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Chapter 8 Redemption for the Fallen

Jiraiya smirked at Zabuza, "You know as well as I there is no way you can beat me." Zabuza shrugged, "And if I don't or choose to ignore it?" Jiraiya suddenly appeared in front of him, punching him, sending him flying through a tree. "Then you and your weapon over there are dead. I'll give you a choice. If you stop right now I'll see if I can get you into Konoha." 'We could use some good ninjas.'

Zabuza gave out a harsh laughter, before starting a few seals, "I'm too stubborn to just give up the life I've lived for too long now. I'm too set in my ways." He finally yelled out his technique, "Kirigakure no Jutsu!" Mist started to settle in, creeping over the battlefield. 'I guess trying to talk to him is useless, that's a shame.' "Do you not care about your little apprentice's life?"

Zabuza lightly scoffed, "He is only a weapon to me. Nothing more." Jiraiya growled softly, "Do you really believe that? After all this, can you say honestly that he means nothing?" Zabuza's eyes softened a second, before instantly hardening again, "Yes."

Jiraiya sighed under his breathe, before backhanding Zabuza, who was trying to silently sneak up on him. "I'm a sannin for a reason. You would do good to remember that." Zabuza coughed up, drops of blood flowing freely from his mouth. He hastily wiped it off with the bandages on his arm. "I know quite well that most likely I will die here, along with him. But even if we were to go to your village, it is not as if we would be respected. We are missing-nin, running since my failed coup. I am not naïve enough to believe that everything would change just from going with you."

Jiraiya massaged his temples, 'Maybe drinking before all this was not such a good idea. Those jounin were a bigger pest then I thought they would be.' "It would still be better then running all the time. The ninjas of the village would not care. The civilians don't hold enough power to do anything if they do care." Zabuza leaned on his sword, battered from being rammed into the trees. "I'll make you a deal, if you little student over there beats Haku, I'll let Haku decide where we shall go."

Jiraiya smirked, 'Finally.' "Deal. Then you'll definitely come with us." Zabuza laughed, "That kid over there is even stronger then me, what makes you think your little wet behind the ears genin can do?" Jiraiya laughed with Zabuza, "He is the Hokage's son after all."

Naruto looked around in wonder at the mirrors Haku had made, 'Is it part of our clan?' No, his clan is probably just an offshoot of an Uzumaki who had the blessing of water, and passed it down through their children. 'That would still make him a relative you know…' Do you really have time to argue about things like this?

Haku watched as Naruto seemingly spaced out, 'So he has a doujutsu. I'll have to wary of that. Who knows what it can do. Naruto suddenly snapped in attention and stared directly at Haku, causing Haku to become slightly perturbed. 'How does he know where I am? Does he have something like the Sharingan?'

Naruto looked around, seeing air currents, which right now was pretty useless. He could feel the turmoil from Haku, he was slightly frightened, worried for his mentor, and yet oddly not for his own life. 'He is either arrogant, or just really strong.' Naruto could hear some of Haku's thoughts. 'Ha the sharingan is nothing compared to the soshigan. Well even if it wasn't I'd die before admitting it to that bastard Sasuke.'

Naruto finally decided to make the first move, creating a small ball of chakra. He quickly threw it at the mirror, watching as the ball explode, yet not even make a dent in the mirror. 'So those mirrors are stronger then they look.' "Let's see how strong it really is!" Naruto quickly formed a few seals before stopping, narrowly escaping becoming a pin cushion from the needles Haku threw. 'Fast.'

Haku growled, 'How did he dodge them? He shouldn't be able to!' "Wondering how I dodged the needles?" Haku narrowed his eyes at Naruto. "I am faster then you are, there is no way you could keep up." Haku's eyes widened as he saw Naruto disappear in front of him. 'This must be a genjutsu…Why can't I see through it?'

Naruto whispered softly under his breathe, "Meimu no kaze." Naruto quickly ran through all of his options, trying to figure out what could work. 'I only get one shot, and then he'll be able to make a counter attack. Shit Kyuubi what should I do?' I'd say to try to summon the dragon king, but since you don't have enough chakra and we could possibly pass out right afterward I wouldn't suggest it. 'Guess I'm going to have to just wing it!'

Naruto quickly formed seals, uninterrupted this time, "Katon: Housenka no Jutsu!" He spun around quickly bombarding the mirrors with the fist sized fireballs, but once again, any damage done quickly repaired itself.

Haku smirked, 'There he is.' He went as fast as he could between his mirrors throwing as many needles with as much precision as he could.

