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Part One: Rome.

Ginny stared up at the ceiling of the large and extravagantly decorated Chapel; the ceiling was rather unique as it was full of different images. "You see, Ginny," she heard Tom say as he came to stand beside her, "most of the scenes depicted here are from the Old Testament," his deep voice echoed around the Chapel as he continued to speak. "The central images are mostly based on the first book of the Bible, see," he pointed at one of the frescoes, "there is the Creation of Adam, and there is The Flood."

He turned to look at Ginny's face, seeing if she was listening, and he found that she was facing him, waiting for whatever he was about to say next. "Do you like it, Ginny?" he said in a low voice, and even that echoed throughout the spacious interior. Tom looked at her intently as if all depended upon her liking the paintings decorating the Sistine Chapel.

"They're beautiful," she replied, once again staring up at the ceiling, which was her favourite part.

"Some people say that Leonardo Da Vinci didn't finish his section, and had his assistant do it for him," Tom said, letting all his knowledge flaunt itself in front of Ginny, who simply replied with a slight 'mmm' sound. Tom took Ginny by the waist, getting her attention to himself once more, and led her to the end of the Chapel. "This shows The Final Judgement," he muttered into her ear, his voice sounding rather dangerous as he said this to her.

"I-I don't like this one…" she said uneasily, and it was enough for Tom, who instantly pulled her away from the painting. He didn't like her being displeased, especially with the things he showed her, or gave her.

"Well, I've had enough of this," Tom announced. He pulled Ginny by the hand as she continued to stare up at the ceiling again. She didn't want to leave, but what Ginny did not realise was that if she tugged on his hand, and placed her hand on her stomach, pouting at him as she did so, he would let her stay a while longer. But, Ginny let herself be led away from the heavenly sight of the wonderful paintings, and she hoped she would remember what they looked like.

Once the two of them were in the large carriage, Tom pulled Ginny onto his lap, and whispered things to her. "After this, I want you to rest when we get back to the manor," he laid a possessive hand on her 5 month pregnant stomach, "yes?"

"Yes, Tom," Ginny replied automatically, knowing the exact things to say at the certain words and phrases he uttered. "I know."

Tom smirked then, feeling pleased with himself at how well he handled her during this pregnancy, he felt he was doing a fantastic job, then again, Tom thought he always did a fantastic job. He had made sure that Ginny had three full meals everyday, that she had a nap in the afternoon to maintain some of her energy, and that every article of furniture was comfortable enough for her, if it wasn't then it would changed as quickly as possible. "She'll look like you, you know," he muttered to Ginny.

"What?" Ginny said, confused at the sudden change of topic.

"My daughter will look like you," he repeated, tapping his fingers on her stomach for emphasis, "and I shall have two princesses."

It had been his favourite subject to talk to her about ever since he found out she was pregnant again, and it didn't endear her to him much, which was what he was actually trying to do. Ginny was actually pleased she was pregnant, because he hadn't touched her once, but Tom was more overbearing, and it was irritating. Sometimes, Ginny didn't feel like taking a nap in the afternoon, and sometimes she didn't feel like eating lunch either.

"Here we are, Ginny," she heard him say as he pushed open the carriage door, "the Colosseum…."

Here we go again… she thought tiredly.

Tom looked down at Ginny as she slept peacefully, and he wondered if she was dreaming; it wasn't the first time he had thought about it, and he had even questioned her about her dreams one time, but she simply replied that they were about silly, weird things. He did not like the fact that she kept things from him, and over the past two years she had been distant like that toward him. Only giving short replies to his questions, or comments, usually by now he would have done something about it, like shout at her, or smack her as though she were an unruly child.

Now, however, Tom did not get the same feeling when he hurt her as he had before, he liked to hear her cry, and scream before, but now he wanted to hear her laugh, and that would be a challenge. Ginny never smiled at Tom, or initiated a kiss, and she most certainly would not laugh; she only ever laughed if she was playing with Leo.

Tom sat down beside her, running a hand over her stomach, not worrying if she would wake up or not as he thought her a heavy sleeper. Surprisingly, Tom did not mind that it was a girl, perhaps she would become more attached to him than his son was. And this time, he would name the child, since Ginny had tried to make a mockery of him by naming his son, his son, after a damn Lion. She aggravated him a lot during the first few months of her return; hiding from him, refusing to eat her dinner with him, and generally being a nuisance, so he locked her in their room, without being able to see their son. And she soon cracked, promising to be good if she could just see Leo, after hearing his cries each night. Now, she was pregnant again, and to show how delighted he was, he presented her with the rarest blue diamonds known to man the day after it had been confirmed.

Ginny awoke as she felt Tom touch her stomach, keeping her eyes closed though, wishing he would go away, and leave her be. Wasn't it enough that he had confined her to being pregnant again? Why wasn't he doing his work? She couldn't, however, find that same loathing she once harboured for him, and she supposed her feelings toward him had been demoted, almost unconsciously, to indifference. Ginny thought that his blind devotion for her was beginning to blind her, or, she hoped, it was her hormones.

She almost flinched upon feeling his lips touch hers gently, and she restrained herself from opening her eyes, then she heard him whisper her name affectionately, stroking her stomach with extra tenderness. Ginny didn't know he could be so… soft. She had thought he would have been angry with a daughter, and, secretly, she wished he had been, because when it was born, how could she know how he would treat her? Judging on how he went on about how 'precious' his daughter would be to him, she supposed he would be OK, but things change…. Ginny felt like she would be sick whenever he talked about his daughter being his 'second princess', but then again, it was probably when she was suffering from morning sickness.

"I know you're awake," she heard Tom suddenly say, "don't worry, I'm not angry."

Ginny's eyes fluttered open slowly, seeing Tom's handsome face hovering over her. "How did you know?" she whispered.

"You're eyes were moving," he muttered. Ginny turned away, smiling slightly at her silly mistake. "No, don't," he said quickly, turning her back to him, "I want to see your smile." And this was a man who had murdered millions within two years, what was the world coming to? He brushed his fingers over her lips, stroking her face with his other hand, and he leant over her to kiss her once more. "Did my kiss wake you, Sleeping Beauty?"

"Yes," she decided to say, even though it was a lie, it had been his intimidating hands that had woken her. He bent his head to continue his kiss, and Ginny knew he was extremely gullible when it came to her, even though he had believed her lies before, and that had resulted in dire consequences for him, yet he still chose to believe her. "Tom…" she moaned, just to see if he would accept her act, "oh… Tom…" she gasped out, upon feeling him bite her neck gently, wanting to leave his mark on her.

"Ginny," he whispered, "have you felt her move yet?"

"No," she replied, "I'll tell you when she does," ensuring that he wouldn't ask her again.

Tom was pleased with that, and he kissed her forehead with a smile.

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