Sup guys? This currently isn't Cynthia, its Leah, well, she's somewhere, and told me to write what ever I felt like so, here's a musical. HAHA!

Cynthia- Leah what are you laughing at?

Leah quickly closes her mouth- Nothing! Just told them that we're writing a musical.

Cynthia, shows no emotion what so ever- A musical, cool! Isn't that gonna be a little tough?

Leah thinks for minute- What ever happens will happen okay?

Cynthia- Alright then!

Leah- Here comes the disclaimer.


Leah unplugs her ears- No need to shout.

Cynthia smiles sheepishly.

Chapter One-

Hermione and Emma Granger sat on the couch in the Head Common Room. What that Common Room was, was a common room for the Head Girl and Boy. But this year there was a slight difference. Dumbledore and all the professors made another range of Head Girl and Boy. He had said that it was so it was less stress for the Top Head Boy and Girl. Who knew what he had up his sleeve.

So just too clear things up, here are the ranges of groups or something like that. There are Prefects, you have to be in the sixth year to receive this job or status; two from each house are chosen. There are only two Head Boys and Girls from the whole school; you must be in your seventh year at Hogwarts to receive this status. Then there is the new section or status, the Top Head Boy and Girl, well actually they have the same abilities and rights as the Head Boy and Girl, so actually there are two Head Boys and Two Head girls.

Now to cut to the real important stuff, you're probably wondering who the four Heads are. Well they are the one and only Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley. You're probably wondering again about the Head Girls, well they aren't exactly the one and only, they are twins. Okay anyway they are of course, Hermione and Emma Granger.

Hermione spread out her legs and put them on Emma's crossed legs. Emma just pulled her arms on top of her twin sister's legs and continued to read a Quidditch magazine. Hermione on the other hand was reading, of course but nothing to do with Quidditch, she was reading her favorite book, Hogwarts a History. Just then two young men ran into the common room.

One young man had flaming red hair and warm blue eyes, known as Ron Weasley. While the other young man had jet black messy hair and vibrant emerald green eyes well known as The Boy Who Lived Again or just plain Harry Potter. Both guys had wonderful builds, not that you need to know or anything.

Harry and Ron had flushed cheeks and were breathing heavily. Immediately Hermione and Emma asked at the exact same time, "What did you two do now?"

"Nothing, but someone put the school under a musical spell... thing," Ron answered trying to catch his breath.

Emma laughed and asked, "You guys are exaggerating... right?"

"No. Ron and I were walking down the hall way when there was a boom. So we walked down towards the boom and saw Professor Flickwick singing or trying to sing," Harry answered. Hermione and Emma stared at each other and laughed.

"Yah sure," Hermione said to Harry and Ron sarcastically.

"We're serious!" Harry and Ron shouted.

"I'll have to see it to believe it," Hermione said swinging her legs off of Emma. "Coming Em?"

Emma stretched and grabbed Hermione's hand for support. "Lazy Butt!" Hermione muttered laughing.

"I heard that!" Emma told Hermione sticking out her tongue. Hermione just laughed and dragged Emma out the common room, the boys following at their heels.

"See nothing's wrong, maybe you just caught Flickwick on a weird day," Hermione suggested as they roamed the halls not knowing where to go.

Emma stopped dead in her tracks when she saw McGonagall swaying back and forth to Belly Dancer by Akon. "Oh Merlin!" Emma whispered trying to tear her eyes from the horrid scene. "Help!" Emma squeaked.

"What?" Harry, Ron, and Hermione asked as they backtracked back to Emma.

"What the bloody hell!" Ron and Harry moaned.

"Oh Jeeze," Hermione pulled the group away from the door and said quietly, "Okay then, something is totally wrong."

"Told you!" Ron exclaimed proud that he was right and Hermione was wrong.

"Oh grow up Ronald!" Hermione muttered.

Ron turned a little red around the ears, Harry and Emma had no clue if it was from embarrassment or anger. "Well sorry Little Miss. Perfectionists!"

"What did you just call me?" Hermione asked a little loud.

"I called you Little Miss. Perfectionists!" Ron shouted back.

Emma and Harry then noticed a crowed form around the group. "You guys!" Emma warned; she didn't want something dramatic being witness.

"Well I'm sorry! If I offended you!" Ron yelled.

"You should be!" Hermione shouted back at Ron.

"SHUT THE BLOODY HELL UP!" Harry yelled. Everything went dead silent.

"Thank you!" Emma smiled then said. "Will you guys stop bickering? Couples are supposed to love each other not fight!"

Harry then added, "If you guys can't stop fighting then break up or something!" Emma just nodded.

Some of the crowd had weird looks on their faces, 'Ron and Hermione dating? Okay then,' Was what their expressions meant.

Hermione then turned red then shouted, "Everybody get back to your dorms before I take points away!"

"Holy Crap PMS!" Ron muttered.

Emma hit Ron in the stomach and said, "Shut up Ron don't start another one of your guys' rows!"

Hermione just glared at Ron and left towards the Head Common Room.

"I'll go cheer her up," Harry informed Ron and Emma.

After Harry and Hermione were out of sight Ron started talking.

