Crazy for You

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Part 3: Turning up the Heat

Naruto felt as if his heart would explode with happiness at that very moment, he had been scared when the nine-tailed-fox took control over his body like that. He had been able to hear every word and it had finally clicked, he really loved Sasuke, he was just to shy and frightened to admit it, until now. But now...Sasuke had just admitted that he felt the same way, 'but what are we going to do now? Are the other's going to ridicule us for this? Will we be looked at with hate from all around?' Naruto pulled away from Sasuke's gentle embrace and looked at the floor, they had to deal with these issues or their lives would be miserable from that day on.

Sasuke was worried when Naruto pulled away, but he caught the flash of fear and confusion in his eyes before he directed his gaze to the floor. Sasuke had an idea at what was coming, so he decided to take the first step to make this easier on Naruto. Turning away Sasuke picked a spot on the wall and kept his eyes glued to it, " you want the..." 'damn...why is this so damn hard...just do it for Naruto.' Clearing his throat, Sasuke decided to start again, "Do you want the other' know...the village, Kakashi, Sakura...everyone to know about us?"

Naruto felt his eyes widen as he looked up at the Uchiha across from him, he bit his lip as he felt tears start to form at the edges of his eyes. This was the one thing he had been most afraid of, would Sasuke stay with him no matter what happened? 'Sasuke...' Feeling his knees go weak, Naruto began to sink to the floor, when he felt a pair of arms gather him up bridal style. Naruto looked up into the concerned eyes of his Uchiha ' Uchiha...I like how that sounds...but how can I respond to him, what does he truly want?'

Sasuke saw the deepest sorrow and confusion flowing through Naruto's sky blue orbs, cradling Naruto closer to his body, Sasuke decided to ask something else and sort out the other questions latter. Glancing over at the clock he found that he was right, they had to get moving before the other's became too suspicious. Looking back to Naruto, Sasuke smiled gently as he whipped the tears away. "Naruto...we need to go back before the others begin to worry. But after we are done today, you and I are going to sit down together and talk over what we want to do. I promise you this though, I'll do whatever it takes to be with you."

Naruto felt his heart skip a beat at Sasuke's words, 'he's willing to do that...for me?' Naruto felt a heartfelt smile appear on his lips as he gripped Sasuke's face in his hands, brining his lips to clash with his own as more tears slowly ran down his face. He never knew that he could feel like this, it seemed that the kami's had decided to give him a break...finally. Feeling Sasuke respond to the kiss, Naruto felt grateful, for once in his life that he was alive. Remembering that they had to hurry if they didn't want to get caught, Naruto reluctantly pulled out of the kiss. "We need to leave now..."

Sasuke sighed in contentment as he nodded his head and let Naruto down, taking the edge of his shirt he whipped away all of Naruto's remaining tears. Naruto giggled lightly and Sasuke smirked to himself, 'he had done that, not Sakura or anyone else, he had made Naruto happy.' Taking Naruto's hand he pulled, leading his kitsune to the door, another smile appeared on his face as he recognized his own thoughts. 'His kitsune...his Naruto...' opening the door, Sasuke lead Naruto out of the apartment and through the building. He felt Naruto intertwine their hands together as they walked, as soon as they were out of the building completely, Sasuke sped up and practically flew back towards the woods making sure that no one saw them on the way.

Naruto looked at down at their clenched hands as they leapt from tree to tree, quickly nearing Kakashi and Sakura. Sasuke stopped right before they reached the clearing the other's were in, Naruto could hear from here that Sakura was calling out for them. Naruto watched with a pang of guilt as Sasuke turned to face him and touched his cheek lovingly before releasing his hand and taking a step away. "Remember matter what happens, I'll be here...but make sure to act like your normal self, alright?" Naruto nodded his head numbly as Sasuke flashed him a soft smile before his face turned as hard as ice. Taking a deep breath, Naruto prepared himself for the best acting job in his life. Forming his features into a pout, Naruto crossed his arms defiantly and stormed past Sasuke, making sure to make as much noise as he possibly could.

Sasuke wanted to laugh at Naruto's ridiculous behavior, 'one moment he's all emotional and the next he's like this, even if it is an act...I really don't understand you Naruto, but I am willing to spend all eternity to find out.' Following Naruto's lead, Sasuke rolled his eyes just as they entered the clearing, that way the other's would see. Kakashi was leaning against a tree with his favorite book of Icha-Icha paradise open and in hand, Sakura was looking about frantically as she finally noticed Sasuke and Naruto's reappearance. Sasuke fought the urge to flip her off as she ran over and immediately latched onto his arm, he eventually shook her off and stomped over towards Kakashi, 'at least he wasn't a leach in a former life.'

