Hanyou of All Trades

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Chapter 5: Request of Importance

Turning in the direction Sesshoumaru had InuYasha watched as the trees shifted and someone started to emerge, a someone that InuYasha knew all too well, "Kouga…"

Something about the normally cheerful and playful wolf was off, he seemed tired and sad, "what's wrong?" Unable to help herself after seeing such a look of utter sadness, InuYasha walked towards the now stationary wolf demon, her chest was aching and she didn't know why but she wanted to help him.

Lifting his head at the gentle tone that InuYasha had used, Kouga looked into her amber eyes, seeing worry and something else there Kouga felt his heart leap into his throat as his body started moving of it's own accord.

Kouga had moved so fast that InuYasha didn't even have time to speak let alone put up a fight, his arms had wrapped about her and her arms were now sandwiched between Kouga and herself, he had buried his face into the hair at the side of her neck.

Taking a deep whiff of InuYasha's scent, Kouga felt his body tremble as he tried to get a hold of himself, 'what am I thinking…how could I jump at her like this, god, her scent, how I love it…InuYasha…I…I want…'

"Uh…Kouga? Ummm…what are you doing?"

Jerking at the sound of InuYasha's voice Kouga felt his face burn with a deep blush as he shifted slightly, he wasn't going to let go of her but he did want to look into her eyes as he spoke to her, pulling back Kouga gripped InuYasha tighter as he looked at her puzzled eyes and blushing face.

He opened his mouth to say just how beautiful she looked in his eyes when he remembered why he came here in the first place, his eyes widened and he couldn't believe that he had almost forgotten.

"My…my sister, she needs help, please…I ask that you and everyone return to the north with me at once. She…she may die if we don't hurry, please InuYasha, I…" Sliding his right arm free, Kouga lifted it and ran his claws gently over InuYasha's cheek, "I need your help."

InuYasha could only gape in shock and confusion, she didn't know what to think let alone say, but when she heard her brother clear his throat she felt slightly relieved. "What exactly is wrong with young Kamari?"

Both Kouga and InuYasha turned their heads towards where Sesshoumaru stood, a knowing smirk was on his lips as he glanced between the two of them. InuYasha blushed harder as she tried to pull back, only to find that Kouga was holding her within an iron grip and it didn't seem that he would be letting go anytime soon.

Gulping uncertainly, Kouga shifted uncomfortably under the piercing look that Sesshoumaru was now giving him and he knew there was no lying to those eyes, "She has fallen ill and no one can figure out what has caused this, all we know is that if she doesn't get better soon, she will die. I…I came to ask if Kagome could help, I've seen her heal every wound that I or you InuYasha have ever received, I was hoping that she or someone from your group could help."

Sesshoumaru nodded his head and walked towards where InuYasha and Kouga stood, his eyes were filled with laughter as he tugged lightly on InuYasha's ear causing her to blush deeper, "I'll go and speak with them, I want you two to speak and get the past out in the open, it's apparent that you still haven't grasped it yet InuYasha. Don't fail me Kouga."

With that said, Sesshoumaru released InuYasha's ear and walked back in the direction of where the others were camped, as he disappeared into the trees InuYasha turned her confused eyes upon Kouga.

"What was he talking about, what about the past?"

Taking a deep breath, Kouga went over the conversation he had had earlier with his mother and he knew that now was the time to do as she had suggested. Slowly releasing InuYasha, Kouga took a step back and gave her a soft look, 'it's now or never.'

"You looked amazing as you practiced, I couldn't believe that such a beautiful person could have ever existed and to tell you the truth, I was impressed when you didn't melt like all the other females I had come across. You were special…" rubbing his arm, Kouga felt his tail droop as he saw the confusion in InuYasha's eyes only deepen.

"I'm sorry that after the ball I just left and didn't make contact with you again, I don't know why I forgot, it was almost like a fog had fallen and I just plain couldn't remember. But that doesn't make how I treated you when we met again alright, even if I thought you were a male, I should have remembered you. Who could ever forget your iron will and standoffish nature, I am glad to know who you are InuYasha."

