Hanyou of All Trades

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Prologue: Life before the change

"You promise Sesshomaru, I don't want anyone to know. If they find out they will all torture me, females are weaker in their eyes." The silver-haired hanyou pouted as she strolled back and forth before her elder brother's desk. He was sitting deep in thought as he glanced up once or twice at his sister's still moving form, for some reason it annoyed him greatly. "Sister...InuYasha! Stop that incestuous pacing it is driving me nuts. I will come up with a way, I promise. Now get out of here before you burn a hole in the floor. The half-demon before him sent him a death glare as she only grunted in response and strode from the room, watching the door slam shut, Sesshomaru let out a deep and calming sigh. His sister could be a real handful sometimes, getting up from his chair he made his way over to the long row of books that sat at the side of his desk. Scanning over the titles, he reached out and took down the one he needed. After taking a few moments to flip through the pages, he closed the book and placed it on his desk, 'if that spell would work, then I have a lot of preparations to make.' He tore a piece of nearby parchment and wrote the ingredients that he would need, folding the slip of paper he held it between his thumb and forefinger as he turned about. Making his way to the door of his study, he opened it and walked down the long halls of his father's, and now his castle.

Reaching the main foyer he found the person he was looking for, "Onohamaru," the Youkai stopped her movements and turned to look at her lord in surprise. Coming to a stop at his side she bowed lightly before him showing her respect, "yes Milord, what may I help you with?" Pleased with her quick response, Sesshomaru went ahead with his plans, "I will need you to obtain particular types of herbs and I will need them quickly. The ingredients are listed here, do not fail me." Handing her the paper, he didn't even wait for a reply as he made his way to the kitchen's to check on the meal that was to be prepared for the ball that would be held that very night.

He knew that his sister was going to be as stubborn as she ever was and refuse to attend, it happened the last time this ball was held, about 16 years ago if he was precise. The ball was held when a Lord or Lady picked a mate, a pup was born, or for the acceptance of a new Lord or Lady. It was an event that had long since been held, it just so happened that this year the ball was to be held here at the castle of the Western Lord, namely Sesshomaru himself. This ball was being held to celebrate two events, the Lord from the South, Hakemaru, had just been graced with an heir. While the Lord of the North, Taiku, was introducing his son as the new Lord of his lands, a son that had yet been to any of these balls. No one had seen him since his birth and this was to be an event that Sesshomaru wanted no one to forget for a long time.

Reaching the kitchen's he found that the cooks were hard at work fixing the meals, judging by the time, the Lords and Ladies as well as a few other valued guests were going to be arriving soon. Judging by the way his InuYasha had been behaving all day there was no chance that he would see her until he had to drag her from wherever she had been hiding and into the ball. Growling in slight anger, Sesshomaru went about putting the finishing touches here and there as he heard the calls of one of the servants, Lord Taiku and his family had just arrived. He silently cursed his sister as he made his way towards the main entrance to greet them; InuYasha had always been the standoffish type, more like a male than a female. He let out a rarely heard chuckle as he recalled all the pranks and other such things that she had pulled off over the years. The words of his father echoed in his mind as he reached the main entrance and bowed his head in greeting to the Ookami Lord and his family, 'InuYasha will make one hell of a mate, if she can get herself one that is.'

Just then said 'sister,' was growling angrily from her boredom, InuYasha had always hated these events and still didn't understand why it was so important she attend. Sesshomaru was the Lord of the castle not her, she was just some lowly half-breed, she had no friends at least no true ones. Being the sister to the Lord of the West made her sick, all it had ever caused her was all the drooling males who tried to win her hand just for her title, not to mention the death threats she had received the last few years of her life. No one wanted a half-breed to take over if her brother upped and died, all she was worth to them was as an ally, a way to get off without the brunt of her brother's anger. Cursing all the seven hells for her damnable luck, she pulled open her loose haori and picked up her long golden sash that sat waiting on her bed, after wrapping it tightly about her chest several times she checked herself in her mirror. It looked flat enough to her, pulling her haori closed, she picked up her sword and made her way to the door of her bedroom. Opening it slightly, she made her way silently down the halls of the castle and out into the courtyard, seeing her favorite field where the Sakura blossoms grew she made her way over there. The whole time failing to notice the curious and slightly amused eyes that followed her, reaching her destination, she pulled out her sword and made sure it didn't transform.

Pleased at seeing her sword so cooperative for once, she started her kata, moving gracefully about the area. Just as she was about to make the transformation on her sword, a strange scent hit her sensitive nostrils, tensing instinctively she glanced about trying to find the source of the scent. From her right, where she had come from she heard the slight footsteps and swish of the tail of a full-blooded Ookami male. Immediately masking her scent, she turned to glare at the intruding male when her breath caught in her throat. The male continued forward unhindered by her actions as he kept his stare even with hers, studying his features, InuYasha could tell he was the son of the Lord of the North. He had the same regal bearing as his father, not to mention the uncanny resemblance, the only difference she could make out was the color of his eyes they were a cool almost Ice blue in color. Slapping herself mentally, InuYasha growled deeply at the male in front of her, "who the fuck are you?" The male tilted his head at her obvious insult and bowed meekly, "I am Kouga, son of Lord Taiku, Lord of the North. And who may I ask are you?" His deep voice sent a shiver up InuYasha's spine, forcing it down angrily she stood tall as she glared back at the Ookami 'prince.' "My name is of little consequence wolf, so why don't you go find someone else to entertain you."

