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Chapter Two: An Unlikely Friend

A whole day had almost gone by and the sun was already setting.

For a while, Kagome just sat on the grass, enjoying the view. It was a beautiful sight indeed.

-Sigh- It had to end sooner or later...

"Well, let's get going, shall we?"

Her ever loyal horse snorted in agreement and she lifted herself up on him. Yes, it was a male.

By the time she arrived in the village, it was pretty late at night and the villagers were resting.

Ah, that's too bad. She would have to find shelter elsewhere.

Besides, to get to the castle, you would need to go past this village, then across the meadow after the village.

It seems she would arrive at the castle by tomorrow morning, but at least she was accurate when she said she would arrive at the village by nighttime.

Might as well get to the meadow first, then find a shelter, or make one. Two options; find, or make?


'Maybe I should just arrive at the castle as fast as possible, then relax.'

Her horse suddenly paused.

There was someone in the meadow right late at night, too.

Slowly, she got off her horse and walked to the person. It was a male.

"Can I help you?"

' the heck did he know I was here? Must've been the noise.'

"Umm...ah, actually, I just wanted to ask why you're here so late by yourself," Kagome lied.

'That sounded so lame. Why would he tell you that? You're not his mother, Kagome,' she scolded herself. She was surprised when he did answer.

"To relax. It's quiet at night," he replied.

"I see..." suddenly, as if she had awoken from a dream, she introduced herself quickly.

"How rude of me; my name's Kagome. May I ask for yours?"


Little did she know, Sesshoumaru was arguing with himself...sort of.

Idiot! Why did you introduce yourself? Better yet, why did you even talk to her?

'She is harmless.'

See, if you were a demon right now, this wouldn't have happened. I knew it. Humans are weak.

'If you have not noticed, I am a human now.'

And that is the reason for even talking to this girl. You allowed your emotions to get the better of you. Demons can control themselves.

'Are you implying that you are better than me?'

Fool, I am you.

A sigh. Then, 'Shut up.'

He had effectively gotten his demon side to quiet down. Now what?

Okay, okay. So he was arguing with himself. A demon side, and a human side. Having two different personalities complicates everything.

And no, he was not a hanyou. When he was a demon, he was a full demon. When human, likewise.

"Umm...excuse me? Hello?"

Sesshoumaru was so engrossed in his thoughts that he didn't even realize the girl was waving her hand in front of him.

He just looked up at her, as if nothing happened and as if he had been listening all this time.


"Do you live around here?"


Then an awkward silence filled the place.

After a while,

"Can I sit with you?"


She took that as a yes and lowered herself on the grass.

For some time, both just enjoyed the other's company and the comforting silence between them.

From time to time, each would observe the other from the corner of their eyes when they thought the other wasn't looking.

Sesshoumaru was surprised that he actually liked her company. Her presence was warm and comforting.

Kagome was just as surprised. 'I could say he is my friend...right?'

She watched him from the corner of her eyes.

Sesshoumaru was gazing up at the sky, a gentle breeze playfully tugging at his long raven hair.

She almost blushed at the sight. He looked like a piece of beatiful artwork, as if he wasn't real, just a figment of imagination.

If she didn't know better, she would say that she may have a little crush on a certain someone, hm?

From further observation, he noticed that she seemed...familiar...somehow.

He pried into his mind and tried to find out if he had seen her somewhere before.

Ah, yes. Now he remembered. The priestess who had saved him in the form he was in now. As a human.

'Does she not recognize me?'

He turned to look at her.

She seemed to be deep in thought, brows furrowed.

Yes, Kagome remembered him from...somewhere...

He was that...guy she saved! 'Why didn't I recognize him before?'

As an afterthought, 'Did I just think he was...handsome?'

She turned to look at him and their eyes locked. Yup, he's handsome.

"Umm...we've met before, haven't we?" she asked even though she knew the answer.

"That we have."

" to meet you again?"

She sweatdropped. That was so stupid. Nice to meet you again? Can't you come up with something better?

Her thoughts stopped short when she noticed the sun was rising.

It was beautiful, but was she really up all night with this guy? Amazing.

"I must go. I hope that I will have the pleasure of meeting you again."

Bowing annoyingly gracefully, he walked off.

In all due time, she, too, prepared to leave for the castle.

Sesshoumaru waited until he was out of sight before transforming into his demon form.

Now he had to deal with this...'girl'...his father had invited. How annoying.

Kagome sighed. She really didn't want to come here. The last time she was here, it was pure torture. The Lord and Lady of the Western Lands was not what you thought them to be.

The first time she came here was when she was a mere child. They pinched her cheeks and hugged her so tightly, she turned blue. They were evil, I tell you. Evil.

She never came here again. Until now, that is.

Gathering all of her courage, she knocked on the great doors.

It opened almost immediately and she almost swallowed when she saw the Lord and Lady.

Fortunately for her, they didn't do what they did to her last time.

They simply greeted her and commented on her looks with 'How she's grown!'

Then InuTaishou just had to ruin their joyful reunion. Ha.

He cleared his throat uncharacteristically before saying, "Kagome, I would like you to meet my son."

Someone stepped out from the shadows. Funny, she hadn't even seen him there before.

Once she set her eyes on him, she almost died.

Was it really possible to meet two beautiful guys in one day? Well, she did.

He had long silver hair, magenta markings, and a blue crescent moon. And he was a demon.

That made him all the more mysterious.

'Strange...I think I've felt his presence somewhere before...nah. Must be thinking too much.'

Sesshoumaru was just as shocked, though he didn't look it. Demons have better control, remember?

'Why is it her again? If it was someone like that village girl I met, it would make things easier.'

Have you fallen for her?

'Not possible. But, she is different from the others.'


He continued to stare at her.

"Have you two met before?" InuTaishou asked.

"No, father."

Kagome finally found her voice again. "Lord InuTaishou. I have never known that you had a son."

"Ah, yes. He was elsewhere when you happened to be at the castle."

'So...this was the Prince those village girls were talking about...wonder who he's engaged to?'

"And...the proposal?"

InuTaishou turned to look her straight in the eyes. 'Yes, this will prove to be amusing.'

"Kagome, you are engaged to my son, Sesshoumaru."

"Ehh?" She turned to watch Sesshoumaru's reaction. Nothing.

So, he already knew of this. She was the one engaged to him? Sure, he's handsome and all, but what if he has a terrible personality? She didn't even know him!

"What? Just because you're the Lord and Lady, doesn't mean I have to do whatever you say!" she continued to ramble on, oblivious to everything around her.

Sesshoumaru was once again, shocked.

She would speak so disrespectfully to his parents?

He was close to punishing her for it, but both of his parents seemed not to mind at all, merely amused.

He turned his attention back on the girl. Kagome, was it? He would remember that.

She was a very...interesting girl. Even his parents thought highly of her, which was saying something.

Now, all they needed to do was to wait for her to calm down and listen to what InuTaishou had to say.

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