Naruto clenched a fist as he watched Sakura latch onto his Sasuke, he wanted to just pound her into the dirt here and now but refrained, that would ruin everything. Naruto was determined to make Sasuke glad to know that he could control his emotions when needed, so pushing his anger aside he kicked stray stone on the ground. Naruto saw Sasuke's shadow pass by and he couldn't help but glance up at the Uchiha, behind him he felt Sakura glaring at his own back. "Naruto! Why did you run off like that...were you upset that Sasuke beat you again." Whirling about Naruto chuckled deeply, "Yeah right! That Teme will never beat me, I had forgotten that I left my stove on at home. I had to go turn it off before my apartment burned that a crime?"

Sakura scoffed as she rolled her eyes, "yeah, just be glad Sasuke-kun went after you Naruto. Kakashi-sensei! Can I spar with Sasuke-kun now...after all I still haven't gotten to, you always have him paired with Naruto." Sasuke immediately shot a warning glare at Kakashi, 'if that perv even so much as dares, I swear I'll...' "Sakura, we've been through this, you aren't strong enough to spar with Sasuke and survive, that's why I let Naruto take the beatings and not you." Sasuke smirked at that; the look on Sakura's face was priceless. Her mouth was slightly open in surprise and her eyes were blown wide with resentment. "What! Are you saying that he's better than I am!" Sasuke directed his attention from the still stunned Sakura to his kitsune; Naruto was pointing an accusing finger at him while glaring at Kakashi.

"Shut up dobe, you know he's telling the truth." Naruto sent an angry glare at Sasuke as he clenched his fists at his sides, 'better make this look good.' "Oh yeah! That's it, its you and me Teme, right here right now!" Naruto gathered up his strength and charged, Sasuke merely smirked and sidestepped him, causing Naruto to run face first into a tree. Naruto was in a daze as Sasuke walked over and tapped his leg, "nope, he's still alive." Sasuke's voice in his stuck-up bored tone as Naruto lashed out only to find himself pinned beneath Kakashi.

Sasuke had been alarmed when Naruto hit the tree like that, but no matter how hard it was, he had to make this convincing. As expected, Naruto lashed out at his insult, Sasuke was about to catch Naruto off guard and pin him against the tree when Kakashi stopped him. He had completely pinned Naruto underneath him, while he griped Sasuke's arm. "Can't you two ever get along...I thought that after everything that has gone on you two would be at least at an agreement. But, you two still act like idiots." Sasuke sent him a killer look, while Naruto thrashed uselessly, 'if only you knew Kakashi, if only.'

Naruto fumed at Kakashi's words; "well it's not my fault that he always acts like a cold hearted ass, so...if you are done with you scolding...would you get the fuck off me!" Hearing a loud sigh, Naruto felt Kakashi move off of him and he pulled himself off the ground and cursed under his breath at the gray-haired ninja. "Well, I'm not here to teach you guy's I guess I'll get to the point then. I wanted today to at least run smoothly, but sence you two screwed that up...again," Kakashi shook his head and slowly scratched his neck. Naruto was confused, Kakashi never acted like this unless it was something serious, glancing at Sasuke he saw the same look of confusion in his eyes. 'What is going on?'

Sasuke waited...and waited, finally after about ten minutes of silence he couldn't take it anymore. "What the hell is going on Kakashi?" Kakashi shrugged and released Sasuke's hand, "The Hokage is sending me on a mission and I'll be gone for a couple of months, so you guys don't have to worry about coming here to train." Sasuke wanted to throw his hands up in the air from that answer, but that would be very un-Sasuke like so he settled for turning away and glaring off into the trees. "Why didn't you just say that in the first place!" Rolling his eyes at the combined yells of Naruto and Sakura, Sasuke just shook his head at their predictability. "Well, that was about it, so you guys are free to go and see yah in two months!" Sasuke turned in time to see Kakashi wink before he disappeared. Glad that was over with, Sasuke glanced at Naruto to see that he was staring right back, a mutual decision was made as their eyes remained locked for a few moments.

