Wishing You Were Somehow Here Agian

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Summery: As Vickie Guerrero watches Phantom of the Opera with her kids, she can't help but cry at one scene.

As Vickie watched Phantom of the Opera with Shaul, Sherylyn, and Kaylie, she could'nt help miss Eddie.

You were once

my one companion . . .

you were all

that mattered . . .

You were once

a friend and father -

then my world

was shattered . .


Vickie sits in the living room as the phone rings, she picks it up.

"Hello?" she answers.

"Vickie, its Chavo." she could tell right away something was wrong.

"Chavo, are you alright?" she asks.

"No Vickie, I'm not."

"What's wrong?" Chavo was really worring her.

"Eddie didn't answer his wake up call this morning and when I went to see what was up..." he couldn't continue.

"What Chavo!" Vickie pleaded.

"...I...I found him on the floor, dead." he broke into sobs as Vickie collaped on the couch, her whole world falling apart around her.

End Flashback.

The pain still consumed her.

Wishing you were

somehow here again . . .

wishing you were

somehow near . . .

Sometimes it seemed

if I just dreamed,

somehow you would

be here . . .

She dreamed of him all the time, all ways the same thing. Eddie slipping away as she tried to keep up. It gave her chills.

Wishing I could

hear your voice again . . .

knowing that I

never would . . .

Dreaming of you

won't help me to do

all that you dreamed

I could . . .

After he left, she had bought the DVD he'd made just to hear his voice, to see his face. God how she missed him.

Passing bells

and sculpted angels,

cold and monumental,

seem, for you,

the wrong companions -

you were warm and gentle . . .

When she was in his warm arms she felt so safe. The gentle embrace she missed so much. The love and compassion you could always hear as he spoke.

Too many years

fighting back tears . . .

Why can't the past

just die . . .?

She always avoided crying in front of anyone save Eddie. Now, no one's shoulder to cry one, no warm, caring voice telling her ity would be all right.

Wishing you were

somehow here again . . .

knowing we must

say goodbye . . .

Try to forgive . . .

teach me to live . . .

give me the strength

to try . . .

Over time the pain seemed to lessen a little, even though she still wished he was still there with them.

No more memories,

no more silent tears . . .

No more gazing across

the wasted years . . .

Help me say


She realized that it was time to move on, not forget, but live once agian with the memories of him.


In heaven Eddie smiles down on them, happy that Vickie is finally moving on. He would never truly leave her, ever.