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Although Sheen didn't go through with his suicide, it was a big wake-up call for his friends. They had never expected him to contemplate suicide, much less plan to go through with it.

"Hey, Jimmy? Do you think Sheen's gonna be okay?"

"I don't know, Carl."

The young boy genius sighed, kicking a pebble, watching it rattle along the sidewalk. They were on their way to the Candy Bar. Sheen wasn't with them; he was with his psychologist. Neither, Jimmy thought idly, was Libby.

"You know what, Carl?"

"What, Jimmy?"

"Sheen's going to be okay."


Libby stood outside, waiting patiently. It never mattered how long Sheen spoke to his psychologist, it could be a few minutes or a few hours, but every time he came out, she was waiting for him.

As Sheen stepped outside, he paused for a moment, feeling the wind dance across his face, the heat of the sun against his skin. He closed his eyes, smiling slightly.

It felt good to be alive.

It would take a year or two more of treatment before things were back to the way they had once been, or at least close to what they had once been. Libby, Jimmy, Carl, and Cindy knew Sheen would never be the same. He was beginning to act more like his old self, yes, but he would never be the way he used to be.

"Hey, tiger." Libby stepped forward, giving Sheen a light kiss. "How's things?"

Sheen smiled, taking her hand as they began to walk. "Good. But he says I can't tell you."

Libby adopted a mock wounded look. "Why not?"

"It's confidential. Secret, secret. I'm not supposed to tell."

"Jerk." Libby punched Sheen lightly, laughing.

"I told Cindy we'd meet her and the guys at the Candy Bar."

"I haven't been there in awhile."

Libby smiled. "Time to refresh your memory, then."

Sheen smiled.

Yes, it felt very good to be alive.

The End


I know this chapter is kind of light, but I really, really needed to write something happy after everything else that's happened.

So that's it. The end.