in them into a bowl. Remember to Drain the water first.

5. Add Tomato Sauce.

6. Add any extra flavorings.

7. Taste test it; use Zelos.

8. If Zelos is still alive, swear and serve. If Zelos is dead jump for joy and throw out the dish.

Lloyd followed the instructions carefully, except putting in his own 'twist' to it. And also, Kratos and Lloyd had tested it. They found it Delicious.

Lloyd and Kratos walked out into the serving area, and served the food. Genis, expecting some nice Spaghetti, saw what Lloyd had cooked. It was Spaghetti, all right. Except for one thing. There was no Tomato sauce! Genis looked at Kratos and Lloyd, who were eating it like it's the best thing in the world. So Genis took a bite, and what he found was the most perfectly cooked tasty noodles in existance. But he liked it with the Tomato sauce. So he didn't really like it.

Everyone else took a bite.

Raine thought that this was 'a marvelous twist in spaghetti.'

Sheena thought that 'it would have been better with tomato sauce.'

Zelos thought 'is this noodles or spaghetti? I can't tell."

Colette thought 'Do I really like Lloyd's cooking? Yup, I do!'

Genis thought 'It was certainly strange... at least better than Raine's twists in cooking.'

Regal thought 'Strange. Should this be a new recipe?'

Presea thought 'It is... very flavorlessly tasty.'

Kratos thought 'Absolutly desicious! That's my son!'

Overall, Kratos was the only one who really liked Lloyd's 'Spaghetti'. Everyone else thought it was meh, but tasty.


GoI: What an interesting twist, eh? Spaghetti- with no sauce! haha.

Erk: That was a weird twist.

Ivan: I agree.

Kratos: Why am I here?

GoI: Geez, I feel so loved... and Kratos your here because you're cool.

Kratos: Oh... you suck, GoI. But that plot twist was great.

GoI: Well duh. You hate Tomatoes.


Ivan: Also, in this story, When Lloyd says 'Dad' he means Dirk, but when he says 'dad' he means Kratos

GoI; Well, R&R, I guess. But I'll update this quickly... I think.