Chapter 1

It's been three years since that infamous night, the night the opera house burned, the night miss Daae ran off with De Changy, and the night the world first saw the phantom. The stage was rebuilt, with even more golden statues than before. The star was replaced with some other young soprano, and the memory of the phantom faded. The idea of the Opera Ghost still lives on in the jokes, stories, and dares between the Ballet brats. Thats how I am here, in this damp, cold tunnel, just on part of the haunting labyrinth underneath the Opera House.

Little Meg and the other girls dared me to find the phantom's home and steal a certain object. Meg described it as a music box with a Persian monkey un the lid. The said she saw it the day she went to look for Christine. Christine, It's been rather quite around the dormitories without her. Christine and Meg used to cause so much havoc for Madame Giry, they were behind almost every dare for the little girls in there early years, but then Christine shied away from the group, claiming to be with her Angel Of Music.

The path I traveled down lead to a flight of stairs that looked as if the went on forever into the black abyss. I picked up a small piece of stone that seemed to have chipped from the stairs, and dropped it off the edge. A long moment of silenced passed, before an echoing splash rose up to my ears. With a sight, I continued down the stairs, with each step, my brain screamed for me to stop, it wasn't worth the Ballet girl's simple dare.

Suddenly, the hard ground beneath my soft slippers vanished, my body falling into a chilling pool of water. I tried to swim up to the surface, but a rusty, iron gate somehow descended from were i had just been standing, pushing my farther into the dark depths. My fingers grazed over something round, and hard, as a franticly crashed around the pool. The object came into sight, a large rusty wheel, attacked to a jack that controlled the gate. With all the strength I could muster, slowly the wheel moved along with my hands, making the gate rise back to it's dormant position.

The cavity in which I now found myself was unusually dark, and coated with slim on the stone walls. The ground beneath the water seemed to raise beneath me as I swam to one side, till I was able to walk. The cavity had one exit, a small tunnel. The end of the tunnel seemed to glow, as a whiff of fresh air hit my nostrils. When I approached the end, the sight before me took my breath away.

Before Me hundreds of candles sat, half spent, lighting up this unusually room. It looked as it was a corner of a cave, but decorated by royalty. Red velvet hung from the walls, partially covering multiple smashed mirrors, some only with there golden decorative frames still standing. Sheets of music, books, and sketches for costumes littered the floor. Despite the rooms crowded objects, it somehow seemed empty to me. There was not one piece of furniture in the entire area.

Over in the corner of the unusually room, the reason I was here laid. I walked over, and picked up the rather ugly little box, but suddenly dropped it, when a sering pain shot throw my palm. Examining my hand, my eyes caught a glimpse of the red crimson liquid flowing from my skin, and the piece of glass that hung from it. After pulling it out, I examined the ground I had picked the box up from. Hundreds of sharp reflections stared back at me. despite the rest of the room, there was no frame near these pieces, just one red and gold curtain. Soft Music began to play from behind the curtain

My curiosity got the better of me, as i pulled the curtain to one side. It revealed another tunnel. Without realizing, my body made it's was down the tunnel. The music got louder and louder, engulfing me, and intoxicating me. It aroused feeling I had never experienced in my few seventeen years. My body stopped when it what lay at the end. A man sat at a large, Gothic style organ, playing the seductive tune. He was dressed in the finest gentlemen clothes I have ever seen, with matched perfectly with the same d├ęcor' as the room I had just left.

He turned away from the music, and locked hie eyes with mine. I have never seen eyes that colour before, they looked green, but blue, and gray, all at the same moment. The is no word I am familiar with to describe a colour as intense as his eyes. Fear flooded hie eyes, yet if face tense with anger. It was then I noticed he wore a white mask. It only covered half of his face though, not a very good way to hide one's identity. With the speed and agility i have never seen in a human before, he pulled some sort of rope from his sleeve, and strung it around me neck. He held it with great force, but not enough to end my existence.

"What are you doing here, in this cursed place?" His Voice! Never have my ears been blessed with such a sweet sound. It carried every emotion in a single pitch. It calmed and soothed, while it frightened and angered.

"Um, well." Words wouldn't come. His voice made mine hide, ashamed to be called a voice compared to his. He took the rope off of my neck, and turned me around, giving me a better look. His face was long, and stern. His hair jet black, and pulled to the back of his head. His lips looked perfect, formed in a slight grin. He looked much older than me, but something about him called to me. I have heard storied about what lies beneath his porcelain mask, but that's not what intrigues me. He repeated the question as he lifted my head up with his hand. The leather gloves he wore felt like silk to me, and sent chills of pleasure down my spine.

"I...I was dared to come, by the other ballet girls." I choked out. His grin widened with amusement. His hand slowly moved up the side of my face to the top of my jaw. I closed my eyes and savoured the sensation that arose with his gentle though. He took his hand off of me, and turned away.

"You should Go." He left my side, and made his way through the tunnel I had just entered through. Reluctantly I followed his large form into the darkness. "Tell no one what you have seen." at the edge of the water, a gondola seemed to appear just for him. He stepped inside, and motioned for me to follow. He took my to the edge of the stairs, then disappeared into the shadows.

I have spent four nights dreaming of the man, the one I don't know the name of. Dreams I have never had about a man, such sinful dreams of his sweet touch. I have spent countless hours wondering if i should go back to him, or try to return to my life before i saw him. I know of all the horrible things that her has done, all the murder he has committed, all the fear he has instilled in innocent hearts, forever haunted, and yet, i still can't talk myself into not wanting him.

I gave in on the fifth night, and returned back down into his world of darkness. He again sat before his organ, engrossed in music. Without thinking, i approached him, and placed my hands on his shoulders, absorbing the music he was playing. When he was finished, he turned to me. His eyes were wide, like a small puppy. His face remained stern and compassed, but his eyes, they give him away, They show his soul, unique, seductive, intelligent, and inspiring. He was happy that i came back, that i care.