Summary: What happens when something more human threatens the brothers?

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"I'm going out to get something to eat," came Sam's voice from the motel room the brothers were currently residing in.

"Good thinking, Sammy," Dean replied from the bathroom where he was getting ready to take a long shower. when he heard the motel door suddenly open and shut he knew Sam had left. After having been cooped up in his car for eight hours straight listening to Sam's moans and groans from the passenger seat he needed the alone time anyways.They had just finished a job up in Connecticutinvolving a nasty demon that took pleasure in chopping innocent people's heads off so it could eat their brains. Disgusting. As soon as the job was done they decided to pack their bags and get as far away from Connecticut as possible. Now, after driving eight hours, they were in Richmond, Virginia.Upon enteringthe city they had decided to stop for the night and get some much needed food and rest.

Dean had retrieved a towel and turned the faucet all the way counter-clockwise. As the water heated up, he stripped down and stepped into the tub. Feeling the pulsating water against his body calmed him. After about ten minutes of the way-to-hot-water-for-any-normal-person Dean turned the faucet clockwise and stepped out of the tub. He hastily dried off and got dressed. Looking in the mirror he could see the bruises from the last hunt that covered his face.Quickly looking away, he opened the bathroom door made his way back into the motel room. He looked around for any sign of his brother, for he hadn't heard him come back.Glancing over at the clock on the bedside table it read,7:46. Dean had first stepped into the bathroom at around 7:10, andsoon after heard his brother tell him he was going out. Thirty or more minutes? Does it take that long to get something to eat? As panic started to creep up his body he heard a loud bang a few blocks away. What was that? That couldn't be connected to Sammy, could it? Oh, God, no! Calm down, calm down! Just call his cell. Yeah that's what i'll do. He'll just answer in that annoying Geek boy voice of his and ask you what's wrong. Yeah. Rushing over to his bag, Deansearched savagely for his phone, finding it and dialingSam's number.


Oh, please answer!


Come on, pick up the damn phone!


Sammy, if you're just ignoring me I'm going to kick your ass!


No, answer the phone!

Then Dean's heart gave out as the voicemail clicked on. Shutting the phone Dean threw it onto the bed with frustration and reached back into his bag, pulling out his handgun. As he put the gun in the back waist of his jeans he ran out the front door. Where would he have gone? Dean noticed that his Impala was still parked in the motel parking lot.Well that's a good sign, at least he couldn't have gone far.Looking up and down the street, Dean took in that there wasn't much around, food-wise. Lining the streets were about a dozen different businesses and stores. The only place that even looked like it sold food was the Wendy's a few blocks down the road. Jumping into the Impala Dean slammed down hard onto the gas pedal into the direction of the Wendy's.

As he exited the car he looked around for any sign of his baby brother. He rushed into the building and found the first employee he saw.

"Excuse me, but have you seen a young man come in here in the last hour, dark brown, shaggy hair, about this tall," Dean inquired with his hand a few inches above his head.

The sixteen-or-so-year-old kid considered the question for a few minutes. As soon has the guy's eyes widened a little he informed Dean that he had, in fact, seen him.

"And when was this?" Dean asked, trying to sound less annoyed than he really was with the high-schooler.

"Umm…..about ten minutes ago, I guess."

'I guess?' "Okay, thank you." Dean took off out of the store without another word. As soon as he reached the pavement he looked around. He couldn't find Sam anywhere. Ten minutes would be too long for him to take to walk back to the motel from here. Maybe five, not ten. Dean's eyes widened as they fell upon a metal object on the ground ten feet away. Picking it up, Dean realized it was Sam's cell phone. Oh, shit!

"Sammy where are you?" Dean asked aloud to himself, feeling his heart start to race with the fear of losing his brother.

After leaving the motel Sam stepped onto the paved road and looked around. Not much here. Go figure. He soon spotted a Wendy's not too far away. No need to use Dean's car. If he found out I took it without asking I'd have my ass handed to me on a silver platter. How could anyone be in love with a car anyways? He set off towards the store and arrived in a matter of minutes. Entering the building, Sam's eyes drifted to a group of three large men, about the age of his brother, sitting in the corner of the restaurant. They were all staring strangely at him as he walked up to the counter.

"May I take your order?" droned a voice behind the counter that belonged to what appeared to be a sixteen-year-old teenage boy.

"Um, yes, I'll have four double cheeseburgers, please."

