That's all it was ever about.


Selphie's a virgin, and Kairi knows that. She never wanted to fuck her, it was all about domination. It was about feeling like she was doing something on her own for once. Kairi moves to the side of the bed, playing with the razor blade in her hands. Selphie understands, oh, she understands and she never stops Kairi when Kairi crawls over her.

The red-head smiles down at her doll-eyed victim and bends over to kiss her shivering lips. Selphie quakes under her, and Kairi can sense just how scared Selphie is. Kairi runs her thumb down the sharp edge, and leaves a deep, bleeding wound. It's sharp enough.

Selphie's clothes are already off, lying somewhere forgotten on the floor. Kairi doesn't care. She doesn't like girls. She doesn't really like boys, either. Kairi's the type to be attracted to weakness. Riku automatically recognized this when Kairi started spending time with Sora. But in truth, it wasn't Sora who was weak.

Kairi lets the blade dip between Selphie's small breasts, and she runs the sharp edges down towards the girl's navel. Selphie shudders, her eyes filling with tears as her skin peels open under the razor. She bites her lip to keep from crying out. Because of Kairi, her fore-arms and thighs are already carved with words. They're arbitrary, and Selphie almost thinks Kairi's insane.

The word that repeats the most, though, is Control.

Because sometimes, Kairi thinks that Selphie is the only thing in her life that she has any control over.