Crazy for You

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Part 1: Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

Naruto ran his hand through his hair for the millionth time that day as he tried to make sence of the current mess that had joined the many other problems he had in his life. His breakfast bowl of ramen was still sitting forgotten on the table while Naruto paced about his apartment trying to find the answer to his current predicament. Cursing loudly he gave up and banged his head against his wall as he recalled exactly what had caused all this in the first place. It was that morning when the problems had started to arise, he had been getting ready to go and join the other's for his daily training.

He had woken from a hot dream staring one of his teammates and was unable to go back to sleep, so he got up and went about his morning routine. After the shower, as he was toweling off he noticed that the seal on his stomach had changed in color, it was now a bright pink instead of the normal red. Shrugging it off, Naruto got dressed and popped an instant ramen in the microwave, taking it out when it was done he sat down and started to eat it. He had been about half-way through it when he started to feel sick, trusting his stomach he pushed the ramen aside and decided to see if he could beat Sauske to the bridge that morning. A sinister smile crept onto his lips as the thought of Sauske admitting that Naruto was the earliest bussed through his mind. It was soon followed by one of the same dark haired ninja pulling him in for a passionate kiss, letting out a groan of pleasure at that thought, Naruto felt himself grow hard. As he came out of his steamy daydream, Naruto grumbled and stomped to the bathroom to take care of his little 'problem.' He didn't understand why, but lately he had been getting hot and bothered everytime the Uchiha talked let alone glanced in his direction. Blaming it on hormones Naruto left his apartment and took off down the street headed to the bridge, he knew he didn't have to run but the feel of the cool air hitting his heated face made it all worth it.

Seeing the bridge in the distance Naruto slew down to a fast stroll, the trees about him shook slightly in the gentle breeze as he let out a deep sigh, he had always loved this forest. He didn't know if it was because of the nine-tailed fox or the fact that he had practically grown up in one, that brought a smile to his face as he walked up to one in particular. It may have looked like all the other's to another's eyes, but to Naruto, this tree was one of a kind. Stopping before it he fingered the mark he had placed on it several years ago, it was a spiral with a little 'N' in the middle, signifying him. He touched his forehead to the mark as he unconsciously moved closer to the tree; his free hand ran up the side of the tree as he imagined that this tree was Sauske. The firmness of his chest, the solid way he stood there looking all superior all the time, the way his hair moved in a light breeze. Naruto was harshly thrown from his fantasy when he had slipped against the tree and hit the ground at it side face first. Grumbling as he sat up Naruto felt something wet touch his hand as he drew it past his face, confused, he moved a finger to his lips and realized that he had been drooling. "Damn it!" Drawing his sleeve across his mouth he wiped away the saliva that had gone down his chin and onto his neck. He was doing this when he realized that he had been fantasizing about Sauske again, this brought a stop to his actions as he sat there. This was new, since when did he start fantasizing, dreaming was one thing but day dreaming?

Feeling an all too familiar chakra flow pass by, Naruto pushed all thoughts from his mind except one, 'there is no way that teme is going to beat me this morning.' Taking off into the trees, Naruto saw the blurred form of the ninja he had just been thinking about, he was almost to the bridge when he tripped on a rock and hit the ground, 'hard'. Cursing, Naruto looked up to see that sure enough, Sauske had beaten him again. The Uchiha was leaning lazily against the railing of the bridge as he stared off into the distance, frozen in place; Naruto felt his face heat as he studied Sauske's lithe form. He was still doing this and failed to notice that one, Sakura had come up behind him and two, Sauske had noticed that he was staring. He was only brought out of his little daydream when Sakura smacked him upside the head. Shaking off the effects of his feelings, Naruto looked to his side only to flinch upon seeing the queen of annoying herself, Sakura. Normally Naruto would be happy to see her, but Naruto felt suddenly apprehensive of her, not saying a word he got to his feet and walked to the bridge completely ignoring her. Upon reaching the bridge, Naruto tried not to look at Sauske, but the urge was too great and he glanced at the Uchiha locking his eyes with his own. Naruto felt his breath leave his body as he lost himself in the beautiful depths of his teammate's eyes, they seemed to call out to him, drawing him in and not letting go.

Naruto remained this way, leaning against the railing across from Sauske; their eyes locked in an eternal embrace. Once again it was Sakura who interrupted Naruto's exploration of Sauske, she had gone over to him and was currently hanging off his arm, this caused the Uchiha to look away and break their contact. Growling deeply, Naruto could tell that Sauske was annoyed at having Sakura near him and with out thinking, he walked over and tore her fingers off Sauske. He then shot the confused girl a glare that froze her to the spot, glad at the reaction he got, Naruto turned about and walked back to where he had been sitting just moments before. 'I can't believe I just did that...don't complain, the bitch deserved it...true but's, no one can touch my Sauske like that.' Naruto mentally slapped himself for that last remark, 'since when is he my Sauske?' Shaking his head, Naruto jumped up and sat on the railing looking away from Sauske as he tried to clear his mind of his befuddled thoughts. He sat there like that until their instructor, Kakashi showed up, two and a half-hours later. The sliver haired ninja appeared next to Naruto, but doing something unlike himself again, he didn't yell, he just waited patiently for the jounin to tell them what they were going to do today. All his strange behavior hadn't gone unnoticed by Sauske and Kakashi, he could tell, but he didn't really care.