After paying for the food Sam quickly left the store. Getting maybe thirty feet from the restaurant Sam stopped dead in his tracks. He had distinctly heard a clatter coming from his side. He turned around to realize he was walking by an alleyway between two buildings. As his head turned toward the alley a second noise erupted from the alley.

"Hello?" Sam inquired, his voice seeming to echo through the area. What a stupid thing to say, hello? How cliché can I be?

Turning back towards the motel he quickened his pace when he felt a rather large arm come down on his head. Dazed, Sam tried to fight of the attack that was coming his way. He was pulled from the road into the alley where he was overtaken by fists and boots. He swung his legs out tried to come in contact with an attacker but stopped as a pressure come upon his ankle. Feeling it twist out of place a yelp escaped his lips. He sat there with his arms around his head, taking in the blows that was coming from the three men he had seen in the Wendy's. After about two or three minutes the blows halted. Aching all over, Sam tried to look up.

"Check his pockets," one attacker commanded of the other two. As he felt hands search his jacket and pant pockets Sam tried to recoil, onlyleading to a punch in the jaw.

"I've got it!" cried the attacker that had hit him. He rushed over to the 'ring leader' of the group. Taking the wallet, the man searched through. Apparently not finding what he had wanted he let out an anguished yell.

Sam could feel their eyes throwing stabs his way. He only had maybe five dollars left in there, since all his credit cards were at the motel. He tried to get up when he heard a sudden click. Eyes shooting upward just in time to see the ring leader cock his gun and pull the trigger.

A sudden sound from an alley a few feet away pulled Dean's attention away from the cell phone. As he made his way over to the alley he tried to prepare himself for what he might find. Turning to the alleyway Dean's body tensed. There, on the dirty ground, lay his baby brother.

He sprinted over to the still form of his Sammy and saw the blood soaked shirt he was wearing. Putting his fingers to Sam's neck he looked for a pulse. He could have cried out in joy when he found it, faint but still there. Turning Sam onto his back, Dean lifted the shirt and felt tears form in his eyes as he looked upon the gaping hole in his stomachthat was gushing blood.Frantically ripping of his own over-shirt, he tried to control the bleeding.

"Come on Sammy, wake up!" Dean pleaded to his little brother. Sam remained unresponsive. "I said now, damnit!" giving him a slight shake. Still no answer. "Please!" Nothing.

Sam could feel his brother hovering over him minutes after he was shot. The muggers had left as soon as the shot rang out, fear of being caught overwhelming them. As Sam laid there, bleeding to death, he thought only of his older brother when he knew he was there, but unable to speak the words aloud.I'm so sorry Dean. I'm sorry that I wasn't there those two years. I'm sorry that I left you. I'm sorry for all the pain that I've caused you. Dean was all he could think of as the darkness consumed him.

Awareness came back slowly to Sam as he tried to open his eyes. He could smell the scent of sanitizer they used to sterilize hospitals and figured that was probably where he was. Next came sound and touch. He could hear the soft, steady breathing of his brother whose head was resting on Sam's right arm making it numb. He stirred a little from the tingling in his arm and tried to open his eyes. The pressure on his arm left and he realized that Dean was awake.

"Sammy?" came the soft voice of his brother. "Come on Sammy, wake up, you can do it..."

Sam complied, eyes fluttering open. "It's Sam," man, will he ever get it right? he countered as he took in the sight before him. There was his brother looking straight at him, a look on his face that suggested he had just gotten his first true sleep in a while. Looking around he saw all those machines that kept you alive and healthy, concluding that he was, in fact, in a hospital. "How long have I been here?" Sammy asked with a scratchy voice.

Dean, noticing this, picked up the paper cup on the bedside table. "Here, drink this," he coaxed, dipping the cup of water into Sam's mouth. After a few sips, Dean placed the cup back down on the beside table. "And to answer your question, you've been here two days."

Sam looked deeply into his brother's eyes and noticed the sadness creep over him. Was it really that bad? Being too tired toquestion him now, Sam reached out for his brother's hand and squeezed a little.

Facing with this imposing chick-flick moment Dean let out "Oh and Sam?" with a slight smile taking over his tired face.

"Yeah?" Sam questioned, narrowing his eyes at his older brother.

"If you ever go down any dark alleyways again I'll kill you myself," Dean chuckled as he held his brother's hand. "And if you ever tell anyone about us holding hands I swear you'll wished you had died."

Taking in what Dean had just said, Sam smiled. It's nice to know that Dean could still crack a joke in the face of death.

"I love you, Dean," Sam whispered as he felt the sudden pull of sleep starting to spread through his body.

"I love you too, little brother."

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