Hanyou Of All Trades

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'Inner Youkai Thoughts/Talking'

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Chapter 8:

An unwelcome Visitor


The time for the ball had finally come and as night began to fall, InuYasha finally left her now shared chambers.

She'd locked herself up earlier in the day, due to the arrival of the other Lords and Ladies, but there was one in particular that really got on her nerves.

It was the small outlying clan of white wolves, the one in which a very annoying and obsessed red-head resided. And she really wasn't looking forward to having to share Kouga with anyone.

And it was with that thought in the forefront of her mind that InuYasha walked down the halls, going to where she was to meet her brother. Once they had been introduced together, then they could split ways and she could go to Kouga's side.

She still couldn't believe that this was technically her engagement party too, it just shocked her that after all this time, and she would finally gain her hearts greatest desire. Being with someone she loved and who loved her in return.

InuYasha had been so deep in thought that she didn't notice her brother come to a stop behind her. He just watched her for a few moments before he poked her in the back with his tail.

Whirling, InuYasha bared her fangs and her claws, ready to take on anything. But she stopped mid-pounce when she saw that it was only her brother.

Narrowing her eyes at the clearly amused look on his face, InuYasha continued to growl. "And what is so damn funny?"

Sesshoumaru grew serious at that, he gave InuYasha a withering look. "Are you sure it is him that you want? Are you sure that he shall care for you and no other female? Because if he doesn't, I shall personally enjoy giving him a vivisection."

InuYasha felt a cold chill rush through her body as she took in the look of her brother's eyes, he was serious, dead serious and it scared her. Licking her lips, InuYasha smiled shakily, "Brother please, I love him. So please, trust me in this, he's loyal to me. He is I know he is."

He watched her for a moment more before he finally reached out his hand, InuYasha took his hesitantly. She still wasn't sure if her brother was going to grill her about Kouga.

When there was no continuing argument forthcoming, InuYasha relaxed. "Thank you brother. For everything you've done."

Sesshoumaru didn't respond verbally, instead he tightened his grip upon her arm and began leading her down the hall, towards the entrance into the main chamber. InuYasha could already hear the music and she trembled in anticipation.

'It's almost here! The moment of truth! Oh...I hope I'm ready for this...' They had reached the entrance doors and with a firm push from the servants, they stepped over the threshold and into the ballroom.

Music erupted about them, along with laughter and other such party noises. InuYasha took a deep breath as she squared her shoulder's, looking aloof and unapproachable.

A man off to their side spoke loud so everyone could hear him over the music, "presenting the Lady InuYasha and her brother, Lord Sesshoumaru of the Western Lands."

They both bowed deeply when Kouga's parents turned to nod in their direction, acknowledging their presence. Once this was done, Sesshoumaru lead InuYasha down the remaining stairs and then released her arm, his voice was gentle as he spoke.

"Remember your station InuYasha and stay firm tonight." He then bowed to her and disappeared into the crowd. InuYasha took a deep breath then and steeling herself, she strode towards the garden doors. That was where Kouga had promised to meet her, she just hope he didn't leave her waiting too long.

At the same time, Kouga was struggling to adjust his clothes one more time. He wanted to look perfect for InuYasha tonight, because it wasn't just his reputation that was on the viewing pedestal, it was hers as well.

And he was determined that he make sure she had no complaints that everything about her would be radiant tonight. This was after all, the moment of truth. Their engagement party, the night when their relationship became known to the world.

Taking another deep breath to steady himself, Kouga checked his clothes and left his dressing room. Which was actually his mother's, InuYasha had commandeered their chamber for herself.

Smiling at that, Kouga exited the room and entered the hall. He straightened himself and began walking down the hall to where his little sister waited for him. After all, it was his responsibility to arrive with her, as her escort.

Seeing a servant holding the little bundle up ahead, Kouga moved quickly to her side. She bowed when she saw him and held Kamari up to him. Taking her, he gently moved her against his side, growled his thanks to the servant and continued on down the hall.

