By: Inu-Tenshi

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Chapter One: Something New

(A/N: To those who have read this before, additional events start after the third separating line, not counting the one before this note.)


A person. Unconscious.

(End Flash)

A young miko with raven blue locks let out a long tired sigh.

"Not another one...those kids better not be playing pranks on me again."

Not wasting a moment more, the miko grabbed her bow and some arrows and rushed out the door.

Upon arriving at the scene, she was surprised that it was not just another prank. It was real.

The person seemed to be a young man. His eyes were closed, lips slightly parted.

Many bruises and wounds were present on his body.

He needed help. Fast.

With help from her youkai horse, the miko was able to bring the man back to her residence.

Within minutes, she had his haori partially opened .

For many hours, she stayed by his side, tending to his wounds until he looked decent once again.

Only then did she notice his features.

He had long, silky raven colored hair and a well toned body. His looks were breathtaking, giving you an impression that he was carved by angels.

It was enough to make any woman swoon.

Yet...even as the miko studied him, not a tint of pink reached her cheeks.

How many times had she judged men by their looks? many times had she been disappointed?

Too many...but now, she had learned from her mistakes.

It would never happen again.

A light frown marred her features. No matter how handsome this man was...she would not fall into his clutches.

Her thoughts were stopped short when the man began to stir.

Slowly, his eyes opened to reveal a stunning color of dark gray with hints of blue present.

Even the miko had to refrain from gasping.

He sat up and fixed his gaze on the miko.

"Thank you," he said, as if he knew exactly what she had done for him. And he did.

Standing up to his full height, he walked out of the door...leaving a very confused miko behind him.

'He just...left...? His wounds aren't healed yet!' she thought, but she made no move to go after him.

Outside, further into the forest, the man sighed and looked over himself.

There was no way he was walking like this when demons were after him.

Slowly, his raven black hair changed into silver, dark gray eyes turned amber, ears became elf-like, and to complete the transformation, he now had fangs and claws as well as a blue crescent moon on the center of his forehead, two magenta strips adorned the sides of both cheeks, and a magenta line above each eyelid.

He was now a full fledged demon.

Now all he had to do was find that annoying servant of his.

As if on cue, an ugly green toad youkai was dropped off by a twin headed dragon.

The toad bowed low and spoke. "Sesshoumaru-sama! Your humble servant has searched everywhere for you! I have found you at last! I--"

He was cut off when the man, now known as Sesshoumaru, walked over him leaving a huge black shoe print on his face.

Back in her village, the miko, for the first time since 5 years found herself wondering about the mysterious man she had saved.

'Who was he...?' she thought, at the same time returning to her home after a short walk.

As soon as she stepped in, a messenger knocked on her door.

"A letter for Lady Kagome," what seemed to be the voice of a male reported.

She opened the door, took the letter from him, waved him off, then proceeded to read it.

The letter reads as follows:

Lady Kagome:

We ask that you attend to our ball that is to come in a month's time.

It will be in the Western Lands, in our castle.

We expect you to be here earlier.

We have a...proposal for you.

-The Lord and Lady of the Western Lands-

In the right hand corner below the letter, there was a blue crescent moon stamp.

'I guess I have no start going there tomorrow...afterall, it practically takes half a month to get there,' Kagome thought, then sighed as she thought of what they had in mind to propose to someone like her.

The echoe of a loud slam reached the ears of servants.

Ah, it seems that Lord InuTaishou has informed Prince Sesshoumaru of his arrangements.

Lord InuTaishou should know better than to do something without his son's consent.

Although he did not show it on his facial features, Sesshoumaru was angry beyond belief.

Why in the name of kami did his father make such a preposterous arrangement? Did he actually think for a moment that I would agree?

"Father, I have yet to meet this 'female' you speak so fondly of. Who is to say that she would not cheat me of my wealth or my title?"

InuTaishou sighed. Why did he even think that this would be easy?

"Sesshoumaru, you should know that all women are not like that. Forget the 'incident' and learn to trust."

"I am against this arrangement. I do not care if you have to go back on your word. Cancel it."

"You will not speak this way to your father. You will get to know this female. If in a month, she is not pleasing to you, I will reconsider. That is final," InuTaishou left the room before Sesshoumaru could comprehend what he said.

Sesshoumaru left the room a little while after his father did, determined to prove to his father that all women were the same...

But, he was wrong.

He would soon come to realize that.

Kagome brought her horse to a stop. Although it was a youkai horse, and a powerful one at that, she knew that it would not be long before it tired out.

She relaxed, laying on the fresh grass while her horse grazed.

'What kind of proposal do they have in mind, I wonder?'

Unexpectedly, her mind wandered back to the event that afternoon...


There were two village girls doing what they did best. Gossiping.

"...-whisper, whisper- Demon Prince...-whisper- handsome -giggle- ... -whisper, whisper-..."

"...-whisper- heard he was getting engaged...-whisper- wonder if she'll be pretty? -whisper-"

"...-snort- probably some -whisper- ugly demoness...-whisper-"

"...-giggle- yeah...-whisper-..."

"...someone listening...-whisper- leave...-whisper-"


(End Flash)

From hearing mini portions of their 'conversation', she guessed someone was getting married.

A demon prince.

Really, how do village girls know these things? They seem to know a little too much...

Then again, why didn't she know anything?

With a sigh, Kagome got on her horse once again, seeming to notice that they had more than enough rest.

She traveled at the same speed. The only difference this time was that she had her mind on the Demon Prince.

The only prince around here was the one in the Western Lands...what did this mean?

Pushing the thoughts to the back of her mind, Kagome looked straight head, wanting to get to her destination as quick as possible.

Really...why do these things happen to him?

A village girl clung onto his arm. Did she have any shame?

Sesshoumaru was currently in his human form with no specific destination in mind.

He just felt the need to walk around and relax.

So much for that.

"So...where are you from? A handsome guy like you shouldn't be wandering around...blah blah blah blah..."

He tuned her voice out.

Why didn't he just push her away, you ask?

He had his honor.

A sudden thought struck his mind...but she didn't know who he maybe...

"Wench, remove your filthy body away from me," he pratically growled out.

This effectively stopped the endless blabbering of the female.

She gave a nervous laugh and quickly removed herself from him, moving as far away as possible.

Sesshoumaru was satisfied with this. 'Tch. Humans and their weaknesses,' he thought.

It seems that it took less time than she had anticipated. Kagome was already starting to see the outskirts of a village.

She would probably arrive by tomorrow night.

'Might as well enjoy nature while I can,' she thought with a hint of ruefulness.


-miko: a priestess

-youkai: a demon or demon(s)

-hoari: what Sesshoumaru usually wears, except without his fluff and his armor.

-sama: a respectful term for someone

-kami: god

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