The second Naruto heard that they could leave he looked to Sasuke, smiling inwardly that now they could be alone and have no one bother them. "Sasuke-kun...since we have leave to go, do you want to get something to eat with me?" That snapped Naruto back to reality, they weren't alone yet, they still had to ditch Sakura. Glaring at her back, Naruto watched as she walked over to Sasuke. 'I swear if she lays one finger on him, I'll...' Naruto's thoughts were cut short when Sasuke shoved Sakura to the side and walked right over and gripped Naruto's wrist. "No thanks, it's about time I had a talk with the dobe." As soon as that was uttered, Sasuke pulled and Naruto let him lead him away from the clearing, all the while wondering where they were going.

Sasuke was really glad that was over, he had almost thrown Sakura to get to his kitsune, nothing or no one was coming between them today. Sasuke waited until they were far enough away from Sakura, he then released Naruto's wrist and let his hand slide downwards, tangling his fingers with the blondes. He knew where they were going, his house, there was no way that he was going to let Naruto stay in that rundown apartment anymore, he just plain deserved better. After walking for a few minutes, Sasuke sighted his house in the distance, 'almost there.' "Sasuke...umm...where are we going?" Smiling at the tone of curiosity in Naruto's voice, Sasuke glanced at his side, "where do you think? Home."

Naruto was confused, 'who's home?' Apparently Sasuke noticed that he didn't get it and sighed, "I'm taking you to my house, but soon...if you'll let me, it will be our home." Stunned, Naruto just stared back at Sasuke like he was crazy, but after a moment it sunk in. 'Our home? He want's me to move in with he really that confident in our...relationship?' "Are you asking me to live with you Sasuke?" Naruto felt his face turn red as he asked, he felt so stupid right now. "Of course, I don't want you living in that apartment anymore, besides...I want you to live with me." Naruto felt a smile lift his lips as he nodded his head and looked towards said house. It was so big compared to his apartment that it took his breath away.

'He looks so cute with that look on his face,' smiling himself, Sasuke mentally patted himself on the back for a job well done. Upon reaching the house, Sasuke studied Naruto's dirty clothes and his own, a shower was in order. A smirk crossed his lips at that thought, opening the door; Sasuke released Naruto's hand as he locked the door. Glancing over his shoulder, he chuckled as Naruto gazed at the features of the house like a kid in a candy store. "Come on Naruto, let's go sit down and talk." Naruto snapped out of his daze and followed closely as Sasuke lead Naruto into the living room, slash kitchen. Sitting down, Sasuke smiled yet again when Naruto curled up at his side, all the while clutching his arm and nuzzling his shoulder.

"So, what do you want to discuss first?" looking up into Sasuke's eyes, Naruto decided that he wanted to do more than just talk. "Well...I've decided that...I don't want to hide our relationship from the other's. It was hard trying to act like I hated you...I could never hate you...I love you." Naruto sighed as he felt Sasuke kiss his forehead softly. "Yeah...I love you too, but your right. That was hard, I almost lost it back there. The desire to touch you was so strong, I'm glad you have made up your mind." Naruto chuckled as he glanced about the room, "well, the world has really ended now, the great Uchiha Sasuke admitted that I was right." He heard Sasuke break out laughing and he joined in, this was perfect and he hoped it never ended.

" far are we going to go with this, I mean, I want to be with you forever and do way more than just kissing." Sasuke watched with earnest for Naruto's response, he was practically asking for permission to ravish him and visa versa. He expected a few moments of silence or a slap to the face, but instead Naruto completely surprised him. "I agree, I mean...kissing is nice in all, but I want more too and even if the nine-tailed-fox wasn't in heat I'd want to anyway." That was all Sasuke needed to hear, he nodded his head as he got to his feet and offered Naruto a hand, "come on, we better go upstairs for this." Naruto gripped his hand and followed, Sasuke could feel himself shaking, he didn't want to admit it but he was frightened. He had never done this with anyone and he knew the same was with Naruto from the similar shaking of the blonde.

Naruto took deep breaths trying to remain calm, but every fiber of his being was scared out of its mind. As they entered the bedroom, Naruto watched as Sasuke shut the door and lead him over to the bed. He knew what to do and apparently Sasuke did as well but that made it even harder, knowing that one of them had to start this, Naruto released Sasuke's hand and started to remove his shirt. At his side he felt Sasuke follow suit, once his shirt was off, he tossed it to the floor and removed his headband. Growing more nervous by the second, Naruto glanced at his side and was immediately drawn. Sasuke had all but removed his shirt and most of his chest was exposed, his muscles moved and rippled as he tossed the shirt to the floor. Naruto couldn't resist as he reached over and ran his fingers over the smooth, yet hard Uchiha's chest. Wherever he touched it was like he was shocked, his fingertips tingled as he felt the muscles tense at his touch.

