All over again

Harry won the war against Voldemort but he lost everything, his parents, his childhood, his godfather and his mentor, what if he gets one wish to start everything all over again from when he was eleven holding his Hogwarts acceptance letter?

Just something I thought about when I watch the first movie and reading other fanfic, It could become a big story but for know I don't know…


"Harry!" Ginny whispered as she saw him confront the dark lord.

Death Eater's bodies were lying on the ground, their pale skin shining thanks to the light of the hexes and spells that were cast. Students were being given the Demantors Kiss.

Blood was trailing on the floor. Screams piecing the night sky, the only sign of light was Dumbledore's white tomb. Death Eaters were violating some of the younger students, while the order was fight hard to keep the world of magic safe for any muggleborn to live and enjoy.

Voldermort's evil red eyes looked into Harry's emerald green. It was here all or nothing, the Horcuxes had been destroyed Naggi include, the only one left was Voldemort himself.

"Avada Kedavra." They screamed at the same time, the dark lords was more powerful then Harry's. At the last second Ginny threw herself in front of Harry, she died and Harry would live, but Tom Marvelo Riddle was not as lucky.

The Death Eaters having seen their master death before their very eyes ran away.

Harry crawled to Ginny lifeless body. He had won, he had won the war, but at what expense, the girl he fancied was dead, his two best friends had disappeared. He was to rejoice that it was all over, that now he would be the hero once again, that his name would never be forgotten. What importance would that have if he was all alone?

Fawkes landed in front of his. Fog appeared around them.

"Harry Potter" The bird said to him mentally.

"Fawkes…" Harry uttered in disbelief, that voice was the one of his late headmaster.

"You given up so much Harry, The higher consul as agreed to give you one wish, and I know exactly what it his."

Harry's felt his body being rolled into something strange that was sticky and yet war, comforting. Slowly darkness took him, and he feinted.

Don't worry people it's just the prologue. The other chapter will be much longer, I promises.

With Care