InuYasha felt her mind whirl as memories and feelings from her past came flooding back to her as she heard Kouga's words, she couldn't believe it herself as the last few moments she and Kouga had together flashed though her mind, 'I'm such a fool.'

"I…Kouga, I am the one who should be sorry," walking over, InuYasha ran her fingers over Kouga's right cheek as she smiled gently, "you remembered, it was I who forgot. Forgive me…" as InuYasha pulled her hand back it was grabbed suddenly and InuYasha found herself locked in another embrace, one that she accepted and returned fully this time.

He couldn't stop himself as he pulled InuYasha back into his arms and when he felt her arms encircle him as well, Kouga felt tears starting to well up in his eyes, tears that he hadn't shed since he was but a pup.

"I…I do InuYasha, I do…but I have one request though," Kouga felt his face burn with a blush as he realized that what he was about to ask of InuYasha was a very sudden and big step, but as he felt her pull back and look into his eyes, he didn't care anymore.

Feeling something strange stirring within her stomach at Kouga's words, InuYasha knew that what he wanted was very important but was she ready to hear it?

Shaking her head at where her thoughts were leading her, InuYasha moved back enough so that she could look at his face as he spoke, but what she saw in his eyes had her heart nearly stop beating. He had unshed tears in his ice-blue orbs and what swirled within their depths had InuYasha's heart kick starting itself again, "wha…what is this request?"

Breathing deeply Kouga pressed his forehead against InuYasha's as he looked deep into her honey colored eyes, "I would be honored if you would allow me to court you, InuYasha…and I know it's sudden and with my sister sick it's not timed right but I, mrph!"

Kouga blinked in surprise at the hand that had been clamped over his mouth, he tried to look into InuYasha's eyes but he found her head tilted to where her bangs were covering them, her body seemed to be trembling and he could hear her taking deep breaths.

Feeling panic rise in the pit of his stomach, Kouga bit on his tongue and as the taste of his own blood filled his mouth his panic had turned to dispair, 'what was I thinking? How could I just ask her such a thing so soon after she had remembered, I am such an idiot, I wouldn't be surprised if she killed me over this…I just hope that my sister will be alright before my demise.'

Having resigned himself to a quick and painful death, Kouga was unprepared when InuYasha removed her hand only to have it replaced with something much softer and a lot more comfortable, letting his eyes close as he pressed back into the kiss Kouga let out a low whine when he felt a hand brush against the fur of his tail.

Breaking the kiss after a moment, InuYasha took a deep breath as she hesitantly lifted her head, Kouga had a goofy smile plastered across his lips while his half lidded eyes looked glazed.

Brushing her fingers against Kouga's bangs, InuYasha stepped closer to Kouga's form and pressed her body against his, hearing a slight gasp of surprise as Kouga's eyes snapped open and fell upon her.

InuYasha gulped at the lump that had suddenly risen in her throat. "I…I accept…"

Looking away from the way Kouga's eyes widened, InuYasha felt really uncomfortable at the way he just stood there staring at her and so she nearly jumped when he finally spoke, "r…really? You'll allow me to court you? Truly?!"

Wanting to leap about in mad joy, Kouga was determined to make sure that InuYasha was serious about this before he tried anything, but seeing that she was still not looking at him he sighed and gripped her chin. Turning InuYasha's head to where their eyes were meeting, Kouga ran his thumb over her bottom lip gently, "are you sure?"

Nodding her head, InuYasha was ill prepared when Kouga suddenly hoisted her into the air and started to laugh madly as he spun them both around in circles, feeling her own laughter fill the air at how silly Kouga was behaving InuYasha tilted her head back as she stretched her hands out, all the while letting Kouga continue to spin them both until they both grew rather dizzy.

As he came to a wobbly stop, Kouga swayed before he finally lost his balance and fell backwards, InuYasha let out a shriek as she fell out of the air and landed heavily upon Kouga's chest.

Her head was spinning but InuYasha pushed herself up anyways, looking down InuYasha saw Kouga wincing with a smile on his lips, "are you alright?"