Naruto knew whether or not he could see it yet, that Haku was probably already throwing his needles again. 'Time to get on the defensive.' He continued to spin after the fireballs had stopped flowing, instead opting to grab onto a few currents of wind creating a localized tornado, making it grow exponentially.

Haku quickly dodged his returning needles by hiding in his mirrors, amazed at what he assumed to be an average genin was doing. 'How is he doing this? Is this his bloodline? I can't play around now.' He quickly formed seals, trying to finish before the tornado decimated his mirrors, "Hijitsu: Ken no touketsu koori!" He watched as water from under the bridge shot through wood and metal frame, coagulating into a sword, the air around it instantly ice cold.

He quickly thrust the sword into the tornado, watching as it quickly froze, and simply kicked it, watching it become shards, raining down onto Naruto.

Naruto felt disorientated, he looked up at the shards that were now about to rain down upon him. 'Shit. This isn't good.' I suggest you do something, and fast. 'There's no longer a choice. We'll have to summon!' He quickly bit his finger before smearing the blood, "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" 'Please kami-sama work!' He felt the rush of chakra being drained, Kyuubi's chakra being forced into his body, only to be forced out just as quickly. Damn that dragon. He knows I'm helping so he's raising the amount needed. This is going to hurt. Kyuubi quickly flooded Naruto's body with chakra, burning through his veins. Naruto let out an anguished scream, feeling his body being torn asunder.

Haku froze before trying to stab Naruto with his sword. 'What is this chakra?' He watched as the chakra quickly turned into a dragon, looking at him, before quickly going away as a huge amount of smoke flared up.'

Jiraiya stumbled as he felt Naruto unleash a massive amount of Kyuubi's chakra. 'What's going on? Is Haku powerful enough for him to have to borrow that much chakra?'

Zabuza stared worried at the dome of mirrors, feeling the demonic chakra, 'What is this? Just how strong is that boy? Hokage's son or no, that isn't human.' "Just who is that boy?"

Jiraiya threw Zabuza a glance, "Like I said he's the Hokage's son, and the number 1 genin of Konoha."

Hinata and Shikamaru froze at the feel of the chakra. 'This is Naruto? What is this chakra?' Shikamaru looked at Hinata, she looked more worried then surprised. 'Does she know what this is?' They both looked at each other, no words needed to be said. 'You better be okay Naruto, because you got some explaining to do.' Shikamaru grimaced at the thought of doing something so troublesome, while Hinata hoped nothing bad would come out of this.

Naruto panted from the exertion of trying to summon. 'He takes up THAT much chakra?' I told you he was testing you, and I suppose your ability to channel my chakra. "Who has summoned me?" The huge dragon looked around, seeing Naruto and quickly rounded on him, eyes slightly narrow. "So you're the Kyuubi container. What is you name?"

Naruto couldn't help but feel intimidated; he was talking to a huge dragon that could probably eat him! "My name is Naruto, Dragon-sama." He was however, good at hiding it.

The dragon looked at him carefully, before nodding slightly to himself, "You will do, I will lower the chakra needed. My name is Jyusei. What did you call me for?" Naruto slightly shivered under the dragon's gaze before pointing at Haku, who was standing ramrod straight, trying his best to not quiver in fear.

The dragon stared at the boy for a few moments, before looking back at Naruto. "Why is it you are fighting him?" Naruto stared back at the dragon, "It is my mission." The dragon shook his head lightly, "Is that all?" Naruto sighed, "No I guess not. I do it because…these people deserve this bridge. They have suffered so much because of Gatou, the man they are working for. To give them that chance they deserve…. I will stop him and Zabuza no matter what." Jyusei noted how Naruto skated around saying killing them. "I will accept that. I will trust you for now, you seem honest and trustworthy. If you betray us, you will die."

Naruto didn't trust himself to say anything, knowing quite well the dragon was not lying.

Haku finally snapped back to the situation before taking assessment. 'This seems to be the first time Naruto has summoned him and probably doesn't know how to work cooperatively with him yet. I still have the upper hand.' Haku did not even think of the possibility he was facing the boss summon of the already quite powerful dragon clan.

Haku quickly threw many senbon needles at the both of them, not sure where to aim on the dragon. 'What is a dragon's weakpoint?' He didn't have time to analyze the summon, so quickly went for general areas, the neck and the soft part he could see between the dragon's wings and back. He watched as the needles just bounced off harmlessly deflected. 'This might be harder then I thought.'

