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Ulrich, Odd, Jeremy and Aelita were all waiting by their bench for Yumi's bus to come. She had gone with her boyfriend, Richard, to meet his grandparents. The big blue vehicle pulled up in front of the school and Richard and Yumi came out of the door, laughing and holding hands. Yumi pointed at the gang, said something to Richard, and pulled him over to them.

"Hi guys!" she said, out of breath, "Guess what!"

"Hi Yumi!" the gang said in unison, all except Ulrich. Jeremy shot him a look. His mouth barely turned up before going back in a frown. He pulled a towel out of his back pocket and wiped his grease-covered hands on it.

Yumi smiled up at Richard, "We're getting married!" She stuck out her hand to reveal a gold band with a tiny diamond on it. Ulrich froze, still in the act of wiping his hands. The rest of the gang looked shocked, but soon their open mouths were replaced with grins.

"Congrats Yumi! You too Richard! When is the wedding going to be? How did this happen?" the gang flooded them with questions. The couple answered them as best they could. Then Odd noticed that someone wasn't with them.

"Hey," he said, "Where'd Ulrich go?"

Aelita looked over her shoulder, "I don't know. He's been disappearing a lot lately, hasn't he?"

Jeremy nodded, "Yeah, and I've never seen him with burn marks on his arms before now."

"Burn marks?" asked Richard, "From where?"

"Well, we don't know," said Aelita, "And Odd says he comes to the dorms late at night right at the exact time Jim starts to patrol the halls. For some reason he has these calluses on his fingers and sometimes he's even bleeding. And when we try to follow him, he always catches us."

"Yeah! I caught him yesterday with a package in our room. He shoved it away as soon as I came in. When he fell asleep I took it out and I found electronic parts in a small box and in another box, there were medicines, bandages, and other doctor items… even a stethoscope! I asked him about it this morning and he told me it was a figure of my imagination. He showed me where I saw him hide it and there was nothing there! I was so confused."

Jeremy nodded, "Yeah, and a couple weeks ago, I found him in town ordering metal and wood. But we never saw it get delivered! And it was a lot of wood and metal."

Yumi raised her eyebrows. She saw something sparkle on the ground. Bending down, she picked it up. It was a piece of steel, and a very small one at that, "What's this?"

"I've been finding stuff like that around my room," said Odd, "I don't know where they've been coming from though." Yumi pocketed the piece of metal.

"I'm going to go try and find him," she kissed Richard and set out in the direction of the forest.

- : Ulrich's POV : -

I ran through the forest, not caring where my feet carried me. I was fine with anywhere, as long as it was far away from Yumi and Richard. Hot tears ran down my cheeks, leaving lines on my face. My pace slowed to a walk as I got well into the forest. I ran my hand along random trees until I felt a dent. I looked up to see Richard loves Yumi 4ever. I punched the name 'Richard' and continued on. I ran into something and I looked up yet again to see my home away from home. I had built the place myself. I was built right around my favorite tree that I had so often come to in my freshman year to clear my head. The building was made up of entirely metal and was two stories high. None of the gang knew about it… yet. They would probably find out someday. I grasped the handle of the heavy door and lugged it open. I clapped twice and the lights came on. I closed the door behind me and walked to the wall. There were some of my tools that I was using to build my projects. Not school projects, just some things that someday might actually be worth something. I grabbed some of the tools and made my way to the center of the room. There stood a workbench by the tree that grew up from the center of the structure. I plopped myself down and set to work on Iggs, a longtime friend, and also one of the projects. I picked up a screwdriver and carefully placed a computer chip in a slot and screwed on a lid. The chip was one of about 15 that had to be placed correctly for Iggs to work. I kept working and nearly dropped Iggs when I heard a knock at the door.

- : Normal POV : -

Yumi was knocking on the door to the building. She had followed Ulrich's footprints and found the building. Ulrich quickly sped throughout the structure, putting this away and hiding Iggs and all his other gadgets. When he was done putting everything away, he went to the door and opened it a few inches, clapping his hands in the process, which turned off the lights. He saw Yumi and he opened the door the entire way, leaning against the frame. He crossed his arms and frowned.

"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be with your fiancé planning your wedding?" he scowled.

Yumi looked behind him in wonder, "Wow… what is this place?"

"Nothing. Now answer me. What are you doing here?" he said calmly.

She turned her gaze to him, "That's a real nice welcome for someone you haven't seen for-"

"A week," he cut her off, "So what? I've been left longer. Try my entire life. And here's another question, how did you find me?"

She pointed behind her at the tracks. He glared. He shut the door and stormed through the forest. She quickly walked behind him.

"Ulrich what has you so riled up? And what's with that building back there?" she asked.

"What building?" he asked.

"The one that you just-" she turned around and gasped. The building was gone.

Ulrich raised an eyebrow, "That's what I thought. There is no building."

"But I thought I saw…" she cocked her head and looked over at him in confusion.

"Yeah… you thought you saw a building. I guess you didn't," he turned his head so she could see only one side of his face. But he stayed with his back turned to her. "Chal." He balled up his fists and walked quickly toward the school. She stopped him with a hand on his arm. He flinched.

Through gritted teeth, he said, "Let. Go." She ignored him and turned his arm over. He had the burns Jeremy had told her about. He pulled his arm out of her grasp, wincing in the process.

"Why are you here?" he asked.

"Because I haven't seen my friends in a week and you ran away when I told you Richard and I were getting married."

"I'm happy for you. You're going to get to keep on enjoying the life I never had. Everybody can live a perfect life without me," he said. Then, he whispered, mostly to himself, "Even my parents."

Yumi gasped. He turned to her, "Just go. You shouldn't be here. Everyone will be wondering where the bride-to-be is."

"But I told them I was going to look for you…"

"Well you found me? Happy? Go get on with your life! Just… just… go. Please. Pretty soon everyone will come to try and find us. I don't really feel like having questions thrown at me like every other time when they find me in the forest," he jumped onto a branch and started to climb the tree in front of him. He reached to very top and stood up without holding on to anything.

"Ulrich! Come down! You're going to hurt yourself!" she yelled.

He ignored her and jumped from tree to tree until he reached his longtime-favorite tree. He slid down the trunk as Yumi hurried over to him to see if he was all right. A green light surrounded him.

"FORCE FIELD!" he yelled. A large green bubble appeared around him and the tree. She froze, open-mouthed at what he was doing. He smirked at her amazement. He made the little safe sign that umpires at a baseball game do and the bubble ceased.

"What? You thought Odd was the only one with powers useful outside Lyoko?" he came up to her, "Tell no one what you just saw."

"But-" she started.

He cut her off again, "No one. I mean it. I don't want any looks being thrown at me."

"All- all right… but why not?" she asked. She looked into his eyes. A couple years ago, they held laughter and joy and there was always a smile on his face when she was around. Since she had started dating Richard, that smile had been replaced with a frown and his eyes were filled with pain and they looked lost. Now, his eyes were empty. No emotions were hidden behind them. They were empty. As if his soul had left him. The green orbs that used to have so much fire and excitement in them now stared coolly back at her with as much emptiness as a bottomless pit.

He tore his gaze away from her, "They just won't understand… no one ever did… and no one ever will either…"

He pushed through the undergrowth that hid the forest floor. She looked up at the tree and quietly followed him back to school. When she stumbled out of the side of the forest, he was nowhere in sight.

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