The doors to the ball were just up ahead and as he neared them, he felt an overwhelming sense of excitement building up in his stomach. This was it and then she would be his, no more holding back. His brother Tatsu and his sisters, Nekan and Hakuri where waiting for him.

As soon as the doors opened and they stepped through, the servant announcing arrivals had the musicians stop playing. This drew the attention of everyone present to himself and his siblings.

"Presenting the Ladies Nekan and Hakuri. Their brother Lord Tatsu and finally Lady Kamari and her brother, Lord Kouga. Long live our new Princess, Kamari!" The servant's shout was mirrored by the entire crowd, causing an almost deafening batch of sounds, but the point had been made. All present had acknowledged the birth of his sister.

Seeing his mother approach him as the musicians started playing again, Kouga hurried down to meet her. He was almost certain he'd seen InuYasha by the garden doors, where they had agreed to meet. His siblings had dispersed into the chaos of the ballroom, leaving him alone with his mother and youngest sister.

After handing over his sister, Kouga gave his mother a kiss on her cheek and turned to hurry off into the crowd when she stopped him. "Good luck my son. Make me proud."

Smiling at that, Kouga gave his mother another kiss, this time on her forehead before he took off into the throng before him. He was making a direct beeline to the garden doors when a sudden chill rushed down his spine. A feeling he only got when, "Kouga!"

Kouga closed his eyes, cursing under his breath. Of all things to plague him now, it had to be the worst one of them all. Her. Ayame, of the white wolves.

Lengthening his strides, Kouga was practically running across the ballroom. He was almost there, he could see InuYasha. Her shining silver hair and her beautiful dress, just a few more feet and he'd be by her side again. He'd be safe, just a few more feet.

As he was going up the stairs, Kouga knew he wouldn't make it in time. Ayame was on his heels.

When InuYasha turned her head towards him, Kouga mouthed 'help me.' Even as an arm slid through his and began to...well at least to try to, drag him in an opposite direction.

Looking down at the annoying redhead, Kouga could feel a snarl rising in his throat. He'd never wished to strike a woman more than he did at this moment in time.

"Excuse me." They came to a stop suddenly when a roadblock stepped into their path, a roadblock that just so happened to be just what Kouga needed. Ayame looked furious as she glared up at the tall man before her, "how dare you! We have somewhere we need to be, the announcement is about to be made. We must hurry."

Sesshoumaru raised an eyebrow in mild surprise as he took in Kouga's pleading eyes, "I see and what announcement is that?" Ayame narrowed her eyes at him, "why our engagement of course, haven't you heard the news?"

Kouga felt like sinking into a hole at the narrowed look Sesshoumaru spared him, "Really now? Are you sure you have the correct engagement? Because I know this man is promised, but to another, not yourself."

Ayame had the pretense to look outraged, "I don't know what you're talking about, and we've been promised for years! Tell him Kouga!" Hating to be drug into this mess, Kouga let out a low growl. This farce had gone on long enough.

"You're wrong Ayame, I never made any such promise and you know it. Now if you would release me, I must find my true mate-to-be." Ayame looked stunned before she dug her claws into Kouga's arm, her eyes flashing.

Narrowing his eyes right back, Kouga pried his arm loose from her clutches. "I've indulged in your childish fantasies for long enough, I will let you off this once Ayame. Leave or I swear to make you leave. Do we understand one another?"

Ayame's face went red in pure anger and Kouga could even feel her youki swirling about her, but he stayed firm. The only reason he'd allowed and tolerated her presence was for the sake of peace. His clan and hers weren't exactly friendly to the other, but it had gone on far too long now.

It was clear the female had forgotten their friendship and was trying to turn it into something it wasn't. It was better to end her imaginings before she did something stupid.

The sound of a voice clearing, snapped Kouga back to attention. 'Did I really just zone out like that? Damn!'

Sesshoumaru was still next to him and Ayame was still attempting to glare a hole straight through him. But it was the rather annoyed amber eyes before him that had Kouga flushing with embarrassment. "I...InuYasha."

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