Naruto quickly tried to assess the situation. 'I'm almost completely out of chakra, maybe enough for one last ditch desperation move. I really have to leave this up to Jyusei.' He nodded towards the dragon, who could tell his summoner would be tired out. 'Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to raise the amount needed in this situation. Too late to pine over that.'

Haku quickly held his sword in the ready position. 'I wasn't the subordinate of Zabuza without learning something about swordplay.' He quickly ran towards Naruto, quickly feinting before revolving in an attempt to slice through Naruto, only for the dragon's tail to block. Jyusei quickly knocked the sword away before flinching at the pain the sword had caused when it had dug into his tail. "That sword is dangerous. It can cut through skin quick easily, and also causes frost burn wherever it touches. You should do well to dodge that." Naruto nodded, before quickly jumping on Jyusei's back. The dragon quickly reared up before flapping its wings causing a huge gust to push Haku back and allow them to escape his attack for a bit.

"What are we going to do?" Naruto looked slightly worried. Jyusei lightly laughed, "Boy who do you think you're talking to? I did not become the king of dragons by sitting idly. I just need some direction and a bit of info on the kid." Naruto let out a breath of relief. "He can manipulate water and ice, in fact I'm kind of surprised he hasn't done something yet."

Haku quickly aimed the bow and arrow he had in his hand, "This takes up a bit of my chakra, but it will be worth it. Hijitsu: Hyaku touketsu no ya." The quickly released the arrow and watched as it glowed briefly before splitting into tiny pieces, which all elongated until there was 100 arrows streaking towards the pair in the sky. 'If that even grazes them, they will be frozen and plummet unconscious from that height.'

Naruto looked down and gulped. "Jyusei, we have a situation here." Jyusei looked down, and let out what seemed to be the dragon version of a whistle. "This isn't the time to be impressed!" Jyusei just shook off the boy's chastise. The dragon finally said something, "If he wants to play with ice then let's play with him." He quickly drew in a powerful breathe before letting out a huge gust of wind, icicles forming within it, hurdling the arrows along with some razor sharp icicles back.

Haku quickly formed an ice mirror to escape the attack. 'How can a regular summon have that much power?' Haku quickly grasped his sword, before splitting it in half, creating two swords. 'Time to take it up a notch.' He quickly watched as the dragon began a cork screw fall, undoubtedly able to cause enough force to kill Haku if he was hit. 'That attack is a double edged sword, if I dodge he alone will sustain damage.'

Haku quickly jumped out, surprised when the dragon unfurled his wings, shooting out many needles of ice. 'He's replicating my attack.' Haku was forced to make another ice mirror to dodge into. 'This boy is stronger then he lets on.'

Naruto shook harder, 'I can't keep this up for long.' He was at the end of his limit, there was no getting around that. 'It seems like Haku is at the end of his line too. It will be one last desperation move.' Naruto knew what he had to do. He had to use the only technique he ever created. He remembered quite well how it had come about.

"What are we doing dad?" Naruto looked up to the Yondaime. Arashi seemed a bit nervous, or maybe put-off was a better description. "As you know we of the Uzumaki clan work in conjunction with elements right? Well another thing is we have a rite of passage of sorts. To become a full fledged member, you have to create your own assassination technique, or at the very least, a technique capable of killing someone, quiet or not."

Naruto was only nine so that basically flew over his head, "What's the difference between an assassination technique and a fatal one?" Arashi sighed. "An assassination technique leaves no trace behind to lead back to the user, and is instantaneous."

Naruto nodded his head, "So to become a recognized member I have to make an assassination technique?" Arashi shook his head. "You want to start out as a higher ranking member yes, but as long as you create a technique worthy of the clan, you become a member."

Naruto nodded before running off. "Where are you going to Naruto-kun?" Naruto looked at his dad, with something akin to a condescending manner, "To create a technique of course."

Arashi looked worried around, looking for a mop of blonde hair. 'Where is that kid. It's been three weeks since he disappeared saying he had to go create a technique.' Akina looked at her clan's leader. 'This can't be good, Arashi-sama is getting really scary.'

Ever since Naruto had been worried Arashi wasn't able to concentrate on anything. 'Come back soon Naruto-kun."

It was another week before Naruto finally came back looking battered and tired, but oddly happy and proud at the same time. He quickly ran into the clan compound, searching for his dad. "Dad!" He walked into the study to see his dad asleep on the couch. 'Should I wake him up?'

