Young Jedi Knight Angst vig.

Set during Young Jedi Knights: Shadow Academy pg 140.

What if the battle had gone a little differently. Completed. Repliesposting the rest of the chapters.


Focus: Jaina, and Jacen.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Well nothing that a lawyer or George Lucas or Professional writers would want, you know, those people who actually own the whole Skywalker/Solo clan. Which if you haven't noticed, isn't me. I obviously didn't write The Young Jedi Knights series. Nice people those two authors, or so my friends say.

Darth Vader was a stain on his entire family. Total strangers would always remember who his grandfather had been. He was the family guilt, no matter how many worlds they bled to save there would always be the taint of Darth Vader. How could his grandfather have killed so many innocent people? How could he have caused so much pain to his family?

Jacen fought the image of Darth Vader, taking advantage of his shocked hesitation. Thrusting. Parrying. Attacking. Defending. However whatever Brakiss had come up with seemed to match his moves perfectly. They were evenly matched.

He tried not to show how tired he was becoming. Brakiss had promised that he could see Jaina and Lowbacca after this training session, if he could just find a way to end this fight. So he didn't question his opponents actions too much, he didn't think then. But afterwards he could think of nothing else.

"Jacen?" Darth Vader said and deactivated his lightsaber.

Here was his golden opportunity to end this. He plunged his lightsaber into Darth Vader's chest. It hurt. Why did it hurt so much? It felt like he had stabbed himself with it. Jacen threw his lightsaber away.

And with Darth Vader he fell in pain.

Only it wasn't Darth Vader, but another illusion cloaked over.

"Force, NO!" Jacen croaked.

Jaina stared back at him, struggling to breath with a punctured lung. Blood was filling her lungs despite the wound being cauterized.

Jacen scrambled over to his sister, propping her up so her injured lung could work better.

"I'm soo sorry, I didn't. I didn't know." Jacen's voice broke. Beneath his hands his sister's body shuddered, she didn't have enough air to spend on a response.

I know. Jacen heard her.

"I guess we know which twin is stronger." Brakiss called. "I didn't think you'd actually do it, but then again you are Darth Vader's grandson." Brakiss's smile made Jacen want to vomit.

He didn't know what to do.

Luke! Please come, Jaina's, she's dying! Jacen screamed, hoping his uncle was close enough to hear him. Even though it seemed there was little anyone could do.

Luke's eyes dilated and he gasped.

"Tenel Ka, we need to leave."

Tenel Ka looked at the Jedi master confused. She had never seen him so close to panic.

"My nephew has sent me a message, we have to go." All the time Luke was thinking that he wasn't fast enough, that he would never reach them in time to save his niece. He had to try.

Jacen refused to leave his sister's side as she was escorted to the Shadow Academy's inadequate version of a med center. Brakiss no doubt allowed it because he enjoyed watching suffering.

A droid attempted to suck the blood out of her lungs, forestalling her death. His older sister fought to stay conscious. Neither one of them knew enough of healing trances to be able to put her into one without the possibility of simply killing her.

"You've killed one of our best students." Qorl said behind Jacen. "It only a matter of time."

Jacen wanted strangle Qorl. Guilt stopped him. He couldn't leave Jaina alone long enough even to strangle him.

Protect Anakin for me. Jaina begged. Jaina had always tried to protect their little brother and even him at times.

"Don't listen to him, you're going to make it."

Jaina looked skeptical. She attempted to smile but was caught in another spasm of pain. This time it was her liver. Her body was shutting down. And it was all his fault. He had killed his own twin. Jacen vainly fought against the waves of despair that wrapped around him. He was so afraid of losing her. He'd always imagined that he would die first in their old age. But not this, not this. What would he tell their mom and dad? Uncle Luke? Anakin? Was this who was? He couldn't go back and changes things. He couldn't face them. Maybe it would be less painful to give up, give in and join the Dark Jedi? He'd never have to face them again. To acknowledge that he too was a stain on his family. As long as he lived, he would be remembered as the jedi who murdered his twin sister. It was who Jacen was. He could run away. He had to run away. A part of Jacen was disgusted with his very thoughts but the despair overpowered everything.

Jaina clutched his arm. Face wet, too pale, her lips were turning blue, coated in blood.

No, Jacen, please, promise me you won't-. You have to, mom and dad are going to need you. I need you to protect them for me, our family. I can't do it anymore. Live in the light for me. For me.

Jacen broke down into tears.

I, will. For you Jaya.

I forgive you. It was an accident, it isn't who you are.

Jacen could feel her start to slip away.

I can't do this alone, Jaya-.

We'll be strong together. I'm just going back to the force, Jasa. The force is with you, so I'll be with you too, always.

She gasped.

When did you get all sentimental-

And then she stopped. Her heart stopped. The other part of himself since conception, that presence that had comforted him stopped. She wasn't there. There was a body, but Jaina was gone. The shock of it hit with tsunami impact.

The darkness of unconsciousness crushed but Jacen didn't want it to stop.