"Emma would you kill me if I broke up with Hermione?" Ron asked.

Emma stopped dead in here tracks and stared at Ron, "You know we didn't mean it right?"

Ron smiled and answered, "I know, but see I think we'd be better off as, you know, friends."

Emma shrugged and thought hard about it, Hermione was her sister and all but-

"I think she likes Harry," Ron told Emma out of the blue.

"What?" Emma asked flabbergasted, 'How would Ron know?' Emma asked herself in her head.

"Yah and I think Harry likes her too," Ron added as an after thought.

Emma was speechless until she said, "Do you love her?"

"No, well as a sister sure, but not in that way, I just realized that," Ron answered truthfully.

"Well, I don't know Ron I'll tell you this, you're smarter than you look," After Emma had said that she ran for her life into the comforts of the Common Room...

Ron frowned and laughed, "What do you- Where'd you go?" Ron looked around him, he couldn't find Emma, and so he just went to go look for her; no where near the Common Room though.


Half an hour later, Ron had finally came back to the common room to see Emma laying in an arm chair with her legs swung over the arm.

"Where'd you go?" Ron asked cocking his head to the side.

Emma laughed, "Don't tell me you were looking for me all this time."

Ron blushed a tinge of pink and said, "Okay then I won't."

Emma just laughed and went back to day dreaming about something. Ron laughed and went up to his room to change.

A few minutes later, Hermione walked down from her room and saw her twin sleeping in an arm chair. Hermione smirked and threw a pillow at her face. Emma sat straight up and looked for the culprit who threw the pillow.

"Hermione you ass!" Emma yelled at Hermione who was sitting innocently on the steps of the stairs.

"What?" Hermione asked hiding her smile.

"You ass!" Emma said running up to Hermione.

Hermione sat there in shock until she realized that Emma was going to kill her. "AHHH!" Hermione screamed and ran up to her room. Emma just chased after her and opened the door that she had ran through.

The Pool Room.

The floor was slippery so Emma ended up sliding into Hermione and the two sisters fell into the huge pool. The good news was that no one got hurt, but the bad news was both sisters were wearing white. "Oh no," Hermione gasped.

Emma laughed and said, "Well then let's get a move on and go to our rooms!"

Emma offered Hermione a hand and pulled her out. Hermione had checked to make sure that no on was outside the door so both sisters would be safe from running into their male companions.

Just then Dobby popped in with a tray of Grape Juice, some chocolate cake, but was to surprise in seeing Emma and Hermione in such a state, he threw up the tray. He then popped away from the Head Common Room and the tray of juice and cake just floated in mid air. Hermione and Emma were to busy arguing to see the trays so they ran into it; causing Emma and Hermione to have a big black and purple stain down their front.

"Please don't freak!" Emma whispered in shock.

Hermione ran to her door and tried to open the door, but it was locked. "What! I didn't lock my door!" Hermione whispered hysterically. "And I don't have my wand!"

"Fine we'll use my room!" Emma whispered back, but not as hysterically. Hermione was usually the calm one here.

Emma tip- toed to her room and tried to open her door, but mysteriously it was locked to. "This cannot be happening!" Emma moaned.

"Where's your wand?" Hermione asked kicking at her door.

"I think it's in me room," Emma answered innocently.

"EMMA!" Hermione shrieked. "Great if a Professor accidentally comes to see what we're doing their going to see us wet and see us in bras and underwear, with a big black and purple stain down our chest!" Hermione said really, really fast.

"Hermione. You need to chill okay? You need to relax!" Emma said to a hysteric Hermione.

"How can I relax? My perfect record will be going down the drain! I can't even think straight!" Hermione said hysterically, until started to have troubles breathing, her breath came out in puffs.

Emma stared at her sister like she was crazy and did the first thing that cam to mind, slapping her. It wasn't exactly hard.


"Snap out of it!" Emma said calmly.

Hermione began to breath properly again and said, "Don't hit me!"

"Okay look we'll-" Emma was cut by the sound of foot steps approaching them. "Common!" Emma whispered grabbing Hermione's hand.

Emma had dragged Hermione into Harry's room. "What are we doing in here? What happens if Harry comes in?" Hermione asked wide-eyed.

"Just go take a shower and I'll watch the door!" Emma said pushing her sister into the bathroom.

"What! No way!" Hermione shouted to Emma.

"Fine then, take a look at yourself in the mirror!" Emma said pointing to a mirror.

Hermione took one look at her and jumped in surprise, "Okay I'm taking a shower!"

Emma laughed and shook her head. She then sat on Harry's bed with her dirty clothes; she had bits of cake here and there. Emma spotted a bathrobe and shrugged, why not? Emma striped and pulled on the bath robe, she then sat down on Harry's bed again and played with her dirty blonde wavy hair.

About fifteen minutes later, Emma spotted Hermione's wand on Harry's bedside table, "Hey Hermione, I found your wand!"

Emma just heard a muffled sound and twirled Hermione's wand around her finger. The wand slipped and fell to the floor, so Emma bent down and picked it up.

Just then the door opened...

So how was that we wrote it in about an hour and a half...

Cynthia and Leah