After arguing with Sakura about being late, Kakashi announced that he wanted them to spar, Sakura would fight with him, while Naruto and Sauske would go at it. Obeying him, Naruto followed Sauske to where they were to spar and stood ready, they then started fighting and continued for a good hour when all hell broke loose, at least for Naruto. Naruto had been moving to block an attack from the Uchiha when he slipped and ended up falling on Sauske. Naruto shook the effect off when he noticed that Sauske was nowhere in sight, then it clicked and he looked down. He had effectively pinned Sauske and was currently straddling his waist, instead of moving to get off him, Naruto moved closer. He could see the confusion in Sauske's eyes and hear his protests to get off, but it was as if his body and his mind were on a totally different wavelength. Naruto's mind protested at first but soon it was drowned out along with everything else except the Uchiha underneath him. Moving to where his face was inches from Sauske's, Naruto delighted in the Uchiha's pure male scent, it made his body tremble as he closed his eyes and started to purr deep in his chest.

Throwing caution to the wind, Naruto dove forward and touched Sauske's lips with his own, he could feel the other tremble slightly as Naruto ran his tongue along Sauske's lower lip. Naruto felt his toes curl at the taste of sweat that layered Sauske's lips, he continued to lick the bottom lip when he felt a light pressure push back. Naruto surpressed a moan as Sauske's hands drifted up and buried themselves in his hair pulling Naruto further into the kiss. Naruto couldn't handle it anymore as he let out a feral growl as he nipped Sauske's lip, hearing the other boy gasp; Naruto thrust his tongue inside. Starting at the front, Naruto ran his tongue over the teeth and lapped at the other's tongue begging it to join in, after a moment Sauske responded and ran his tongue against Naruto's. Naruto delighted in the sweet taste that was Uchiha Sauske as he could feel the need to breath soon rising, not wishing to part Naruto pushed down roughly on Sauske, making sure that there was no way that he could escape. He then pulled back releasing the other from the deep kiss; he was surprised at what he saw as he let his eyes drift open, Sauske was staring back up at him with a look that would suit a puppy wanting to be petted. Breathing deeply, Naruto leaned forward again and ran his tongue along the edge of Sauske's chin, this caused the other to moan as Naruto started to head back up to Sauske's lips.

Just as he was about to claim them again, Naruto felt the distinct chakra flow of Sakura as she approached. Ignoring her fast approaching presence, Naruto touched his lips to Sauske's again, he smiled when he felt the Uchiha respond automatically, by kissing back, only much more roughly. What happened next both hurt and shocked Naruto, one second he was kissing Sauske and the next he was flying off the Uchiha and hit a nearby tree. Confused and angered, Naruto looked up from where he had fallen to see Sauske straightening his hair and clothes, growling angrily Naruto got to his feet and glared at Sauske. That's when the reality of the situation dawned on him, he felt his knees shake as his eyes focused on Sauske's still slightly reddened lips and face. Feeling himself gasp, Naruto saw the truth in Sauske's eyes as he glanced over at him, he had kissed Sauske. Him, Naruto Uzumaki had kissed a guy and he had liked it. Feeling his stomach turn, Naruto took one last glance at Sauske before he took off towards his apartment. He needed time to think, he needed to get away from the object of his, dare he say it, 'desire?' Shivering, Naruto hurried along his way, too busy to notice a certain Uchiha hot on his tail.

That was how he got to where he was now, punching a wall, Naruto sank to the floor and thought over how strange he had been acting lately. He had been having dreams about Sauske, one's that had turned from innocent wishes of kicking the Uchiha's ass to one's of engaging in intimate and sometimes sexual acts. Naruto then recalled his lack of appetite and jealous nature around Sakura that morning; he had to figure this out and soon. He was about to go over all the events again when he remembered that morning when he had looked at his seal, it had changed color, 'what does that mean?' Pulling up his shirt, Naruto looked at his seal and sure enough it was pink still, at his side he heard a gentle rapping on his door and was about to get it when he noticed the seal's color change back to red. Wondering what it meant, he heard the knocks get louder and cursed under his breath. "Alright, I'm coming!" Getting up he stomped to the door, gripping the knob he turned it and pulled it open. What he saw caused his legs to give out and he fell backwards into his apartment while staring up in shock at the figure before him, "Sauske!"

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