Chuckling, Kouga opened his eyes and as his vision cleared, he saw that InuYasha was leaning over him her eyes filled with concern and worry. Remembering her answer, Kouga's hand shot out and gripped a hold of InuYasha's shoulder, pulling her down roughly, Kouga solidly locked his lips to those of InuYasha's.

Shock was the first emotion that flooded through InuYasha's mind, but it soon dissolved into that of contentedness, smiling against Kouga's lips InuYasha shifted as she reached her hand about Kouga's head and buried it against the back of his ponytail.

Feeling Kouga's tongue brushing against the seems of her lips in a questioning act, InuYasha purred low in her throat as she tentatively parted her lips, a fine shiver wracked her body as Kouga thrust deeply into her moist cavern and started attacking the roof of her mouth.

For what seemed minutes, InuYasha and Kouga waged their own personal war and by far, Kouga came out the victor. Both panting as they finally broke their kiss, InuYasha nuzzled her face against Kouga's cheek in a sign of affection, Kouga merely smiled as he nuzzled back.

But it was the sounds of gasps and laughter that had both Kouga and InuYasha springing to their feet in defensive positions, a solid blush burned both their faces as they faced their unnoticed audience.

Sesshoumaru was leaning nonchalantly against a tree with a blushing Shippou perched upon his shoulder, at his side both Kagome and Sango were staring wide eyed at them but it was the laughter coming from Miroku that finally caused InuYasha's temper to snap.

Growling low in her throat, InuYasha stomped over to the monk and gripped the front of his robes as she bored into his eyes, "stow it houshi, before I give you something you'll really regret."

Miroku gulped audibly as his eyes grew wide in fear and apprehension, pleased at the reaction she had received, InuYasha walked back over to Kouga and was about to say something when Kouga slipped an arm about her waist.

Letting out an 'eep' of surprise, InuYasha blushed heavily as Kouga flashed her a soft smile before turning stern and serious eyes upon their companions, "I assume that Sesshoumaru has told you all why I am here?" Receiving nods from everyone, Kouga took a deep breath as he looked at InuYasha, she was flashing him an encouraging look and Kouga felt his heart leap in response.

"Then we had best get moving…ummm…Sesshoumaru, I would like to talk to you privately for a moment if I may?" Sesshoumaru merely raised an eyebrow before nodding his head in approval, letting out the breath he hadn't know he'd been holding, Kouga slowly released InuYasha and seeing her smile he turned and walked over to follow Sesshoumaru into the trees.

Once they were out of sight and hearing rang, Sesshoumaru turned and faced Kouga, his eyes hard and serious. "I think I know what you plan to speak with me about Kouga," Kouga shifted uncomfortably as he took a deep breath before locking his eyes with the Taiyoukai before him.

"I would like to formally ask for the right to court your sister, I promise I will treat her like a queen, so please consider before saying no." Shaking his head, Sesshoumaru chuckled silently to himself as he fake glared at Kouga.

Seeing the look being sent his way, Kouga felt his heart sink as his tail drooped between his legs in defeat, 'I knew he would never approve…I…I am sorry InuYasha…I've failed you.'

Watching Kouga's reaction, Sesshoumaru felt his lips twitch in amusement as he approached the wolf. Seeing Kouga tremble as he gripped his shoulder, Sesshoumaru couldn't stop the laughter that burbled up in his chest.

Hearing laughter, Kouga turned confused and surprised eyes upon Sesshoumaru, he opened his mouth to ask what was so funny but when Sesshoumaru patted his back roughly, Kouga snapped his mouth shut.

"You have my permission to court InuYasha but remember, if you hurt her in anyway, your life will be forfeit…understand?"

Kouga's jaw dropped as his eyes widened and Sesshoumaru let a full blown smirk cross his lips as he gently closed the wolf's mouth, "well then, let's return to the others and be on our way."

Feeling a smile make it's way across his face, Kouga nodded his head and his tail began to beat the air excitedly, 'thank you Kami!'

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