Naruto shook his head, before walking out, 'I can tell him later.' He walked around before finally going to his own room and passing out. He woke up a few hours later, blearily looking around. 'Why is it so quiet?' He walked around, going straight to the study to look for his father again.

He looked in and saw his dad doing some paperwork. "Hey dad, I'm back." Arashi looked startled, before a wide grin spread on his face, "How have you been Naruto-kun?" Naruto quickly adopted an identical grin. "It was great. I made two techniques!" Arashi was surprised. "Two? It normally takes a month just for someone to make one technique."

Naruto smirked, "Maybe I'm just special!" Arashi sighed, "Don't get a big head Naruto, it's unfitting for your standing." Naruto deflated for a bit, before quickly going back to being happy. "Well why are we standing here! I wanna show you."

Naruto quickly dragged his dad out into the training grounds. "I need something to do it on." Arashi nodded before making a quick seal, "Kage bunshin no jutsu!" A quick burst of smoke appeared before two clones appeared. "These clones are special, they will die before actually disappearing."

Naruto quickly looked at when before it suddenly lifted into the air, collecting huge gashes all over, before it was swept up in the tornado that had suddenly surrounded the clone. The clone let out a choked shout, before quickly dissipating. "I'm assuming that's your regular technique and not you assassinating one right?" Naruto nodded before looking at the next clone.

He seemed to be in concentration before the clone fell over dead, slightly leaking blood from his chest. "What did you do there?" Naruto let out a breath. "I created a really small compressed chakra needle to puncture his heart and insert some wind to clog up his arteries and stop the flow, it's not instant but the person doesn't realize anything is wrong until it's too late and they don't have any oxygen to breath with or to say anything. I also made a version where I surround the entire heart with air and just compress it until he dies."

Arashi looked impressed, 'They are close variants of previously made techniques but they differ enough to be able to be considered his own.' "What do you call the techniques?"

Naruto seemed to sit down for a second, "Hijitsu: Sashiki Senpuu and Hijitsu: Musei Sanketsu." Arashi looked at Naruto for a moment proud of his son, "That's a fine name." 'Although the name could have been a bit more imaginative, it works well enough.' "Well as of now you are a high ranking member of the Uzumaki clan. You will be able to be present at clan meetings and will be a part of the inner clan." Naruto beamed at his dad, before nodding vigorously.

Naruto smiled at the moment before sighing as he was thrust back to the real world. Naruto sighed at what he had to do. "Jyusei…I need you to distract him for a second…I will take it from there." Naruto felt as if his weight had suddenly tripled, and he could no longer hold his head up high.

Jyusei looked at perhaps the 5th person to ever have enough power to summon him. "I understand." 'I hope you will make it through this young one. Or else all this will have been for naught.' Jyusei quickly rose up and looked at Haku, who seemed to be running out of options very quickly. Jyusei glanced back at Naurto before he did what was asked.

Naruto watched as Jyusei kept Haku busy with what felt like gale force winds and icicles hidden inside of it. He slowly looked back up, using his Soshigan to the fullest extent; it was the only way he could use the technique with enough precision and on a moving target. "…Hijitsu…: Musei Sanketsu." 'The least I can do is give him a painless death.'

He watched sadly as he felt his power slowly enter Haku's body, before finally disrupting the blood and oxygen flow. "Good-bye Haku. I hope you find a happy place in the afterlife." Naruto looked away as Haku fell to the floor slightly twitching, but unable to move.

Jiraiya suddenly froze as he felt Haku's life force slip away quickly. 'Fuck! Naruto what have you done?' He felt as Zabuza twitched before they both ran as quickly as they could towards where they felt Haku's dwindling life. They both walked into the scene, looking as Naruto looked off to the side, as there was a sudden huge poof of smoke, and they watched as Haku was on the ground.

Zabuza growled quickly, "What the hell did you do?" Naruto suddenly whirled around shocked at hearing his voice. "Naruto, stop whatever it is you're doing! Don't kill Haku!" Naruto's eyes suddenly rose. 'What's going on?' Shit this isn't good. It seems something isn't as it seems kit. Your technique was designed to work as soon as it was started. It can't be stopped even if you were to release your chakra.

Naruto felt like his nerves were deadened. "I…can't stop it. It's too late!" Jiraiya could tell Naruto was probably still in shock, and this wasn't helping matters. "God damn it! What are we going to do? Can't you just take back the chakra you used to.." Jiraiya stopped mid sentence, and felt as the last of Haku's last remaining energy finally extinguished like a flame doused in flood.

