"Are we there yet?"

Jinx rolled her eyes but said nothing, trying her very hardest not to take the bait.

Unfortunately, someone else did.

Uh, bro…" Hot Spot said from the back of the Suburban. "We're still in Jump City. And you're the one driving…"

"Psh," Kid Flash retorted, eyes concentrating on the road. "I can still be juvenile, thank you."

"And how," Jinx sighed.

"Now, with that attitude, this is going to be a very long trip," Kid Flash muttered.

Jinx just closed her eyes and shook her head. They weren't even five minutes out of Jump City yet, and she wasn't going to let him get to her this quick. Maybe an hour or two from now, but not just yet. She had to have some self control, and she was determined to make this a personal challenge of sorts.

Why not?

They were going to take eight days to do a trip that could take about forty hours, so Jinx supposed she had to put up with Kid Flash, in the close confines of a car, for those eight days.

Not to mentioned she'd be working with him on a full time basis in a little more than a week, so she figured she'd better get used to him, fast.

And an eight day road trip would be good practice.

It had been a week since their shopping adventure, and the new team of Teen Titans had spent that week with a licensed driving instructor qualifying to drive and getting official licenses, something that none of them had figured they'd ever actually need.

Thankfully, several, like Jinx, had had previous driving experiences.

Jinx grinned a little to herself at the thought. She was no stranger to grand theft auto, and had had plenty of time to refine her driving skills while under pursuit by the Jump City police.

But regardless, she took a certain satisfaction in acquiring an official, legal license (in a legal manner) and she very much hoped that every good dead she did from here on out would offer a similar feeling.

She was on the good side now, so it had better feel nice doing the right thing, otherwise life was going to suck.

Jinx glanced around the enormous, dark blue 2011 Chevy Suburban at each of the Titans that occupied it: Kid Flash, who was driving, Argent who sat immediately behind her, Jericho next to Argent, and Hot Spot and Herald sitting in the third row behind them.

And even with all six Titans having plenty of seating room, the Suburban still had the space in the back to fit all their luggage quite comfortably, behemoth of a car that it was.

The Suburban was part of the reason it had taken them a week to qualify for their licenses. The car was so big that Robin had allotted them that much time (being the master of strategy that he was) to completely learn and be comfortable with the massive vehicle before ever putting them on the road.

So, renting the Suburban out at the outset of driver training, the six Titans had practiced driving exclusively in the very same vehicle they all rode in now.

A car that Kid Flash had affectionately named Charlene.

Jinx glanced at Kid Flash, who was wearing the sunglasses he had bought with the bright orange lenses, then down at the map book of California that she had in her lap, examining the page closely. The team had map books for each state they would be in along their planned route, and had outlined on a large, full country map the zigzagging path that they would ultimately take. The trip was slated to be so long, that a direct route made no sense, so the crazy red line of their trip wasn't so ridiculous at all. In fact, their very first chosen destination, The Grand Canyon, was off shooting in the wrong direction entirely from their final destination.

And, of course, the moment that Jinx had volunteered the be the first navigator and caretaker of the maps, Kid Flash had volunteered the be the first driver

"Charlene…" Kid Flash said, bringing Jinx out of her momentary reverie, "I love you to death, but you are one slow bitch…"

"She is not!" Argent came to the defense of the car. "We're going, like, a hundred kilometers an hour!"

"We use miles in this country," Kid Flash laughed. "May I please see your green card, lady?"

"Suck it, Flash," Argent grinned wickedly, making her right hand into a fist, and forming some of her red energy around it. "I'll show you my red card if you'd like."

"You wouldn't dare!" he shot back. "I'm the driver! If I go down, I'm taking you with me!"

"Ha!" Argent replied grinning wider. "I'm wearing a seatbelt and I have a death wish to satisfy. You want to bloody dance, let's go, Kid."

"Don't make me pull this car over!" Kid Flash exclaimed, eyes never leaving the road. "I will do it!"

Argent looked like she was about to respond, when her eyes darted out of her window and instantly lit up with mischievous excitement.

"Punch buggy yellow!" She sang happily, dissipating the energy around her hand and violently right hooking the closest person to her.

Jericho had just quietly been minding his own business, fiddling absent mindedly with the small digital camera that he was planning on documenting the trip with, when he took Argent's sucker punch straight to his right shoulder.

