I'm waiting.

It wasn't hard to get here – with all the chaos, there were a good number of abandoned card keys lying around, and all I had to do was just pick one up. There were some rockets along the way, but rockets are weak, pathetic, nothing to me. And this place may have a screwy layout but back before all this, I'd been here a few times with my grandfather. I don't need one of those stupid you-are-here maps to figure it out.

Anyway, right now, 'here' is the only pathway between the rest of the building and Team Rocket's leader, and that's all that matters.

Me? No, I'm not going on. There's no point in doing that. I didn't come here to beat up the bad guys, take the place by storm and become a hero.

I came here because I wanted to fight you, and I know you will show up to be a hero.

I know the rockets won't stop you. They're weak, and you beat me last time we fought. And because you're you, and because that's just not the way things go. You're going to do the right thing like you have all along.

It's the kind of person you are. You're going to come here. You're going to charge in like a hero and defeat the rockets and find your way here, in the end, to defeat the boss of Team Rocket and save the president of Silph. Save the day.

And I? I'm going to wait for you here. I'm going to ignore what you're doing and fight you here, because that's what I want, not helping some people or defeating the bad guys. The world doesn't need two heroes.

I'm going to wait. I know you'll show up in the end.