Zabuza felt the blood drain out of his face. "It wasn't supposed to end like this. You said it wouldn't end like this!" He quickly turned on Jiraiya. Naruto felt another small part break. 'What have I done?' Naruto looked at Jiraiya, who seemed just as shocked as Naruto.

Jiraiya didn't know what to say, what could he say? He had essentially promised that everything would turn out ok. How could this all have happened? "I…There's nothing I can say but I'm sorry."

Zabuza felt what little of his emotional grip he had shatter. He howled at the injustice, the cruelty of the world, the unfathomable pain he felt. "Haku…he was the closet thing to a son I had." He felt defeated, for the first time in his life Zabuza didn't know what to do. He hadn't felt this way when he was a genin, when he had his failed coup, or even when he came close to death numerous times as a result of being a missing-nin.

Naruto looked around the field. The dead bodies scattered here and there, the jounin Zabuza had brought, and in front of him laid Haku. 'He didn't deserve to die.' It's too late to be thinking like that Naruto. 'Don't you get it! I killed him! He is gone because of me!' What would have happened if you hadn't killed him? He would have killed you instead. Now get a damn hold on yourself.

Naruto didn't hear a word that the Kyuubi said, instead only able to focus on the numb spreading throughout his body. 'Is this what a shinobi is about? Becoming a simple tool, told what to do, who to kill, and never knowing the reason why?' That is the fate of all shinobi. It is the unwritten rule. 'No one ever said it would be like this.'

What would you do change what has happened? Naruto didn't even think about it, "I would revive Haku of course." Why? You don't know who he is, he has tried to kill you. What reason do you have for saving his soul? If you bring him back, there is a chance he will leave with Zabuza to kill others.

Naruto snarled at the voice, "Haku isn't like that! If anyone deserves to live it's him! He only fights to protect his precious person. I am no better then he is. If he doesn't deserve to live, then why do I?" Jiraiya and Zabuza looked at Naruto in wonder, 'Who is he talking to?'

You are a fool, you are not fit to be a ninja. You don't have to necessary will power for it. You can not kill without being reduced to this. Questioning yourself. "If I did not feel remorse, then I would truly be the demon they say I am. If this is what a ninja is, then I want no part of it. I will make my own way, and follow my own path. I will not succumb to what other's set for me."

Do you truly believe that? Naruto didn't even bat an eyelash. "Yes." Naruto watched as his world went black, and he found himself in a world of black and white. 'What is this?' "Welcome Naruto. It seems that you are fit after all." He looked up and saw Zetsumei. "Where are we?"

Zetsumei looked at Naruto closely, before nodding to himself. 'He is the only candidate that I have seen as worthy since…..' Zetsumei didn't allow himself to finish that thought, not wishing to dredge up the past. "Why am I here?" Zetsumei stared at Naruto before answering. "I have decided to give you my blessing and eventually if you make it, my heir. Once you become my heir though, be warned. You will become as close to immortal as possible for humans. Once we get there, you will have to decided whether or not to accept."

Naruto gaped at Zetsumei. "You're seriously giving me a blessing, why?" "Not many would care so deeply about killing someone who had previously tried to kill him. Perhaps you are just naïve now, but if you continue to show you have the right attitude, I will continue supporting you." Naruto quickly bowed as low as he could, as was expected by protocol for the Uzumaki clan. "I thank you deeply."

Zetsumei took out a scythe and pressed the butt of the scythe onto Naruto's forehead. "I believe you have something to do, but first let me give something to you." Zetsumei handed him a sword. "This is called a zanpaku-to, or a soul slayer. It will become attuned to your soul I suppose is the best way to describe it. As you get farther along with learning my arts, you will learn to release the sword's full power, a representation of you soul. For now though, I believe Haku needs your assistance."

Naruto watched as the world changed once again, causing Naruto to experience some vertigo. He quickly stumbled past Jiraiya and Zabuza, pushing them out of his way, and didn't notice that his strength had been temporally increased, causing both Jiraiya and Zabuza to be pushed back a few feet. He quickly fell to his knees as he kneeled next to Haku. 'What do I do now?' Let yourself be guided. 'What do you mean?'

Naruto growled as Kyuubi ignored him once again. You have to learn this by youself Naruto, no one else can teach you. Naruto slowly put his hands on Haku's chest. 'What is that?' He felt a source of energy, but it seemed slightly different from his normal chakra, it seemed to be more potent. He quickly drew some of that and watched as it flared around Haku's body. 'What is this?'

