By: Inu-Tenshi

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Chapter One: Someone Different

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I have never known it, felt it, nor do I plan to anytime soon.

Then why?

Why am I feeling as if I am missing something?

Why do I feel a hollow space in my heart?

It is no use...such a weak emotion.

An annoying voice brought the soon-to-become Lord out of his peaceful thoughts.

In a lush green field with healthy trees and flowers...what a beautiful sight it was.

Now the image was ruined by that disgusting toad youkai. What a shame.

The cold Prince turned his head towards the imp, his intense amber eyes unwavering, gaze fixed.

The toad youkai swallowed, then spoke. "Prince Sesshoumaru, Lord InuTaisho requires your presence immediately," he bowed low.

The young Prince showed no sign that he had heard, but the imp knew that he had; it was something one needed to grow accustomed to, especially if you were serving under Prince Sesshoumaru.

Ever so slowly, as if he was buying time, Sesshoumaru got off of the grass and walked back to the castle.

-Knock, knock-

"Sesshoumaru, come in my son," a deep voice granted him permission to enter.

The door opened to reveal an annoyed Sesshoumaru.

"Father, what is it that you require of me? To meet a whore that you picked up again?" he bit out.

His father only chuckled.

"No, no. She is no whore. I guarantee that you will fall for her this time," his father replied, making it sound as if it would convince Sesshoumaru somewhat. How wrong he was.

"Father, you say the same every time," Sesshoumaru walked out of the room, leaving a beaming man behind him.

Yes, he did always say that, and everytime Sesshoumaru walked out of that door, he would comply to his wishes. This time was no different.

"Oh, and Sesshoumaru, she's waiting in the guest room!" his father called out since Sesshoumaru was pretty far off already.

'They're always in the guest room,' Sesshoumaru thought, and fought to roll his eyes.

True enough, a woman was patiently waiting in the guest room. Or at least, she seemed patient.

One look at Sesshoumaru was enough to make any woman change. And that's exactly what happened.

Her once uninterested eyes now gleamed with lust and yearn.

Inwardly, Sesshoumaru sighed. ' She is just another whore, just another obstacle.'

He was tired of this. Of everything. He was tired of whores taking away his independent time.

This was it. Today was the last straw. After today, he would confront his father and have a little 'chat' with him.

He would, no, he must stop wasting his time as if it were not important. Because it was. Every minute of it.


She had known it once, felt it once, and it brought nothing but pain.

She swore that she would not fall in love again. Ever.

She would not get too close with any man, no matter how handsome or tempting he was.

But...she needed to find him. She didn't know who, but she was sure that she would know if she did happen to come accross him somehow.

And maybe, just maybe, she would give him a chance. Only him. And only one chance.

Kagome ceased her walking for a brief minute and lifted her gaze up to the sky.

She was tired of this. Of everything.

Nothing was worthwhile in her life.

Everyday, she would tend to people's wounds and she would gather herbs all over again. can someone so selfless be the one that feels no happiness...?

Someday...someday, she would find a reason to live her life to the fullest.

But that someday would never come...would it?

Kagome smiled. A sad smile. A smile that showed just how human she was. Like all of us.

She resumed her walking, tightened her hold on the basket she carried and went into the forest where she would always...always, look for herbs. This was her life.

Still, as she walked on, there was no mistaking that thin thread of hope she was holding onto. Hope for finding her true love.


And...she would wait for that matter how long it took her. Because she knew...knew that she would find him.

Sesshoumaru resisted the...might I say, extremely tempting urge to rub his temples.

The 'whore', or so he called her, was endlessly chattering about things he didn't care to know.

He willed his mind to block out her giggly voice.

If he possessed such powers, he would tell her to 'shut the hell up' in his mind without hesitation.

As if he said it out loud, her chattering stopped.

You could imagine how surprised Sesshoumaru was, but he thanked kami anyway.

The 'whore' was staring at something, or rather, someone.

He followed her line of view and saw what she saw.

A cloaked figure.

In his lands.

And a female cloaked figure at that.

How he detested them. And no, he was not attracted to his own gender.

Someone was going to pay...

Kagome was unusually deep in thought and had wandered into the castle grounds.

She just knew she had taken a wrong turn somewhere.

'Maybe I should just sneak away...before anyone can spot me...'

She was about to do just that, when she felt the glare of someone.

Practically frozen on the spot, Kagome turned her head and found that a woman was staring at her.

And the woman was clutching onto someone's arm.

She resisted the urge to hightail out of there.

Slowly, she brought her eyes up, and found herself staring into golden ones.

Such a...unique color.

She snapped her attention back to the woman when she spoke.

"You! What are you doing in Lord Sesshoumaru's lands?"

'Lord Sesshoumaru? Might he be...!'

Kagome's eyes snapped back to the angelic face of who she presumed to be 'Lord Sesshoumaru'.

He only stared right back, with no emotion whatsoever.

This only unnerved her.

"Hey! I asked you a question!"

She turned her attention back to the woman and glared, though they couldn't see it.

"Why are you here? Who the hell-I mean, who are you?" she corrected herself when she remembered that she was still in the presence of Lord Sesshoumaru.

"It is none of your concern," she muttered and walked away, or at least, started to.

The 'woman' just didn't seem to want to give up anytime soon.

She reached for her arm, and missing, took hold of her cloak instead, 'accidentally' pulling it off.

Kagome didn't dare turn around.

"Turn around when I'm talking to you!"

She didn't move.


Kagome remained in the same position.

"What? Too ugly to face Lord Sesshoumaru?"

At this, Sesshoumaru was now curious to see what the woman looked like.

As if complying to his wishes, the woman turned and faced them, anger building up inside of her.

Fully not expecting her to look so...attractive, Sesshoumaru only stared, unnoticed by either.

Her facial features were delicate, but the most intriguing part were her eyes.

They were a sapphire blue, sparkling with her emotions.

Her figure was acceptable as well, it seemed, but the cloak was making it difficult to really be able to tell.

The 'whore' immediately realized her mistake, but didn't back down.

"You will pay for wasting my time," Kagome said with such confidence that arose new curiosity in Sesshoumaru as to what she would do.

The funny thing was...when he meant someone would pay, he meant the trespasser, but this would prove to be interesting nonetheless.

Still, the 'whore' refused to back down.

She would get a taste of something she would never forget...


-youkai: demon

-kami: god

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