Author's Ramble: This is a new idea that popped in my head, and I can't write anything else until I get this off my chest. It's similar to Elements are made for playing with, just with some different. If you're an anal Annie about original character's…character then this isn't for you. I will use Japanese words, wherever they fit, such as techniques and terminology, things that don't really translate. I will not however but words like dad and yes in Japanese. I will keep the Japanese honorifics though such as –san, -sama, and sensei. It just works that way.

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Summary: Naruto is the heir of the Umazaki bloodline, with his family standing behind him. The yondaime lived after sealing the Kyuubi, suppressing all the animosity the village show. AU starts when Naruto before enters the academy.

Naruto walked down the street, eyes wide open in wonderment, as only 7 year old children do. "Hey Gin, what's this?"

Gin sighed as his cousin pointed at each and everything they passed, "It's the ninja academy." 'How did I get sucked into walking with Naruto? Oh yea, because Arashi-sama asked me to.' Naruto stopped walking and started to stare at Gin, "What's a ninja?" 'How does he not know when his father is the yondaime?' "It's the protectors of the village."

Naruto started to hum for a bit, 'Hm…that sounds fun…' He smacked his fist into the middle of his palm, "I've decided I wanna be a ninja Gin. You're a ninja right? Teach me!"

Gin wanted to smack Naruto, but damn it all if he wasn't an adorable child. "I'm only a genin Naruto, I wouldn't be able to. You would have to join the academy next year." Naruto pouted, "But daddy has been telling me that people in our clan always go in early, why can't I join early like you?"

Gin looked over at Naruto, scrutinizing him. "You haven't even unlocked it yet, if you did then perhaps you could. You should ask Hokage-sama instead." Naruto frowned, "But dad is always busy. He never has time to talk." Naruto started to tear up, "Come on Gin! Teach me please?"

'That should get him to teach me. Haha!' Naruto was as devious as he was adorable. Gin felt his resolve start to weaken, 'Damn that boy, he knows how to manipulate adults, stupid brat.' "Sigh….alright fine…but don't get mad if its too hard for you." "Yay!" Naruto started to dance around Gin. "Hey… the way, what is our bloodline?"

Gin felt a headache coming along. 'How is it that our heir doesn't even know his own blood line?' "Hasn't you dad at least told you that much?" Naruto looked sad for a moment, before quickly hiding it behind a smile, "No…hes….always at work."

Gin felt a pull at his heart, although Naruto was a child and an heir, he didn't get spoiled as his father was always gone. 'Even if he is the Hokage, he should still be able to spend some time, at least enough time to explain what our blood limit is.' "We of the Uzumaki are blessed with the ability to form bonds with elements. Each on of us is the heir to a multitude of elements. Most of us have only 1 or 2, but as the heir to the clan, its quite possible for you to receive the blessing of each one. Each element has it's own things to teach you. If however, you should try to abuse the power, they will withdraw their support of you and take back all the powers they gave."

Naruto nodded along with what his cousin told him, "Did you understand what I just said Naruto?" Naruto just shook his head no. Gin felt the intense need to get a drink, but before that he would need to finish his conversation. "Fine just listen to me. Besides all that I've said, each element has its own unique traits and abilities. Some are more common or rare, and as such we are targeted all the time for assassinations."

Naruto started to look at the ground and bent at his knees, he knew what Gin was talking about now at least, already he had had two assassination attempts, both foiled by his family. "Why do they try to kill us?" Gin knew no matter what he said, a seven year old just couldn't understand the shinobi way, not fully at least. "Our family….is a threat to the other countries, since we have decided to side with Konoha and the fire country, all the other countries are afraid of us."

Naruto nodded to his cousin, stood back up, and started to walk back to the home. "Well I'm going to become a ninja so I can protect our family then! I'll protect this whole village too!" Gin smiled at Naruto's statement, 'He is his father's son.' "I'm sure you will Naruto, you can become the Hokage like your dad." Naruto nodded eagerly, "Yea I'll be just like dad, but better." A glint entered his eyes as he continued on his way, before bumping into someone. "I'm sorry! I wasn't watching where I was going."

Hinata had been having a bad day, father had yelled at her for her incompetence, her training was going slowly, and she still couldn't find the confidence to speak loudly to him.

Even if he constantly yelled at her, Hinata couldn't help but take it just as badly as she always did. 'I should be used to it by now…but I'm not.'

She turned the corner before walking into what she perceived to be a wall. "I'm sorry! I wasn't watching where I was going." She watched as a boy her age with golden hair quickly jumped up and grabbed her hand, before pulling her up. "What's your name?" Hinata squeaked at him, realizing it was the Hokage's son.

"M..My name is Hi..nata." She twiddled her fingers nervously, while looking at the ground with a blush on her face. She hated the fact she couldn't stop her stuttering from coming out, 'Why…why am I so weak? Is it like father says? I'm I really this useless?'

Naruto leaned his head over, trying to see the face of the person he had bumped into. 'Why is she so quiet?' "Hinata…you there?" Hinata quickly looked up, slamming her head into Naruto's chin. Naruto quickly tumbled down onto the floor, while Hinata gasped in horror. "I'm so sorry, Uzumaki-san."

Naruto just grinned like a cat, "Oh? You know my name? I always knew I was awesome." Hinata giggled, before becoming aware of herself, "I'm sorry, Uzumaki-san. I shouldn't have laughed, it was improper." Naruto just waved off her apology, "It's okay. So…do you wanna go do something?"

