And that, my friends, as they say, is that. When I joined this fandom just a little less than two years ago, I didn't know just what a long journey I was setting out on. But now, at last, I think I've told the story that I came here to tell.

There are more stories, of course. There are always more stories: there's the vignette where Ron earns the envy of every caring husband who ever lived when his healing magic allows him to actually do something useful when Kim is bearing and delivering their children. There's the stillborn storyline where we discover that it was something more than mere nerdiness that made Bonnie ditch Bethie, and something more than remorse that brings them back together. Here's a hint: I would never have had Bonnie use the word "dyke" back in "Dumb As a Brick" if I didn't intend to make her eat it sooner or later.

But I'm afraid those stories will have to remain untold, at least by me.

And those aren't the only stories that remain to be told, of course, because everyone has their own story, the story where they, not Kim or Ron or Drakken or Shego, are the main character. Where does Will Du's story go from here? Will Global Justice be rebuilt, or allowed to stay dead? What is Yamanouchi's purpose now that the Unshaper has been defeated?

I can't tell you those answers, because I honestly don't know.

That's the blessing and the curse of being a writer: there are more roads than you can ever have the time or the strength to walk.

With that in mind, it's time for me to stop following someone else's roadmap, and get back to going my own way. It's great to do this as a hobby, for love of the show – Lord knows that's why I got into it in the first place – but if I want to spend my life writing stories, they have to be my own. I can't spend this much time and energy on someone else's world anymore. I've taken a few steps on my own – check the links in my profile for the original short stories that I've gotten published – but it's time to pull on my backpack, tighten my shoes, and start the journey in earnest. I may stop in once or twice again, but I'm afraid they'll just be visits now.

Before I go, I'd like to thank some of the people who've made my time in this fandom so special, and who helped make my story what it was.

Charles Gray, thank you for showing me how grand, glorious, and epic a KP story could really be. Now go finish a few of those grand, glorious epics, would you please?

Thanks to MrDrP, without whom the entire past lives storyline – the heart and soul of this story – would never have existed. The briefest glimpse of Pim and Lon in "Epic Sitch" was that much of an inspiration. You tell the story of our heroes' love – and the pain of a lifetime without it – frighteningly well.

And thanks to Airwalker99 for all of your help behind the scenes. You have no idea how many scenes were written to answer – or forestall – your questions. You kept me honest, and in doing so, you helped me build a solid skeleton under the pretty skin. You helped make it real.

Thank you all, and good journey.

- Mattk