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Part 5: Well Spent


"Ugh. Next time someone wants me to go to Cleveland, remind me to take a plane. Driving forsix hours is not fun. I think my entire left leg is completely asleep."

"Excuse me? I seem to remember someone driving the last four hours and someone else sleeping peacefully in the front seat."

Jim laughed.

"Okay, okay. But hey, I would have driven, if you were tired. You could have woken me up."

Pam hesitated before answering, and her eyes had an unreadable look in them.

"I—It's okay. I didn't want—I didn't mind."

There was a pause, and they stared into each other's eyes for a moment before remembering the camera. Jim moved first, scratching the back of his head self-consciously.

"Well, since you drove for four hours, let me buy you dinner or something."

Pam pretended to think.

"Well, okay. But be warned. I'm going to order lobster, no matter where we go. And dessert."

Jim laughed, but there was a serious look in his eye.

"Anything you want, Pam."


They ended up at a slightly ritzy restaurant that was down the street from their hotel. Pam followed through on the lobster promise, but when the waitress asked if anyone wanted dessert, she politely declined.

"I thought you wanted dessert," Jim teased, and she bit her lip.

"That's okay, Jim. I was just kidding. I'd feel bad—"

"No reason to," he told her, then called the waitress back. "Actually, could we get a piece of the raspberry swirl cheesecake? And two forks? Thanks."

"How'd you know I like raspberry swirl cheesecake?"

A half-smile quirked on his lips.

"Well, I know you like mixed berry yogurt. And you always have that raspberry-flavored tea. I took a guess."

She laughed, a pleased blush lighting her cheeks, and they smiled at each other until the waitress brought their dessert.


After dinner, they headed back to the hotel, only to be distracted by the arcade on the first floor.

Well, that was mostly Jim.

"Are you five years old, Jim?" Pam asked him, grinning as the Mortal Kombat computer efficiently killed his Johnny Cage. He nodded.

"That's about right, yeah—oh, yes! Claw machine!"

Rolling her eyes affectionately, Pam followed him to the game, muttering something about 'boys are such children' or something to the effect. By the time she got there, Jim was already in the process of deciding which toy he wanted to win.

"Hmm…let's see, we've got teddy bears, a cat or two, a puppy, some weird-looking…um, things—man, what is that? And—"

"Oh, Jim, look. A unicorn."

Pam pressed her forehead to the glass like a little girl, a dreamy gaze in her eye as she looked at the toy's slender white face and lavender mane that were peeking out from under a few teddy bears. The camera lingered on her face for a moment, then zoomed out to reveal Jim smiling widely at her and digging in his pockets for change.

"What are you doing?" Pam pulled herself away from the glass and looked questioningly at Jim, who just grinned even wider.

"You want the unicorn, you'll get the unicorn."

"But, Jim, it's buried under like, five other things. You'll probably end up spending ten dollars."

He shrugged at her, slipping two quarters into the machine.

"Ten dollars well spent, Pam."

He turned to the game, eyebrows crinkling in concentration, and the camera focused on Pam and the small smile on her lips as she gazed at Jim.


"It's so lame. Okay, when I was a kid, I was totally obsessed with unicorns. Like, more than any other normal little girl. I had so many toys, sweaters, pencil cases…I drew them everywhere. That was my first ever art project in the first grade. Um, we were supposed to use both colored pencil and watercolor to draw one of our favorite objects. I drew a unicorn with a pink mane and tail…my teacher said I had real talent for watercolor. I don't know if she was serious, but it stuck with me, I guess. My mom still has the picture. Oh, I still have a few figurines and stuff, but unicorns aren't really Roy's thing. He says they're way too girly, so, um…I just keep a few on my dresser…They're really small, but they're pretty. They remind me of doing watercol—"

Pam's voice cracked, and she blinked a few times. Her eyes were wet. The cameraman shut his camera off.


"Yes! Victory!"

The camera zoomed in as Jim reached into the machine and carefully pulled out the unicorn. His grin was blinding as he presented it to Pam, and she grinned back at him with a slight sheen on her eyes.

"Thanks, Jim," she said, holding up her new toy and stroking its soft white fur. "This really means a lot."

"It's nothing. And hey, I saved some money—I only spent eight dollars."

She just smiled at him, and they fell into a comfortable silence. Then Pam noticed the camera and forced a little laugh.

"So…um, what are you going to do with all your winnings?" she asked, gesturing to the small pile of stuffed animals sitting at Jim's feet. He laughed fully.

"I don't know. Invest, maybe. They say that's the practical thing to do. CDs, mutual funds, stocks…the possibilities are endless." They shared another laugh, and Jim shrugged. "Or maybe I'll just give them away. I'm sure Angela would like this cat." He picked up the little gray tabby and tossed it up a few times.

Pam leaned down to pick up a teddy bear that was holding a red satin heart.

"You could give this to Ryan, and tell him to give it to Kelly. She'd probably explode."

Jim snorted, and almost choked on his laughter.

"Oh, my God. Or, we could put it on Kelly's desk and just tell her it's from Ryan. Could you imagine?"

Pam's laughter rang like little bells.