He pumped a bit more of the chakra, as he felt some life return to Haku. That is the energy used to fuel using demonic arts. 'Demonic arts?' That is what Zetsumei and Shinigami alike use. They don't usually have chakra, and even if they do, that energy is more potent. You can call that energy youkai if you wish. It has no real set name. There has never been a need to name it.

Naruto watched as Haku slowly opened his eyes. "What's going on?" He looked up at Naruto. "Why did you save me?" Naruto just stared back, "Because…you and I are the same." Haku didn't question it, he could see in Naruto's eye suffering, but like Haku, they both hide it deep down, and lived on for their people.

Zabuza gaped when he felt Haku's life return. 'Can it be true?' He quickly ran to Haku, and upon seeing Haku, quickly picked him up. "Haku are you really alive?" Haku smiled and nodded. Zabuza quickly smiled before getting rid of it just as quickly, "Good, you are no use to me dead." "Right Zabuza-sama." Jiraiya stood up and walked next to Naruto, and put his hand on his shoulder, "What will you two do now?"

Zabuza looked at Haku, "I'll let him decide as we agreed. Do you wish to live in Konoha and stop being missing-nins?" Haku looked at Naruto, before finally answering, "I would like that."

"What is this? You two lost?" The four of them quickly looked up the bridge and saw Gatou, the entire reason for this whole problem. Behind him was a mass of thugs and samurais, but there didn't seem to be any ninjas, which they were thankful for.

Zabuza and Jiraiya stood up, before smirking. "It seems we have one loose end to get rid of." They both streaked across, destroying the thugs and samurais alike. Gatou paled seeing all of his workers getting quickly slaughtered and tried to run away, "You're not getting away that easily." Zabuza quickly stabbed Gatou through the neck with a kunai, and watched as Gatou finally died. "He looked at the rest of the thugs still alive. "Are you going to just stand there?" He smirked in satisfaction as they all scrambled away, and made no move to stop them.

Jiraiya and Zabuza both waited till the bridge was disposed of people, and cleared up the dead bodies. Meanwhile, both of their students were getting together.

"What was the deal with the bridge Naruto?" Shikamaru normally wouldn't do this, it would be too troublesome, but not knowing was even more troublesome. "What do you mean?" Naruto quickly tried to act nonchalant and failed miserably at it. "You can trust him I think…and Haku too." Hinata tired to act as the mediator, and had warmed up to Haku, after getting over the fact he had tried to kill Naruto.

Naruto sighed. "I guess if you think so Hinata-chan. What do you guys know about what happened 13 years ago?" Haku just shook his head, being a missing-nin, you don't hear a lot of news. "Kyuubi attacked and you dad defeated it, so what?" Shikamaru didn't think he liked where this was going.

'Here comes the hard part…' "Well dad couldn't defeat the Kyuubi, or at least wouldn't. You see Kyuubi is one of our clan's guardians, but somehow someone messed with him enough to get him to attack Konoha. Dad didn't want to kill him, and didn't even know if he could, so he sealed him into a newborn baby, his own." He watched to see how Shikamaru and Haku reacted.

Haku didn't say anything, he didn't have any strong feelings, he didn't know what had happened. "It doesn't matter to me Naruto, you are still who you are." 'So that's why he has so much suffering. I doubt civilians and even a lot of ninjas would like him.' Shikamaru thought it over for a few more moments before sighing, "How troublesome. It doesn't bother me either, but you should have told us earlier."

Naruto just smiled, happy that they had both accepted him, even though he was the Kyuubi's container. 'Maybe being a ninja won't be so bad afterall.' Naruto suddenly heard Jiraiya saying something, "Alright lets go back to Tazuna's house. Once the bridge is built we'll go back."

Tazuna and his family thanked the ninjas and watched as they walked away, "So what should we name the bridge?" "I think we should name it the great leaf bridge. Since they did help us afterall." The rest of the bridge builders and villagers alike cheered for it. 'I thank you leaf nins, for all the help you gave us.'


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Kirigakure no Jutsu- Hidden mist technique

Katon: Housenka no Jutsu - Mythical Fire Flower technique

Kuchiyose no Jutsu – summoning technique

Hijitsu: Ken no touketsu koori – Secret Jutsu: Frozen ice sword

Kage bunshin no jutsu – shadow clones technique

Ninpou:Sashiki Senpuu – Cutting Whirlwind

Ninpou: Musei Sanketsu- silent suffocation

Hijitsu: Hyaku touketsu no ya Secret Jutsu: 100 frozen arrows