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Now, for the first/second chapter of Upside-down:


Chapter 1- Fueling Up!

Alex's POV





All three of us girls stopped hugging each other and stared at the black-haired boy next to them. He was grinning and had his arms spread apart as if he was giving someone a hug.

"Was that really necessary, Sirius?" Sirius stopped 'hugging' the air when I gave him the evil eye.

"Yes it was Als. Now if you'll excuse me, my friends are coming any minute now" He fake pouted and went to stand by the door.

We were at Violet's house for the gathering. It was around 10:00 in the morning and Sirius's friends were almost a whole half hour late. Lily, as always, was panicking about whether we brought enough stuff, if she forgot the tickets, what would happen, and just all around everything.

Violet was trying to calm her, reassuring her that the plane tickets were on her kitchen counter, and that her mom had been on one of theses trips before and would be helping us.

I was, as usual, 'taking care' of my younger-by-2-minutes-but-immaturer-by-a-lot-more brother. He was acting like a spy again, rolling around under the windows of Violets house and looking outside the window every few rolls. I don't think it occurred to him that his friends would be coming by apparition, not car. Oh, well, more entertainment for me.

I sat down on my suitcase by the big pile of suitcases and duffel bags, watching Sirius and his little game. Lily had only allowed us to bring one suitcase, one duffel bag and one carry on backpack. She said we wouldn't need that much stuff because of washing machines, whatever those are. And we could clean stuff with our wands. I don't think that occurred to her.

I just sat there for a while, watching Sirius and laughing. After about fifteen minutes of 'Agent Sirius', Remus and James finally popped in. Remus laughed when he saw Sirius and his little act. James snuck up behind Sirius and grabbed him by the shoulders, scaring him half to death. I laughed out loud.

"Hey guys, stuff over here. Backpacks in one pile, duffels in another and suitcases in another. Don't ask, organizer Lily has struck the whole house again." I pointed to where all of their stuff should go. After they put there stuff down, I took them to the kitchen where Lily, Violet and Mrs. Summers, Vi's mom, were going over extra stuff to bring, such as snacks.

"Hey, Lils, the guys are here." I pointed to the 3 tall guys behind me, walked to the kitchen table and sat down.

"Hey guys, come help us with this. Do you have any food you want to bring?" Lily looked down at the neat list she had in front of her. "I've already got chocolate frogs on here. I need to hurry it up so I can go over to the store to buy all of this."

She examined her list and then added gum to it. "oh, yeah, almost forgot. Ok, everyone, I have an announcement to make. This trip will be strictly muggle. The only magic-related stuff you can bring are games and food. The only magic you can use is simple drying/healing spells. No playing pranks on muggles unless it doesn't involve magic. Get it guys?" She looked at everyone. They all nodded, although James and Sirius looked a little angry.

"We just graduate from Hogwarts and we don't get to use magic for 2 whole months. How great is that?" James walked grumbling into the living room and turned on the TV. I just rolled my eyes and went to help Lily out.

Four hours later and 2 hours before our flight, we were ready after 2 freak outs, 10 stunning spells and 3 screaming fits, all performed by Lily. We had divided up all of the luggage, everyone finding their own, and I had distributed the plane tickets, although each of us girls carried one of the boys, in fear of them loosing them.

"everyone ready? You know the destination, the airport. Now apparate there and meet me at the luggage check in place." Lily disaparated just as she finished her sentence, followed by 4 other pops as Sirius, Remus, James and Violet disaparated. I looked around the room and disaparated also.

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