To Defy a God

Tohru Honda was washing dishes in Shigure's kitchen when the door bell rang. She was dressed in a cute blue dress with flower prints on it with her hair tied in a ribbon. She jumped slightly scared because she was spacing out.

"I wonder who that could be. Maybe another zodiac member" she said out loud in her cheery voice. Tohru went to answer the door since she knew no one else would be in the house.

I'm glad Yuki-kun, Shigure-san and Kyo-kun went shopping for me but did they all have to go," She sighed. It started out as an argument on who can help Tohru better with the chores, Yuki or Kyo. In the end they both won and went shopping for her. Shigure went along so Yuki and Kyo would not kill each other.

"Boys," she said with another sigh. When she opened the door she was surprised to see…….

"A..A..Akito," she said a little shaky.

"Hello Tohru," Akito said in a smooth voice. He was dressed in a all black suit.

"W..w..what are you doing here," asked Tohru. The last time she had seen Akito was at the beach when she pushed him away from Yuki.

"Is that how you greet all your visitors?" Said Akito a little angry.

Oh my gosh I'm so sorry, please come in and make your self at home, I'll make some tea and I'm so sorry…. She started to ramble on and on, on how sorry she was about being rude that's when Akito tuned her out and went inside. He was wondering why the idiots, meaning Kyo, Shigure, and Yuki weren't rampaging on him by now when he asked Tohru she stopped apologizing long enough to tell him they weren't home.

"Perfect this will make my plan a lot easier," Akito thought. Akito sat down on the Japanese style floor seats when Tohru brought in some the tea and sat down next to him so she was diagonal of him.

"I hope you like the tea, it's my special recipe," said Tohru happily. Akito took a sip and he had to admit it was quite good it had a little something to it that made it sweet.

"It is good," he said.

"Oh I'm so glad you like it!" Tohru said ecstatic.

"Yes, now for the reason I came here," Akito said seriously.

"Oh yes I really want to know why, because you usually don't come here and if you do it's usually an emergency and…. She started to ramble on again when Akito suddenly leaned in and whispered in Tohru's ear, "I came for you." He said it so seductively that Tohru was so shocked that she fell back off the pillow which was her seat and on her back. When the dizziness was gone she could see Akito leaning over her. She started to get frightened.

"You're coming to the main house with me and you're not going to resist," said Akito.

"No, please get off," Tohru said as she started to struggle. Akito got enough of her struggling and pressed the pressure point on her neck which then made her pass out. Akito then picked her up and took her to the limo that was parked out side. When he got inside he told the driver to go to the main house he then sat back in the car cushion while holding Tohru gently.

"You will soon learn my dear that you do not defy god," Akito said while holding her just a little bit tighter that Tohru let out a moan. With that he smiled wickedly and everything was silent the rest of the way to the main house.

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