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Chapter Four

Shalimar considered carefully. "Alright. If I go with you and if we find nothing then will you agree to come back with me to the others to get checked over?" She questioned, searching his eyes for a truthful response. "Scouts honour." He answered "You were in the scouts?" Questioned Shalimar, sardonically as the two left. A few seconds later a shadow that wasnt a shadow at all, moved away. "Damn" Said Lexa as she rematerialised.

First stop for the investigators was the coronors building where Emma DeLauro's death certificate had been signed off on. Together they managed to blag their way past security, and with Jesse's abilities were soon in the vault of records.

They searched and searched but found no physical trace of the original folder with the certificate inside it. So they next tried the computer, which was encrypted. Jesse got them past the security firewalls and into the database where they found and pulled up Emma's file. There were details of the incident at Naxcon, and a status option. Surprised Jesse clicked this last option. What they found there shocked them into silence.

The file read:


Emma was alive! Before they could find out where though the screen went blank and alarms began to ring throughout the building. Half torn with wanting to find out the location, and knowing they had to escape - Shalimar turned to Jesse with a questioning look. Should they stay and explain themselves? Or escape and try and find out what the hell was going on?

Their time was up - guards came crashing into the vault - if Jesse used his powers now, New Mutants would be exposed. But what would happen to them in custody? The firewalls surrounding Emma's file had to have been extremely sensitive in order to generate this kind of response. Just who didnt want Emma DeLauro found? And why?

The two looked at each other, then at the guards who held tazors and guns on them. What were they going to do?


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