What looked to be humor passed through his eyes before fake shock filled them, "You dare speak in such a manor to your superior, what gives you the right to speak in such a way?" InuYasha snickered, she shook her head as she turned away form the wolf and continued in her kata. The whole time Kouga glared at her in utter disbelief, he had never in his life been treated with such standoffish behavior from a female. Usually they would melt at his feet, but this one was purposefully mocking him and not caring about his position much less his looks. This sparked a fire in his mind, he wanted to see just how fiery the female would act if he fought back, he wouldn't admit it but she intrigued him. InuYasha still could feel his heated stare at her back as she finished her kata and replaced her sword, walking away from the wolf, InuYasha jumped up into her favorite Sakura tree to rest for a minute.

Kouga had followed her determined to tame that wild sprit of hers, reaching the bottom of the tree in which she currently sat he kicked to trunk roughly, causing her to fall right out of the tree. Growling angrily, InuYasha got to her feet and stomped over to the sneering Ookami, gripping the front of his kimono she lifted him clear off his feet. Pulling his face directly in front of hers she growled menacingly, "Listen to me bastard and listen good, I don't like you so stay the hell away from me, before I rip your balls off and force feed them to you!" Seeing his face pale, InuYasha dropped him unceremoniously on his ass and stomped off towards the castle, leaving a confused Ookami in her wake. He could only watch her retreating back as he felt himself come to a realization, she was unlike any other female he had met, he liked her. Resolving to find out as much as he could about her, he got up and dusted himself off, noticing at his side a small golden sash. Curious he moved over and picked it up, sniffing it he was instantly bombarded with her peculiar scent. 'So this was hers, I think I'll keep this,' a calculating smirk appeared on his lips as he stuffed the cloth into his armor and made his way back into the castle to find his father, not to mention ask about that interesting hanyou he had just met.

InuYasha stormed through the castle, ignoring the looks she received from the servants, she didn't even notice. Her mind was too busy ripping a certain Ookami to pieces, 'he is such a jerk, I can't believe that is the son of Taiku.' Growling she spotted her brother ahead with Lord Taiku and the very Ookami that was on her mind, she looked about her trying to find a good means of escape, there was no way she wanted to meet up with that wolf again. 'Or is it just because you don't want him to see you all sweaty and smelly again, shut up.' Deciding to have her brother help her out she whined out her request in a low-pitched tone that only other Inu Youkai could understand. His eyes immediately locked with hers and he whined his response to her, smiling for her ability to think on her feet, InuYasha started forward again. Upon reaching the side of Sesshomaru, she fell to one knee and spoke low and respectfully, "Milord, the guards are placed and at the ready, if I have your permission I would like to freshen up before I take my place at your side in the ball." Sesshomaru smiled inwardly, she wasn't lying, about any of it. Well except for that Lord part, he felt immensely proud that InuYasha had thought up such a brilliant plan so quickly. He glance quickly at the two Ookami's at his side and saw a solemn expression on Lord Taiku's face, while his son Kouga was wide-mouthed and shocked beyond belief.

"Rise InuYasha, I told you, you like a sister to me. There is no need for your groveling, while I have you I would like to introduce the Lord of the North, Taiku and his son, Kouga. This Lord Taiku is my second in command, she is the best warrior I have and sence my sister is ill, she will be joining me in her place." Lord Taiku bowed his head as he smiled openly at InuYasha, "I am glad that we will have one such as you to protect us during our stay." He then elbowed his still stunned son, Kouga recovered quickly as he bowed lightly and challenging smile, "Yes, it is a pleasure, InuYasha." Sesshomaru noticed how the young Ookami was leering at his sister and didn't like it one bit, being her older brother he wanted to rip the insolent little whelp to bits but refrained when he felt his sister touch his arm lightly. "Milord, I will take my leave of you now, I was pleased to meet you both Milord's. I look forward to seeing you both at the ball," grunting a snide remark about Kouga and his father, InuYasha turned and made her way down the hall. Sesshomaru almost smiled at her insult as he watched her disappear down the hall, he turned back and caught Kouga glaring after her while his father shot him a knowing smile. Sesshomaru didn't understand this until the small yip that sounded from Lord Taiku's lips, Sesshomaru was surprised that the Lord knew how to speak and understand the Inu Youkai language. His little yip translated to something like, 'fiery sister you got there Sesshomaru, I see that my son has found a new challenge.'

