A Bed of Black Roses
By Yumeko Sama

Disclaimer: Sonic and all it's characters belong to Sega/Dic/Archie. I do not claim to own any of them
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Chapter 8: Broken

"It's strange how quickly my life has changed, I mean I feel like I have lived an entire lifetime in just six months. I have loved, lost, found a greater love and been on the boundaries of death." Amy reclined on the large armchair in the doctor's office hugging her knees to her chest. At the request of the doctors at the hospital and Shadow, she had been seeing a therapist to help her cope and heal her mental wounds.

"Well Amy, I am honestly pleased with the progress we have made in the past couple of months," the doctor commented happily as he jotted down some notes. "And how has Shadow been?"

Amy laughed softly and looked at the doctor. "Shadow's been Shadow. Though his temper worsened and he had become more protective of me when he found out the doctors at the hospital managed to keep Sonic alive," she sounded disappointed.

The doctor raised an eyebrow at Amy's disappointed tone. "Why do you sound so upset about that? Didn't you say you asked Shadow not to kill him?"

Hesitant, Amy resumed a regular sitting position and folded her hands in her lap. She looked down at her hands focusing on her engagement ring and sighed. In her heart her hate for Sonic had grown to such a point she really didn't care if Shadow killed him but she did not know how to voice her thoughts without sounding like a horrible person.

"Amy? If there is something on your mind, please say it. You know that this is a safe place and no one will pass judgment." The Doctor smiled at his patient.

Amy sighed once again then looked up at the Doctor. "I wish that Sonic had died. I…it is because of him I am carrying around this hatred."

The sound of the timer on the Doctor's desk alerted him of the end of his session with Amy. He wrote some more notes down quickly then handed the pink hedgehog an envelope and business card. "As much as I wish I could continue our sessions together, I know you are moving so I am forwarding your file to a colleague of mine. Her name is Doctor Rita Tanis. Once you and Shadow get settled in your new home, please call and make an appointment for both you and Shadow."

The pink hedgehog glanced over the card then looked at the doctor. She tucked the envelope and card into her purse. "I will, and thank you Doctor Jacoby."

Amy walked out of the office building and looked up at the sky. She sighed softly, her breath visible on the cold winter air. "Change is good," she sighed softly to herself as she watched the sky take on the twilight colors of sunset. Granted she and Shadow had already moved just about everything to the new house, there were some loose ends left in Station Square that had to be tied up and final farewells to be said.

She glanced towards the alley next to the building instantly locking on to a familiar pair of ruby red eyes. She smiled softly and started walking up the freshly shoveled city street towards her next destination.

"Well Lady Acorn, because neither Amy or Shadow showed up for the trial Amy's testimony was thrown out and the case dismissed meaning Sonic was acquitted of all charges against him," A rather nefarious skunk in an expensive business suit said as he looked through the case file.

"Well I am sure Sonic will be glad to hear that if he ever wakes up from his coma," Sally sighed softly as she shook hands with the lawyer. "One more favor Mr. St. John. Can you see to it your connections with the press bury this whole situation so deep it only seems like it was a rumor on the last page of the trashiest tabloid?' She slid a thick brown envelope to the skunk that greedily snatched it up.

"Consider this situation a bad rumor Lady Acorn."

After a detour to the florist, Amy continued on towards the hospital and made a beeline directly towards Sonic's room. The pink hedgehog was grateful for the dark hood on her winter coat as an unkind scowl touched her kind face. She sat the floral arrangement on the side table next to the comatose hedgehog.

"I honestly pray you don't wake up because if you do…" Amy balled her hands into fists and fought hard to restrain her rage. "I do hope you hear and remember this Sonic the Hedgehog, but you won't get away with murder. Eye for an eye." The pink hedgehog leaned closer and hissed softly, "Pray that God has the mercy to not let you wake and you die in your sleep," her voice was laced with such malice that anyone who overheard her would not think it was Amy saying such cold words.

"Ohh we're going to miss you guys," Mint blubbered softly as she hugged Amy and Shadow. Considering the hedgehog couple was leaving the city, The Cat twins decided to throw a going away party for them at their place.

Always playing the calm one, Melon quickly wiped a tear from her eye in an effort to maintain her cool attitude. "Oh Mint, stop it now. You're acting like we won't see them ever again."

Amy smiled softly at the twins, "We'll see each other again. Shadow and I are planning on coming back for the wedding next summer."

Shadow nodded his head in agreement with Amy. "Plus it is safer for everyone if no one here knows were our new home is."

Knuckles, who had come to the party with Rouge and Tails, nodded his head. "I understand where you're coming from."

"The less we know the better, right?" Rouge added and earned a nod from the dark hedgehog.

"So when are you two leaving for the new house?" Tails asked before taking a sip of ginger ale.

"Tonight after the party," Amy spoke up. "We have everything already at the house and I already handed over the keys to Mr. Finnagan."

"Well know that we all are going to miss you," Melon smiled. "Stay safe and keep in touch with us."

Shadow nodded his head then looked at the time. "Hey Ames, It's late. We should be heading home."

Amy nodded in return and grabbed her winter coat. Tails raised an eyebrow when he noticed she didn't put her coat on but before he could comment on it, he watched as Shadow pulled the green chaos emerald from his pocket and used Chaos Control to send he and Amy home.

Sally sighed softly as she returned to Sonic's room. Despite everything, she choose to say by his side, then again she felt she had no choice when she discovered she was pregnant. She gasped frightened when she noticed a large vase of black roses next to Sonic's bed along with a card. At first she thought it was just another get well card from another fan who refused to believe what happened, but she was surprised when she saw the card was addressed to her.

"Dear Sally,"

Though I write this with great malice, I forgive you. However I will Never ever forget what the two of you have done to me and someday you both get what is coming to you.

Amy Rose

P.S. I hope you haven't grown too attached to Sonic because if he does I will be back to claim his life to avenge the life he denied.

"…Life he denied?" Sally questioned then looked towards Sonic. She gasped surprised when she saw a tear streak trailing from his left eye.

Amy sat in the den of her new home looking out at the pristine snow covered yard thinking head to spring. She turned her gaze towards the crackling fire in the fireplace then looked up at her fiancée, who she was currently leaning against.

"It's best to not dwell on the past Amy," Shadow's soft yet deep voice interrupted her train of thoughts. "Especially when someone is entertaining such dark thoughts as you are."

"How do you know what I am thinking?"

"Your eyes tell me everything."

Amy rested her head against his chest and looked directly into the fire. "I still want vindication."

Shadow grasped Amy's shoulders and turned her so ruby locked on to emerald. "Now listen because I am going to say this once. To seek revenge is to seek death and I almost lost you once before. I'll be damned if I loose you again."

Surprised, Amy's eyes began to shimmer with fresh tears. A soft sob escaped her lips as she wrapped her arms around Shadow's neck hugging him and burying her face in the white patch of fur.

Shadow in return wrapped his arms around her waist hugging her close to his body. "I'll always be here Amy."


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