Pulling a Raine- in cooking!

A Ghost of Ivan fic

Ch. 3- the fruit mishap

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This time, when wandering through the Triet desert (Looking for the Soul Eater), the group was going to die of thirst, so there was little choice on what to make- Fruit Cocktail, duh. Fortuanately, (Doubt it) it was Colette's turn to cook. After setting up an area to cook Colette started to hum as she cooked.

Much later, however Colette was nearly done. She was at the part where she had to add fruits (...), but she was having trouble...

"A lemon... I don't think it's a fruit." She said as she tossed it and it hit Genis on the head, knocking him out.

Next she saw a Pineapple. "I KNOW that's a fruit!" She cut it up and threw the top of it where she threw the lemon... but it hit Sheena instead.

"HOW COULD YOU BETRAY ME, PINEAPPLE!" She said as the started crying everyone backed away.

" Tomatoes are... nah, I think they're vegetables." She threw it, and it hit the ground between Lloyd and Kratos, it splattered on them and they started to run around screaming.

" A Peanut? What the hell?" She threw that, and it hit Raine in the head, knocking her out. And there was much rejoicing. (Yay...)

" What kind of food is this?" She, regardless, chopped up the fruit, a Kirima, and added it to her drink... thing.

"No way I'm adding this!" Tossing the Amango, where it flew into Regals mouth and cut his tounge.

" Ooh! I LOVE limes!" , she said as cutting up the Lime and into the pot.

Next, she found a TV screen with the word 'Lemon' on it. She looked confused and turned it on. Needless to say, she was scarred for life after seeing what was on the TV and throwing it while screaming. Ironicly, it landed in front of Zelos, who started to drool at it as Lloyd bumped into it, knocking it into Zelos, who got his face in the screen.

After that, she found another TV, but it said the word 'Lime' on it, she didn't even turn it on, she just threw it. It landed on Zelos. Ouch. But there was much rejoicing. (Yay...)

After a long debate with herself, Colette was finally done. She was bringing the food out when she tripped on air and it fell on top of her, the she got up, slipped on the mixture, the hit Lloyd, who hit Kratos, who hit Zelos who had just gotten put from the two TVs, who hit Genis, which made him concious again. Genis, being the only one concious, said, "Form a torrential vortex and engulf these evil spirits! TIDAL WAVE!"

Everyone woke up, except for Zelos, who was dieing from electricution. It turned out Presea was asleep. The WHOLE time.


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