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Chapter One

He raced through the corridors, the never ending corridors, always seeking the same thing - always looking for her, until he comes to a door - a door which leads.. he doesnt know where. He can here her on the other side of the door, calling for him - begging him to help her and he thumps the door in his frustration. The impassable door - so solid in composition - wait! What is he thinking of - his new mutant abilities can easily help through this. He concentrates for a second, then concentrates harder - frowning as he realises nothing is happening. On the other side the voice has turned from pleading to taunting.

"You're useless, you never come through! You would for HER though wouldn't you - for your precious Lexa!" She screams at him through the door.

"No" He sobs, fingernails scraping the door in his absolute need to get to her, to save her. Suddenly the door opens and he rushes in only to be confronted with the inevitable sight... her lying dead on the floor...

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" He screams opening his eyes. She is beside him in seconds. "What is it Jesse?" Lexa's concerned eyes fill his vision, and he relaxes ever so slightly, but he is still trembling. "A nightmare... nothing more.." Assures Jesse. "That's the third one this week. You should get checked out." She insists.


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