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Chapter Two: A Worthy Opponent

Kagome glared at the whore, as if she had a desire to burn holes through her head.

Or maybe she was simply giving the whore a second chance, waiting for her to apologize and beg for forgiveness.

When none came and the whore only glared back stubbornly, Kagome ignored the nagging voice in the back of her mind.

Before Sesshoumaru even had a chance to blink, Kagome had become a blur of black.

A few more flashes and fuzzes, then all was quiet.

The process had probably taken only 5 seconds.

Before leaving, Kagome raised her eye level to Sesshoumaru's and bowed curtly before leaving a swirl of wind behind.

After she had left, Sesshoumaru went over to the whore, intent on looking her over.

Don't get him wrong; not that he cared about her; he only wanted to find out what the girl had done.

The whore was now lying unconscious at a fairly...odd...angle.

Although he showed no emotion, inwardly, he was quite surprised.

The girl could probably defeat him in a match, not that he would admit it aloud.

The whore had cuts, bruises, rashes, and all other kinds of slashes covering most of her body.

Probably some broken bones as well.

The girl had amazing precision and accuracy and her way of fighting was uncommon, though he didn't take her as one for slow and painful torture.

Most likely, the whore would not be able to move for a month.

How unfortunate for her. Hn.

The whore didn't even have time to guard or defend herself, let alone attack.

What kind of powers did that girl possess?

He was sure that was not all she was able to do. For one like her, she could probably fall a dragon demon single-handedly.

It was not impossible, though a female, demon or human, who was able to survive a battle with a dragon was rare.

Impossible to the point that it had never happened before.

Although for some reason, Sesshoumaru thought that the girl would not only survive, but could probably destroy a dragon demon without breaking a sweat.

If her powers and skills were used against him, she would prove to be a deadly opponent.

He remembered she did not have labored breathing after the fight, nor did she shed a drop of sweat. Her features were calm and collected, much like himself.

'I would be fortunate to have her as my ally,' Sesshoumaru mused silently.

Not even bothering to bring the whore back to treat her injuries, he walked back to the castle and tried to think up an excuse to convince his father that the whore had returned to her own residence.

She really was much more trouble than she was worth.

Kagome returned to the village, sighing every five steps.

That poor bitch, she was probably still unconscious somewhere on the ground.

And judging from how that 'Sesshoumaru' person treated her, he probably had no intention of helping that bitch.

No doubt she would still be laying there for a long time until someone discovered her.

Well, good riddance. She gave her a chance, but the bitch didn't take it. Too bad for her.

She quickly squashed the idea of going back there and helping the bitch. It would take up too much energy and time.

Another sigh. This time, a tired one.

But there was something...she...forgot, maybe?

Kagome tried her hardest to think of what she was obviously forgetting.

Halfway into her house, she paused.

Wasn't she holding a basket when she went out before...?

She slapped her forehead with a delicate hand.

Right. She had forgotten the herbs.

And again, a sigh.

Slowly, Kagome willed herself to walk, leaving a trail on the ground where she dragged her feet.

She blinked back the sleep in her eyes and brought her hand up to cover her mouth when she let out a small yawn.

Clearly, she was exhausted.

By the time she was near the castle grounds again, it was already nighttime.

She had taken a great amount of time since she felt as if she were dragging 50 sandbags along with her.

Suddenly, there was a slight rustle.

Anyone besides Kagome, demon or not, would not be able to hear it at all.

This is Kagome we're talking about, not anyone else.

Immediately, she switched into the defensive position, ready to change into her fighting stance if necessary.

Sesshoumaru had only wished to check on the whore; though he was known as a cold and ruthless killer, it would be wrong if the whore was killed by any demons lurking around.

Word would definitely reach his father's ears and that wouldn't be good.

Okay. So he didn't do it out of sympathy, but whatever.

Just as he arrived, he felt a small wave of energy and decided to 'investigate'.

He was surprised when he found that it was the girl from earlier in the afternoon.

Maybe he should have some fun. Heh.

She did look a little tired...

Well then, let us see if she was really as powerful as he assumed she was.

Kagome felt a wave of demon energy.

If the demon wasn't using a concealing spell, she was sure she would be able to feel it all the way from the village.

What a time to come out, too.

When something gripped her arm, she only sighed. She had anticipated that.

'And that', she added in her mind when both of her arms were twisted behind her.

Typical 'ambush'.

Using a complex series of twists and turns that no human eye could comprehend, her 'attacker' was caught off guard. Sort of.

Hn. This must be a powerful demon. Usually, lesser demons would be flat on their face after this sort of attack (she assured that), but he (assuming it was a he) only did an air somersault that could place him first in the Olympics and landed in front of her facing the other way so that she couldn't see his face.

His aura was strangely familiar.

He assaulted again, and, with no time to ponder, Kagome blocked his attack out of reflex.

After a series of attacks from him, Kagome decided it was her turn to have some fun and switched into the offensive position.

She lunged at him and attacked. This was actually a very good workout... She would have to thank him later.

Hey, who said anything about killing the poor guy?

Five minutes later, Kagome ceased her attacks. It seems that the demon was fast as well. He had a few cuts and bruises, but had blocked the majority of her attacks...that had never happened before. Ah, well.

Who could he be...?

'I wonder...'

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