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This is a Ranma and Love Hina crossover.

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By Paul Bennett a.k.a. Shadowbakasama

Chapter 2: We're Engaged!

"Marriage!!" Ranma-chan cries out in surprise as she steps back, then a thoughtful look comes over her face as she looks Motoko up and down seemingly undressing her with her eyes, but not seeming to pay too much attention to her breasts and taking into account her stance, facial expression, how she was holding her sword, and what muscles she was using.

Motoko was a little uncertain how to take the look, the red-head was checking her out, true, but she was also reading her body language and her eyes shown respect and approval, so she settles for blushing a bit as she firms up her stance, besides it's not like it was a 'boy' checking her out.

Ranma finishes her inspection of Motoko and turns back to the panda and tells it. "OK, this doesn't seem as bad as your usual ideas, but you could have told me we were coming here to meet my fiancee! Great first impression hunh, showing up soaking wet and in the wrong shape! Baka panda."

The giant panda stood up straight and proud at the first sentence, then slumped at the next and grunted pulling out a sign that said "'I was in a hurry and wanted to get out of the rain.'"

Meanwhile the others were whispering behind her back.

"Did you see that, she just let that other girl check her out." Mitsune whispered to Naru.

"That girl's weird, she talks to her panda." Naru whispers back.

"That's not weird." Su whispers. "The panda talks back, that's weird."

"At least it seems to be a friendly panda." Shinobu whispers her 2 cents in. "I think the girl likes Motoko."

"Now wait a minute!" Motoko yells at the red-head as she comes out of her shock. "You mean you're OK with this!? This panda says that you're engaged to another girl and you go along with it!?" She demands pointing at the bear in question.

"Huh? What other gir/" Ranma looks down at her breasts. "Oh, right. Well, I'd be makin' myself a bear skin rug if he engaged me to a guy, and you certainly seem pretty enough. Not to mention that you obviously have some skill and I can see the advantages to joining our two schools."

Motoko blushes a deep red and stammers out, "Y-you think I'm pretty?" pointing at herself, while behind her the others are whispering again.

"Oh my god! She is a lesbian!" Naru whispers in shock.

"I wonder why she lets the panda boss her around?" Mitsune wonders aloud.

"What's a lesbian?" Su asks, "Is it good to eat?"

"Ah, she hates boys too." Shinobu whispers, "Now it makes sense."

"Well yeah, I think you're pretty." Ranma replied, "You're tall, strong, proud, skilled and there's nothing wrong with your figure, so ... you're beautiful really." She says sort of embarrassed at the last.

Motoko gets sort of flustered hearing this, several of those things that Ranma listed as her good points were things she thought made her unlady-like, being too tall and strong for a girl really. Then she shakes herself, 'What am I thinking, getting flustered by a girl. I'm not interested in girls, it's just that this weird girl doesn't seem like a girl, she certainly doesn't talk like one. The red-head also doesn't dress like a girl or hold herself like one, but there is no doubt that she is a girl after taking off her shirt, but no feminine modesty at all, it's like she was guy taking off a wet shirt to wring it out.'

"Ahh! Ahh! Now hold on! How do I know that my sister set this up?" Motoko askes, getting herself back on track. "Tsuruko never told me about this!"

At this the red-head turned to her panda and it pointed to her backpack and growled out, "Rirg ride roccer, hrirrd roll rase."

Ranma went and retrieved a scroll case from the side pocket and shook the water off of it before opening it and looking over the scroll. Satisfied that she had the right one she rerolled the scroll and walked up to Motoko and handed it to her. "Here you go, one engagement contract for the joining of the Saotome Ryu of the Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu with the Shinmei Ryu of Kenjutsu, signed by Saotome Genma and Aoyama Tsuruko, with hanko stamps and even a notary stamp and witnesses."

Motoko opens the scroll as the other girls crowd in to read it over her shoulders, after checking the signatures and the hankos and reading a little of the legalese of the contract she rolls up the contract and declares. "Well this makes it official, I'm engaged. So who is this Genma? Your father?"

Ranma-chan just points at her panda.

"You mean my older sister signed a contract with a panda for me to marry a girl!?" Motoko yells while palming her face, then she mutters, "My sister has gone nuts! How did she get witnesses to go along with it."

However Ranma answers her rhetorical question, "No she didn't."

Motoko looks up at the red-head and says "Of course she didn't! This is some sort of joke isn't it!? Panda's can't write! So a panda can't have signed this contract."

Behind the red-head the panda pulls out a sign and brush and after a couple seconds holds up a sign saying "'Of course pandas can write! How else would I make these signs?'"

As all the girls stare at the bear standing behind the red-head, said red-head tells the bear, "You're not helping." without turning around to look at what it's doing.

Motoko shook herself again and went after the girl. "What about you? Wouldn't you rather marry some guy?"

Ranma stared at her like she just had just suggested the most horrible thing she had ever heard of and yelled, "That's disgusting! How could you even suggest such a thing! Urrrr!" The red-head shudders in disgust. "Me and some guy, yeah right." Ranma mutters, "It's OK, she doesn't know yet."

Something clicked in Motoko's mind. "My sister thought you were a boy when she signed this?" she asked while thinking 'She thinks she's a boy! Well no, she knows she's a girl, but she thinks like a boy. Maybe she was raised as a boy.'

Ranma seems slightly shocked at Motoko's words, but smirks and replies, "Yep, she definitely thought I was a boy, of course that was a couple years ago and I didn't look like this then." She says posing in a way that showed off her hips and breasts to good advantage with one hand scratching at the bases of her pigtail.

This caused Motoko to rub her forehead to ward off a headache as the panda seemed to burst into something like laughter as it dropped to all fours. "Well then I guess we're engaged until we can get this mess sorted out." Motoko says wearily.

"Or we get married." Ranma replies with a silly smile. "So can someone wake up the manager so that I can get a room for me and my panda?"