A/N: Wow, another story. I have a tendency to start like a billion stories and it takes me a long time to update all of them. I'm sorry. Well, this story is kinda like the book, Flipped. Not the plot, just the way its written. You know, the whole one chapter from one point of view, the next one from the other… it's a Lily and James story from the point of view of them and their friends. Read and Review!


Prologue: The Extra Passengers

Alex's POV

Mainly it all started because of the road trip, the stupid road trip. I'm not saying it wasn't fun, it was just so annoying, with the stupid Marauders along. It wasn't anyone's fault but mine; I just had to be related to the most annoying of them all, Sirius Black. Yep, Sirius is my twin brother. Fraternal, yes, but he's still my twin.

Grr…Well, my friends Lily and Violet and I had made plans for a road trip across America after graduation. You know, the last bit of fun before having to be responsible, having jobs, and all of that other crap. Well, my mother dearest just happens to have a soft spot for Sirius and when she was told that we were going to have a road trip and not bring Sirius, she made me bring him along.

God, mom, Sirius is a big boy; he can take care of himself…most of the time. So we ended up having to change a bunch of plans just to accommodate 3 more passengers. The car we were renting would be magically enlarged so that didn't matter. But plane tickets? God, we had to double the already huge budget so they could come along.

And then, to add to all of this trouble, the Marauders just had to put input in to our planning, so now we're stopping in two more cities than we were before and the trip is now a whole week and a half longer. Great, that's just what I need, more 'quality time' with the Marauders. Well, at least Peter isn't coming. He scares me…

So now, it's the day after graduation and 2 days before the trip. We're all going home for a day for packing and to rest up. Lily, being the organized freak she is, made up a list of things needed to be packed and the places we were going. And since she never looses things like I do, she kept all of the plane tickets and other things we need. Go Lily!

I can't wait, I really can't. I've always wanted to go on a road trip with my friends. Now, a month of planning later, we are only 2 days until the biggest trip of my life. YAY! I CAN'T WAIT! We're meeting at Violet's house tomorrow for some last minute planning and packing. YAY!

A/N: You guys like it? I love the way alex talks. Its just like me, all hyperactive and out there. I'm mixing my friend Meredith (yes, I used her name in my other story) and my personalities to make up Alex. I'm sorry its so short, but that's the way prologues have to be. PLEASE REVIEW!

Wait, here're my two new characters:

Violet Summers- Blonde hair and striking purple eyes, loud and a totally crazy

Alexandria Black- Black hair and dark, almost black, blue eyes, Sirius's twin and a lot like him, just not stupid.

I know all of my characters are not girly and love music, black, weird things and playing in bands. Well, that's my personality so that's how I write. I can't have my characters be all girly cause I don't know how to write like that. Whatever, I'm rambling…