Sesshomaru nodded his head briefly as he continued on his way, leading them towards their chambers for the night. InuYasha had just reached her bedroom door and pulled it open her anger radiating off her in waves, 'damn you brother, you told him my name, well at least he doesn't know I am your sister. Thank Kami for that.' Upon reaching her bed she saw the kimono she was to wear for the ball and her mouth hang open, the whole thing was beautifully done and made her feel dirty upon looking at it. Deciding a bath was in order, InuYasha grabbed a towel and light juban as she made her way out of her bedroom and to the bathing room in the castle. After taking a long and very calming bath, InuYasha exited the bathing room and was on her way back up to her room when she ran into that blasted Ookami Kouga again. He was making his way down for a bath as well, when he had nearly run InuYasha over, upon apologizing he froze at the picture that InuYasha cast. Her hair was slightly wet and her juban was thin and was open slightly giving him a good view of her cleavage, Kouga took a deep breath as he helped her to her feet and apologized again, this time really meaning it. InuYasha only shrugged it off as she tried to hide her blushing face, glancing once more at Kouga the blush still on her face she took off down the hall, leaving Kouga to watch her retreating form with great interest.

About an hour later, after everyone had a chance to settle in, Sesshomaru called the ball to a start and everyone immediately took a partner and began dancing. Sesshomaru glanced about the room and had failed to see his sister, so braving the fates, he made his way silently out of the room and headed to InuYasha's room so he could fetch her. Upon reaching the room her knocked and was thoroughly surprised to find InuYasha dressed and ready to go. Taking his offered hand, InuYasha let him pull her from her room and make their way to the room where the dance was being held. Upon entering, the music abruptly seaced and a tall elderly InuYoukai announced her arrival, "Her Ladyship, InuYasha and her brother, Lord Sesshomaru." Leading her inside they made their way over to the gathered Lords and Ladies, InuYasha felt all the heated stares and jealous glances as she walked calmly and regally at her brother's side. Reaching the other's Sesshomaru released her hand as she bowed and said her formal hello's to the other Lords and Ladies. Upon seeing Lord Taiku she smiled sincerely, "thank you for playing along with that act of ours Milord." He only smiled in return before he excused himself to dance with his mate, InuYasha waited until her brother had taken up a partner, before she made her way across the room to stand at one of the large bay windows and to look outside.

That is where she stayed for the better part of the evening, she was so caught up in her examination of the forest outside castle grounds that she had failed to notice that someone had approached her. Kouga had been growing tired of the evening as he danced with every other female in the room, they blushed as he danced with him and preened over his kindness. He was growing sick of their presence; they were too easy to please, so as the night went on he found himself searching out the presence of that fiery female. At least there was a challenge, he was starting to get frustrated at being unable to find her, that was when he caught a glimpse of a stunning beauty standing by the bay windows all alone. At first he didn't recognize who it was, but as he made his way closer, he discovered that it was the exact hanyou he had been searching for the whole night. She was a complete figure of beauty and Kouga felt his breath being taken away as he studied the kimono she wore and how it made her silver hair glow in the moonlight. Approaching her slowly, he noticed that she had a longing expression in her eyes as she looked out at the forest beyond the castle walls, he felt suddenly sad for her. Shaking the feeling he took a deep breath as he came to stand at her side, leaning over he whispered into her left doggy ear, "breath-taking view isn't it?"

InuYasha jumped at the closeness of that voice, turning she was shocked to see a finely dressed Kouga looking at her a mock smile gracing his lips. "What do you want?" She glared daggers at him as he offered his arm, silently asking for a dance. Raising an eyebrow, InuYasha shrugged and took his arm reluctantly, letting him lead her onto the dance floor. Kouga had been surprised at how easily she had come with him, but was immediately happy that she did, she was a wonderful dance partner and never missed a step as they glided across the dance floor. So impressed with her flawless ability to dance, he asked for the remaining dances of the evening, InuYasha only grunted her non-committal response and let him parade her about the dance floor. InuYasha had been shocked that Kouga would want to continue dancing with her, she wouldn't admit it but he wasn't that bad himself, so she had let him. As the evening drew to a close, InuYasha found herself standing near her favorite bay windows with the Ookami, talking about nothing in particular. She had actually enjoyed the ball and it was all because of the now laughing Ookami, she joined him in his laughter as she noticed that they were the only ones standing in the room any longer. She turned to leave when he asked if he could walk her to her chambers, InuYasha didn't know what to say and only nodded her head as she took his offered hand. As he lead her through the castle, a silence fell about them, neither wanted to speak they just wished to enjoy the company of each other.

Walking up to the floor on which her bedroom was located, InuYasha felt strangely happy the he found out who she really was, she didn't wish to deceive him. Reaching her bedroom, InuYasha felt suddenly nervous, thought's bombarded her mind as they came to a stop. "Thank you Kouga, I hope that we may yet have another chance to talk before you leave for the North, good-night." InuYasha leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss upon Kouga's cheekas she slipped into her bedroom, leaving the stunned not to mention blushing Ookami standing there. He soon after left for his own chambers as his thoughts took on the same direction as InuYasha, 'will I ever see her again?' The next day all the Lords dispersed from the castle and Kouga was unable to say good-bye to InuYasha. As time grew on and the years passed, both InuYasha and Kouga buried their pasts deep down, storing them so deep that they were thought to be forgotten. Little did either know that their paths would cross again, thus drudging up past emotions and bringing them closer together, unknown even to themselves.

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