Sasuke was in heaven; Naruto's very action of touching him caused ripples of pleasure run down his spine. He watched, completely mesmerized as Naruto's hands moved up his chest touching every open piece of his skin. Pure awe was written all over Naruto's face as Sasuke leaned into the touch and reached forward, sliding his arms about Naruto's waist, Sasuke pulled the blonde to lay on the bed as they both kicked off their shoes. Once they both were on the bed, Sasuke pulled Naruto in and locked their lips, determined to make this absolutely perfect in every way. The feel of Naruto's soft lips on his made his mouth water, running a hand up, he burried it in the mass of blonde hair pulling the kitsune even closer. He felt Naruto's tongue run along his bottom lip asking to deepen the kiss, chuckling Sasuke opened his mouth and allowed Naruto to reach every crevice of his moist mouth.

Naruto moaned softly at Sasuke's submission to him, the feel of their bare chests touching made his mind turn fuzzy as he ran his hand down and gripped the side of Sasuke's rear. He could feel the nine-tailed-fox purring contentedly in his mind whispering suggestions, he decided to listen and took it a step further. Rotating slightly while still kissing Sasuke, Naruto pushed Sasuke onto the bed as he moved his hand from Sasuke's backside to the rim of his pants. Hearing a slight gasp from the Uchiha, Naruto gripped the material and pulled. Needing to breathe, Naruto released Sasuke's mouth and chuckled when he saw Sasuke's half-lidded eyes and a string of saliva, it was running down the side of his cheek and onto his neck. Feeling Sasuke's pants give way, Naruto pulled them clean off and ran his fingers along the sides of Sasuke's hipbones. This enticed a loud moan from Sasuke, leaning forward; Naruto ran his tongue along the trail of saliva gathering it all as Sasuke's grip on his hair became stronger.

Sasuke was at a loss, he had never felt like this and Naruto's actions were making him really hard, the way Naruto's tongue ran over his skin mad him arch into the contact. He could feel his boxers becoming too small as he decided to even the score. Being rougher than Naruto, Sasuke gripped Naruto's pants and ripped them off in one fail swoop. Naruto gasped and an idea seeped into Sasuke's mind, grinning evilly, Sasuke reached down and brushed his hand over the obvious bulge in Naruto's boxers. Naruto moaned his name as Sasuke sighed at his accomplishment, above him he felt Naruto shift again and looked up. His eyes clashed with the desire and lust filled one's of hazy sky blue. In that moment Sasuke decided that he would let Naruto be on top, after all, he had always wondered what it would be like being the uke. Sasuke's hand released Naruto's hair and took Naruto's hand and lead it to the hem of his boxers, all the while never breaking eye contact.

Naruto gulped, it was the moment of truth, if they went through with this there was no turning back, ever. "Sasuke...are...are you sure?" Sasuke smiled evilly and gripped Naruto's boxers as well. "Naruto, I swear if you turn back now, I will ravish you on the spot!" Chuckling, Naruto shook his head and pulled on the flimsy material that kept their bodies from touching completely. He felt Sasuke move his own boxers down his legs as well, freeing both of their aroused members. Hearing the pair of boxer's fall to the floor, Naruto ground his hips against Sasuke's experimentally and ended up making them both moan at the sudden contact. Naruto stuck two of his fingers in his mouth as Sasuke leaned up and started kissing his neck and shoulder. After a moment, Naruto removed his fingers and used his free hand to part Sasuke's legs letting his sit between. As his saliva coated fingers traveled south, his other hand touched Sasuke's member gently causing the Uchiha to buck his hips slightly.

Sasuke hissed out a mix between a moan and a gasp when he felt Naruto's fingers slip into his entrance, it was uncomfortable but with Naruto touching him like this he didn't care if it felt like walking on broken glass barefoot. If it pleasured Naruto, than to hell with pain. He gritted his teeth as Naruto's fingers were making a scissoring motion, stretching his tight muscles. Naruto must have seen his discomfort because he started to pull his fingers out and off Sasuke's member. Gripping Naruto's shoulder, Sasuke smiled encouragingly, "don't stop...go on Naruto, I trust you." Seeing the relief in Naruto's eyes, Sasuke gripped the bedsheets as Naruto began to run his fingers over the slit at the top of his member while removing his fingers. Naruto pulled himself closer and Sasuke flinched when he felt Naruto's member brush against his backside. Sasuke moved his hands from the bed to grip Naruto's shoulders as he nodded his head.

