The final chapter! It's a short one, but hopefully you will all approve.

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Chapter 40

Meg squeezed my hand eagerly, a smile of anticipation upon her face.

"Jammes," She whispered into my ear happily, knowing that today was the day, the child wouldn't wait any longer. A wide smile spread across my face.

Yes, the child will be born soon, and I will be able to join you, my love.

Roxanne entered the room, seeing look upon Meg's face and my own, and began to prepare for it's arrival.

If you were only here my love, how am I going to do this without you? It was your presence that made this pain bearable, but without you? Maybe god will be merciful and take my life, so that I won't have to take my own.

The pains started, insignificant at first, but grew intensely. None of the other children caused as much turmoil as this one, but then again, Erik's gentle touch is not here to sooth the pain. Even Henrik didn't worry me as much as this little one, each aggravating minute of this pregnancy has drained me, I must look like an old women, instead of the twenty eight year old girl I am. I don't have to look in the mirror to know how I look, I can feel it, the death that looms over me, Meg and Roxanne think it is just from grief, and stress of the pregnancy, they don't know the extend of it. I know how my father felt, loosing my mother. How he was able to survive, I can't understand. How much stronger he is then me, I can't take this, I can't stand it any longer.

"Jammes, Please." His voice rang in my ear.

How many times have I imagined your voice? Thought I have seen you? But all I have heard was the wind, and seem only shadows.

"Please, Mon Ange, be strong, for me?" Even if it is just my mind tricking me, how can I deny him? I must listen to him, for now, till this child comes.

"Come on Jammes, you have to try!" Roxanne scowled me.


Biting down hard on my lip, I focused all my thoughts and energy on the child, digging my fingers deep into the sheets wet from my perspiration, trying to pry the pain away, only causing more.

"I can't do this." I whimpered out, looking up towards the heavens, calling out to my husband.

"I can't, I'm not strong enough." Meg leaned over me, peeling my hair from my wet face.

"Shh... You can, you have to, for them." She gazed over at the door, referring to my children, who waited with Murtagh on the other side of our home.

Knowing she was right, I tried again, closing my eyes to the world, screaming out in pain, but continuing. Only wishing for it to end.

as I have so many time since his death, I found myself leaving this world, calling for him. Once again at the meadow, Erik waits for me, that tender smile sitting on his face.

"Jammes," He approached me, taking me once again into his arms.

"Take care of him, My wife, he will need you."

"But Erik, I need you." those soft gloved fingers found themselves under my chin, pushing my gaze into his.

"Take care of him, he needs your love."

I returned back to my body, relief flooded it as the sound of my child's piercing cry hit my ears. Lifting my heavy eyelids, watching Roxanne's back patiently, waiting for her to clean the child, and bring it over. Slowly, she turned to me, carrying the bundle in her arms, placing it in my own.

"He is... He is..." She turned away, stepping away from the bed to try to hide the grim look upon her face.

Tenderly I gazed down at the child, Erik's last son. Hot tears streamed down my cheek, as I kissed the forehead of Erik's child. There was no doubt he inherited all of his best features. His brilliant green blue eyes, perfectly formed pink lips, small clefted chin, long nose, and his father's deformity, the splotchy uneven red skin covering the left side of his face.

"I'm so sorry." Roxanne spoke, shaking her head with sorrow.

"Why? He is perfect." My tears fell onto the child's face, making him stir in my arms. I held him closer to my chest, his cry softened at my tender movements.

Meg leaned over the bed to get a better look at her little brother, also being brought to tears at the child's resemblance to her father.

"Every one of our children have been named after someone. Henrik after my father, Antoinette after your mother," I motioned to Meg,

"Genivere after Murtagh's mother," I ran the back of my index finger along the side of the child's face. "Erik always wanted them to be after people in my life. My husband, he could never to anything without thinking of me, as I couldn't with out him." I looked up at Meg, she shared the same overwhelming joyful gaze I carry.

"And now, my last, beautiful child, I have saved the greatest name for you." I leaned down to kiss his forehead.

"My Little Erik."

My love, my Erik, what trickery you play, and how I love you for it. You send such a child to me, making sure I will stay with them? You must have known I couldn't go through with it, after having a child such as this, you know I won't leave them now. Don't think I don't love the others, I love them with all my heart, but they would be in good hands if I joined you, Murtagh and Meg are wonderful, and would have cared for them, but I refuse to give up on this one, I could never hand him off to another. Not while he is just like you.

Thank you, my love, for sending such a gift, I shall wait to see you, but only to insure your children's futures. My heart aches for you, but I won't be joining you just yet. I will see this child grows, and is accepted. I will teach him all the things you have done for our others, I will always remind him the love of his father. He will face the same cruel world as you my love, but I will make sure he will overcome them.

Until we mean again my love, I shall be thinking of you always.