1"Who the hell invited you to sit on top of me so disturbingly?" demanded the king of spades.

"Who do you think you moron?" asked the queen of hearts. "Who else is usually sitting on you?"

"Queen Diamond."

"Ah yes, well, she's still up in the stack now isn't she."

"Get your ass off me you witch!"

"I ought to slap you right in the face!"

"Oh yeah?"


struggle heave attempts to move "Dammit I can't move."

"Well of course you can't move. Now stop sitting on me!"

"Are you sure you aren't standing on me?"

"I want my contract back with Alice! Stupid prit fired me, and now look where I am! Posing like some porn freak on the lap of an old geezer. . ."


"Who the hell are you?" mumbled the queen of hearts. "Get off me!"

"Well who do you think I am? An ace? It's the jack of clubs."

"Get the hell off my lap you pervert!"

"Grr. . ."