Naruto closed his eyes and pushed himself slowly inside, inch by inch, it was tight and made his member get harder, if that was possible. Pushing as far as he could inside while moaning loudly Naruto opened his eyes and looked down at Sasuke. The Uchiha's nails were digging into his shoulders as Naruto pulled back slightly and pushed back in. "" Sasuke's broken moan made Naruto lean down and kiss the Uchiha's cheek gently. One of Sasuke's hands shifted to Naruto's hip, taking that a sign to continue, Naruto pulled out further and thrust back in faster and slightly harder. "Naruto!" Naruto had felt his member hit something, that caused Sasuke to cry out like that, deciding to test his theory Naruto repeated the action. Sasuke's legs wound about his waist and his hand pushed Naruto further inside, "fa...faster..." Naruto nodded his head as he arched his back and moved back and forth as fast as he could. He felt his body ache in ecstasy and felt that his release wasn't far off as he continued to thrust into Sasuke's willing, not to mention sexy, body.

Sasuke tried to thrust his hips in tune with Naruto's as the pace quickened, Naruto moved harder and deeper with each thrust, making Sasuke cry out in sure pleasure. He could feel that his own release was nearing and from the expression on Naruto's face he could see the same. Suddenly his breath hitched and he couldn't hold it in as he erupted onto Naruto's taught chest. "Oh God Naruto!" He then felt Naruto stiffen above him as something warm burst inside of him, "Sa...Sasu...Sasuke..." hearing Naruto's groan, Sasuke knew that he had accomplished in pleasing Naruto. After a few moment's passed, he unhooked his legs as he lay still, Sasuke felt Naruto pull out of him with another groan and lay at his side breathing heavily. Leaning on his side, Sasuke sighed at the look on Naruto's face; the kitsune was smiling contentedly with his eyes closed. Running a hand down, Sasuke touched Naruto's member gently and almost immediately felt it react, 'so...he wants more huh?' Sasuke leaned in close to Naruto's ear, " turn..." hearing the blonde gasp, Sasuke moved quickly touching their lips together and silencing any protest.

Naruto melted into the kiss as he felt Sasuke shift and move above him, feeling his legs being parted, Naruto remained still and submissive. 'He let me be seme first, I'll let him be seme this time.' Naruto moaned into Sasuke's mouth as he felt Sasuke slowly pumping his member, brining the fire into his blood once again. Needing to breathe, Naruto broke the kiss and watched Sasuke licking his fingers, never breaking eye contact. Once Sasuke finished coating his fingers he moved them down Naruto's side, Naruto simply waited until he felt the Uchiha's fingers probe his entrance. As the first finger entered, Naruto shifted, trying to get used to the feeling. But when the second finger found it's way inside. Naruto yelped in pain, at that the probing automatically stopped. "Are you alright Naruto?" Looking up into the concerned eyes of his Sasuke, he nodded his head, "it's okay."

Sasuke was relieved to hear those words, if he had hurt Naruto in anyway, even while making love, he could never forgive himself. Positioning himself, Sasuke pushed inside immediately hissing at the tightness and searing heat. Naruto whimpered lightly as he seated himself inside fully, careful not to move too much and cause more pain than what Naruto was already feeling. He waited for a minute or so before he started moving, he timed each thrust perfectly as he continued to pump Naruto's erection. Sasuke sped up and thrusted harder when Naruto asked, soon he was reaching his limit. Naruto let out a soft cry as his seed spilled out to join with Sasuke's already drying semen. After a couple more strong thrusts, Sasuke arched his back as he released into his now panting kitsune. Catching his breath, Sasuke pulled out of Naruto and lay on the bed completely exhausted. Feeling a gentle touch on his shoulder, Sasuke turned to look at Naruto.

Naruto brushed the matted hair out of Sasuke's eyes as he pulled the Uchiha to him, closing his eyes; Naruto sighed gently as he spooned himself against Sasuke's back. Naruto was about to drift off into sleep when Sasuke's soft voice hit his ears, "Naruto...I...I know this is...umm...kind of sudden...but..." there was a deep sigh before Sasuke continued. "Would me?" Sasuke's voice had turned into a whisper at the end, but Naruto was able to hear him. Naruto had never felt more content with life than he did right now, if he died at that moment, he would die happy. Giggling joyfully, Naruto tightened his grip about Sasuke's waist, "yes...oh Sasuke...yes a thousand times!" Sasuke turned about in Naruto's arms and brought their lips together in a kiss that could last a century. When their lips finally parted, Naruto laid his head on Sasuke's chest as they both drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

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