"Okay, okay, fine. Fine. I'll tell one... A Priest, a Rabbi, and the Phillie Phanatic walk into a bar."

"What in the bloody hell is a Phillie Phanatic?" Argent raised an eyebrow.

Kid Flash sighed. "He's only the mascot for the Philadelphia Phillies! Come on, now!"

"The who?" Jinx asked.

"What do you mean 'the who'? Are you serious?"

"Never heard of them," Herald stated.

"What is that? Is it like a Gentlemen's club?" Argent asked.

"No, no, no! Dammit! Does anyone know who the Philadelphia Phillies even are?" Kid Flash looked around the room pleading with someone, anyone to know who he was talking about.

Um, no," Jinx replied dryly.

"Haven't a clue, mate," Argent shrugged.

"No," was all Herald said.

"I think so..." Hot Spot muttered.

Kid Flash turned to him. "Dude, take a stab at it. If you get it right, I will literally go out right now and get you the biggest chocolate chip cookie I can find."

"Is it a soccer team?"

Kid Flash sighed and rubbed his eyes. "No, Spotty, but you're in the ballpark. Which is nice. Come on, Jericho, help me out here! You know who the Phillies are, right?"

Jericho just smiled, shrugged, and shook his head.

"Oh, for the love of... Nevermind, then. Joke's ruined," Kid Flash sighed again. "It was a good one, too!"

"Well, who are they?" Jinx asked.

"It's a baseball team! In Philadelphia!"

"Mate, there ain't a lot of baseball in New Zealand," Argent stated.

"Plus baseball is just so boring!" Jinx exclaimed.

A few seconds of silence passed.

"Please tell me you did not just say that." Kid Flash looked horrified.

"Baseball. Is. Mega. Ultra. Boring," Jinx said, smiling wickedly.

Kid Flash held his chest as though he'd been stabbed. "Ah! Fair maiden, you have slayed me with your awful words!"

Jericho laughed silently, while everyone else grinned a little.

"But seriously, we'll work around this little... obstacle," Kid Flash said. "I'll just ignore it."

"Oh, will you, now?" Jinx smiled again.

"I shall do my very best, good lady, " Kid Flash added a dramatic air to his voice. "It shall be a difficult road to tread, being with someone who despises the Great American Pastime, but I shall somehow prevail."

"Whoever said we were together?"

Kid Flash smiled. "Me. You just don't know it yet."

"You want us all to leave the room while you sort this out?" Argent asked, smiling.

"Nah. We're done. For now." Kid Flash winked at Jinx. "Plus Boy Wonder should be here any minute now."

"Yeah, where is he?" Jinx asked rhetorically, glad for the subject change.

Kid Flash shrugged. "Probably with Starfire. Does anyone know what went down in Tokyo? Ever since they got back, they've been gaga over each other!"

"They're together now," Argent said.

"They are?" Hot Spot asked.

"True story," Argent nodded.

"Well, it's about time at any rate," Jinx added. "They've been looking at each other like schoolchildren with crushes ever since I've known them."

"That's all well and good," Kid Flash said, "but he's keeping me waiting, trapped in a room with a bunch a baseball illiterate people! That's just rude!"

"I'm just crying for your plight," Jinx traced the path of a tear down her check with a finger.

"You should be, Miss 'I Hate Baseball'."

Jinx just smiled.

A few moments passed in silence.

"Man, this room is so depressing!" Kid Flashed looked around the conference room, placed in the corner of the original Titans tower. "It could use a couple of plants or something. Hell, even a twig would lighten this place up..."

This illicited some scattered laughter from the group.

"It's a conference room, Flash," Hot Spot said, grinning. "That is stastistically like one of the most depressing rooms possible."

"Evidently," Kid Flash muttered. "Right up there with a gas station bathroom."

"Or a prison. In Turkey," Argent added.

"That was a damn good movie," Kid Flash nodded.

"Or in a McDonalds where they speak no English and screw up your order," Hot Spot smiled.

"Man, am I sick of that..." Kid Flash agreed.

"Or anywhere in a baseball stadium," Jinx said, glancing at her nails.

"Are you trying to kill me?" Kid Flash stared. "Because it's working."

"Yeah, they're in love," Argent said to Hot Spot, Jericho and Hereld.

Hereld and Jericho simply nodded while Hot Spot said, "Looks like it."

"We are not!" Jinx said.

"That's just your opinion." Kid Flash smiled.

"We aren't!" Jinx looked at Argent, who raised her hands defensively.

"I just say what I see."

Jinx was about to respond when the door hissed open.

All six Titans turned to see Robin entering the room.

He smiled at them.

"Good morning, Titans."