Hinata flushed at Naruto, "Um…okay?" Naruto quickly grabbed her hand and ran off, forgetting about Gin who was walking towards them.

Gin sighed, 'First he wants to go home and become a ninja, the next he runs off with some little girl. Oh well.' Gin whistled as he walked back to the Uzumaki compound.

Naruto dragged Hinata along as he ran towards an unknown destination. "Um..Na-..Naruto wh..ere are you taking…me?" Hinata whispered so softly Naruto didn't even realize she had said something. Hinata looked at the ground, believing that he was ignoring her, 'I guess I'm not worthy for him to acknowledge.'

Naruto on the other hand, was just running towards his favorite place, 'I hope she likes ramen. Wait who am I kidding? Everyone loves ramen!' Soon they arrived at the location, namely Ichiraku Ramen. "Here we are Hinata-chan!"

Hinata flushed when she heard Naruto add chan at the end of her name. 'I know it doesn't mean anything….but….it still feels nice.' "Um…wh-..y are we here…Nar..uto?" She cursed herself for stumbling on her own words.

Naruto looked at her confused, "What did you say? I can't hear you." Hinata's tongue seemed to get even more tied when he said that, "W…why.. are…w..we…Naruto?" Naruto flashed her a smile, "Why to eat of course!" Hinata looked confused for a second, 'How could he understand it better when I stuttered more?' She couldn't help the blush and twiddled her thumbs.

Naruto once again looked confused, 'Why is she always so red? Oh well.' Naruto pulled her hands apart, effectively causing Hinata to squeak again, "You know you look better when you're not twiddling your thumbs." Hinata seemed to get more dazed after that. 'Oh well.'

Hinata was so red you would think she would die from blood rush to the head. 'He…thinks I look nice?' She felt herself being pulled into the small stand, and sat down. "So what do you want Hinata?" Hinata felt a sudden rush of sadness at the loss of chan at the end of her name. "Um…Shrimp..please." "One shrimp for her and I'll start with one miso for me!"

"Oh? Who's your friend Naruto?" The waiter, Ayame, asked. "Oh? This is my friend Hinata-chan. I met her a little while ago when I bumped into her!" Ayame smiled as she watched Hinata blush immensely when he said Hinata-chan. "That's nice Naruto-kun."

When the food arrived Hinata picked at it, eating slowly. She was shocked when she looked over to Naruto to see him already on his second bowl. 'Wow…how does he eat it all? Where is it going?'

Naruto was shoveling the ramen into his mouth, unaware of the stares he was receiving from other customers and more importantly, Hinata. "So Hinata, are you going to join the Ninja Academy next year?"

Hinata thought over it for a moment, "Yes…I have to as heir to the Hyuuga clan…" "Well if you're going then we'll both have to do our best right?" "Um…Yea…"

Naruto started to nod sagely, "If we don't do our best then there is no point in going, yep! As long as you try you're best that's okay."

Hinata sighed softly, "I'm not very good with my family's taijutsu, my father is always disappointed with me…" Naruto tossed a glance at Hinata, "Well are you doing your best?" Hinata nodded, too embarrassed to do anything else. "Well then that's should be good enough! As long as you are trying your best, he should see that."

Hinata nodded. "Well Hinata I guess I'll walk you home." Hinata nodded again. Naruto grabbed her hand, ignorant of the sudden blush that appeared on her face. He quickly waved to Ichiraku, the owner of the stand, "Thanks for the ramen old man," And with that they were gone.

Ichiraku looked towards his daughter, "They make a nice couple don't they?" Ayame nodded smiling, "It'll be good for Naruto."

Hinata was overjoyed just being in Naruto's presence for so long. 'He makes me feel….better about myself.' As they were walking, Hinata looked at how some of the villagers were giving Naruto intense glares, and were even whispering things like "demon child". 'Why are they so mean to him? He couldn't have done anything that bad…'

A rock suddenly bounced off Naruto's head, and Hinata gasped. "What's going on here?" Gin had appeared out of no where and hugged Naruto's head into his stomach protectively. "Um…some…one threw..a rock..Uzumaki-san."

Gin turned his head to look at the girl that Naruto had bumped into. "Whats your name girl?"

Hinata squeaked out a little, "Hinata." Gin thought for a second, 'She could be good for Naruto..' Gin nodded towards Hinata, before looking at Naruto, "You are wanted by the council Naruto lets go." Naruto nodded apologetically to Hinata, "I'm sorry I can't walk you home, but I'll see you again some time?"

Hinata nodded, 'He wants to see my again!' Gin looked amused as Hinata started to blush again, but this time without twiddling her thumbs. "Why don't you come over the compound tomorrow?"

Naruto looked at Gin, 'The council doesn't like it when we bring outsiders inside, what's Gin thinking?' Gin seemed to read Naruto's mind, "It'll be okay Naruto." Naruto shrugged, "Okay Hinata-chan what do you say?" Hinata just nodded quickly.

"Okay then say good-bye Naruto." "Bye Hinata-chan. See you tomorrow!" Naruto waved his hand, before both Gin and Naruto were enveloped by darkness and disappeared.

Hinata walked back the Hyuuga compound, with just a hint of self confidence that she didn't have before.