A Bed of Black Roses
By Yumeko Sama

Disclaimer: Sonic and all it's characters belong to Sega/Dic/Archie. I do not claim to own any of them

Chapter 1: Tears

Amy sighed softly, the day had been the same as previous days. She would get up, get dressed in her favorite red dress, fix her quills, have a quick breakfast then go chase after Sonic. The day would then end with Amy heading home a little depressed, but she would always cheer up and be at the same routine as usual.

However today was a special day, it was Sonic's birthday so she had honestly planned to just give him a birthday card and be on her way. She had no intentions of chasing him around today.

Sullen, Amy Rose discarded the remaining part of the card she bought for her hero slowly heading back to her apartment, the cause of her sudden depressed mood etched deeply in her memory as well as on her heart.

"I've never seen Amy look that sad," Tails murmured softly to Rouge and Knuckles careful not to let Sally hear. "I know Cream told me she saw how excited she was about Sonic's birthday and had planned to…" Tails stopped and gasped. "Idiot, that must have been the card Amy had been working on for Sonic."

"What are you talking about?" Knuckles arched an eyebrow and glanced at the two tailed fox.

Tails scratched the back of his head recalling the previous night's conversation with his girlfriend, "Last night while I was over at Cream's house, she was talking about how Amy wasn't going to chase after Sonic today because today was his birthday. She didn't say why though."

"I'm sure she will be okay" Rouge the white bat shrugged in a caviler manner. Honestly, in her eyes, Amy was a very sweet and nice girl, but she was just too damned annoying for her tastes

Knuckles too shared Rouge's thoughts towards Amy, however he did see what transpired between the blue and pink hedgehogs and felt she did not deserve such harsh treatment. "I wonder how this is going to pan out," Knuckles commented earning a nod from both Tails and Rouge.

Rather than head to her little apartment, she found herself walking towards the beach. The down trodden pink hedgehog sat on the sandy surface and looked out at the vast sea and sky reflected in the water's surface.

"Why?" she sniffled wiping a tear mindful of her still stinging cheek. "Why were you so cruel towards me?" she asked no one in particular.

Happily Amy skipped down the street towards the Chilli dog stand Sonic always hung around. Considering it was his birthday and she wanted to actually take time to make him a nice dinner, she wasn't planning on chasing the blue hedgehog like she planed because she wanted to be able to properly prepare dinner. Her smile grew bigger when she saw he was indeed at the chilidog stand with Tails, Knuckles, Rouge, and Sally

Sonic too saw her and his jovial smile quickly disappeared as he stormed over to the younger pink hedgehog.

"Amy, c'mon give me a break. It's my birthday today and I really am not in the mood play keep away from you today. Go find something else to do." Not leaving any room for Amy to respond, Sonic turned on his heel and returned to his friends at the stand.

"But Sonic!…"

"No buts Amy Rose, Leave Me Alone!" Sonic snapped at the pink hedgehog.

Determined to give Sonic her invitation to dinner, Amy pulled out of her pocket a birthday card she made just for him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

Angry now, Sonic quickly turned around and glared furiously at Amy. "When will you get it through your thick skull that I am not in the least bit interested in you!" he yelled loudly.

"But…I just wanted to…"she held out the card she worked so hard on for him only to have him snatch the card from her grasp and tear in into pieces before her eyes.

"Get a clue, I will never ever love you." Sonic scowled tossing the shredded card at her feet.

She had been running since that incident earlier in the afternoon. She tenderly brushed her fingers over her cheek wincing slightly remembering when the tree branch smacked her cheek while she tried to run away from her emotions. Warn out, she lay back on the soft sand and looked up at the cloudless starry sky letting the weight of Sonic's words and actions sink in.

"Damn you Sonic," her voice softly whispered as tears flowed unchecked down her cheeks unintentionally dozing off on the sandy bank.

Chronically insomniac, Shadow sighed softly finding sleep once again illusive, but then when one finds themselves constantly thinking, one would find sleep a lovely illusion as well. Shadow sighed deeply and pulled on his rocket shoes and headed out of the rented rundown cottage and began walking towards the beach as he often found himself doing. The black hedgehog raised an eyebrow when he noticed a shock of pink against the pale blue of the moonlit sand. "What in the hell?" he murmured to himself as he slowly approached.

Shadow sighed and shook his head as he scooped the sleeping pink hedgehog up off the sand and carried her back to his cottage so she could rest safely away from the elements.

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