Hot Spot, having witness the whole thing, started laughing so hard he nearly choked on the Dr. Pepper he was drinking. It was so bad that Herald had had to stop reading the book on sign language he had purchased at the book store to courteously pat Hot Spot on the back to get him breathing right again.

Flinching and giving Argent a somber look of 'why me', Jericho rubbed his shoulder trying to get the feeling in his arm back.

Argent simply smiled and victoriously pumped her first in the air. "First victim!"

"Jesus, Spotty, don't die back there…" Kid Flash said. "Oh and Argent, I humbly and sincerely retract my green card comment. Please don't hurt me…"

"Yeah, you'd better behave yourself, Flash," Jinx said idly, pretending she was reading the map. "Or I'll sic Argent on you."

"You girls are all in cahoots with each other," Kid Flash stated. "This conspiracy will not stand!"

"Wanna bet, pal?" Jinx grinned at him.

"Maybe I'll bet when we get to Vegas," Kid Flash stated. "Dudes! We're gonna go to Vegas!"

"You're not even old enough to gamble." Jinx sighed.

"I never said anything about legally gambling…" Kid Flash muttered, quietly.

"Hey Argent," Hot Spot began, having recovered from his laughing and choking fit. "Punch buggy isn't a fair game to play with Jericho. He can't tell us if he sees them or not."

"Oh, bloody hell…" Argent looked apologetically at Jericho who was still trying to rub the feeling back into his right arm. "Sorry, then. I hadn't thought about that… Caught up in the moment, you know?"

Jericho waved her off with his working left hand, trying to communicate that it was okay and he wasn't taking anything personally.

"Tell ya what," Argent said, "We'll just put you on the honor system. We'll just have to trust that you see one of them whenever you sock somebody. I trust you."

Jericho nodded once. That seemed fair to him.

"For the love of all that's Holy, it's like driving a brick!" Kid Flash exclaimed. "It's like we're not even moving!"

Jinx glanced up from the map. "If you not enjoying yourself, I'm sure someone else would like to drive."

"Hell yeah, I would!" Hot Spot said from the back. He was slated to be the second driver, anyway, and he was just waiting for a chance to get behind the wheel of the Suburban on the open highway.

Sixty miles per hour was sure as hell fast for him in a car, even if he could personally fly faster.

Suddenly, Jericho lashed out with his left arm, punching Argent in the meat of her right arm.

"Ow!" she gripped her arm, massaging it. "What color was it?"

Herald looked up from his book, to see Jericho give his response in sign language.

"Red," Herald said simply looking down to resume reading.

Jericho looked thrilled and gave a thumbs up to Herald who offered a small satisfied grin, flipping to the next page of the book.

"City limits, people!" Kid Flash piped up excitedly, watching with glee as the he passed the 'Now Leaving Jump City' sign on the side of the highway. He adopted an incredibly fake super hero voice. "And the adventure begins!"

Jinx found the corner of Jump City on her map, and traced the marked route to the Grand Canyon with her finger. In just a couple hours, they'd be there.

Jinx suddenly felt an unexpected swell of excitement.

Kid Flash was right. The adventure was beginning.

"On second thought, Jericho," Argent grimaced, still massaging her arm. "Maybe we should just play corners…"

Author's Note:
Well, hell. I'm back! Upon reviewing this story, my most popular on FanFiction, I was amazed. While not my best prose by a long shot, this is the best dialogue I've ever written. Easily. I had so much fun rereading The Third Team, that I fell back in love with the story I devised when I was writing it two years ago. So, here I am. And I'll try (really, I will) to update at least once a week from here on out. I had so many ideas and so much planned for this story, that I hope I can remember what they all were. I will warn readers that the story is a Drama. It is, I promise. The simple fact is the characters themselves are funny. I'm just writing what I saw in the show. When they get to Obsidian City and start fighting crime, this story will become quite dark. The characters will still be who they are, but the circumstances will change. Just a warning. Anyway, than you all so much for reading, and especially those of you who have been on board for these few years. Just keep in mind that I haven't written in a while and it could take me a bit to get the magic back. Be patient! I'll try my hardest! And when I get a new computer, I'll go back through the first fifteen chapters and clean them up a bit. I was a little unhappy with the amount of typos…

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