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Arriving in 2006

They finally arrived. Everyone exited the time machine. "Well, I guess I'll be stuck here forever." Pim said. "Aww, honey.

You'll get used to it." Barb said. "Now, lets start unpacking!" Barb said excitedly. "Woo hoo! Let's start unpacking!" Pim

said sarcastically. The 3 Diffy's and Curtis entered the house and unpacked.

At Keely's House

"Phil, I'm so glad you're back." Keely said pulling away from the kiss. "Me too, Keels." Phil said, leaning in to kiss again.

But Keely pulled back. Looking at Phil's facial expression, Keely said, "As much as I love making out with you, I would

like to do it in a comfortable place." Phil then noticed that they were still on the floor. "Oh." Then he got up and held his

hand out for Keely to take. She instantly took it. "I also want to talk to you Phil. About EVERYTHING." Keely said with

emphasizes on "everything". "Ok…" Phil didn't know what she was going to say, but he was prepared for anything. Keely

took Phil to their local park and sat down on a bench isolated from the rest of the park. Keely took Phil's hand in hers

and intertwined their fingers. "Phil, ever since you left, my grades have dropped. ESPECIALLY in math." She said. "Oh

Keely. I'm sorry. Now, that I'm here. I can help you." Phil said pulling her into a hug. "Well, how do I know if you're going

to be here? What if your parents come and get you? What if-?" Phil cut her off by kissing her. She felt through this kiss

that everything was going to be alright. The kiss was like him saying, "Lets focus on the present right now. No need to

worry about the future yet." Phil pulled away. He was about to say something but Keely pulled him in for a passionate

kiss. Phil wrapped his arms around her waist. She instantly deepened the kiss. Phil then opened his mouth so she could

explore. Their tongues wrestled for a few seconds. Then she pulled away. "Wow!" She said panting. Phil was at lost for

words. When he caught his breath and found something to say, he said, "You want to go back to my house and watch a

movie?" "I'm up for anything as long as it's with you." She said lovingly. Phil stood and took her hand. They walked hand

in hand to his house.

They talked the whole way there. When they arrived, they were both shocked at what they saw.

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