Disclaimer: Gargoyles belongs to Buena Vista and Disney. This story is for the enjoyment of readers. Non-profit.

Author's Notes: Unfortunately, I'm stuck for an encore in my Wheels & Wings universe. So, looking through my folders of notes (I have a lot of stuff; I just haven't put them out in the open yet), I dug up this short piece done two years ago as a tribute to one of my favorite Gargoyles episodes, "Eye of the Beholder." It also ties in bits of "The Edge" and "Vows." Do Demona and Goliath have a chance to come to at least an understanding (for the sake of their daughter)? Who could say...? I don't think Goliath and Elisa should be in a relationship; they act too much like brother and sister.

My One True Weakness
by Evil Overlady

Through evening tea's steam
I watch you, red-haired beauty,
Plotting how to win your hand.

You're cunning, morally flexible,
Lovely and deadly,
A worthy opponent
And ally...

It seems only appropriate
To offer you the prize I won
So long ago in my plot to
Win over the gargoyles...

The Eye, my darling,
Is yours to behold.

You are my one true weakness,
My love.
I hold tears only for you.
I am your strength
A shoulder for you to cry on.
Nothing shall come between us,
Not even pride...

Goliath, I know you understand.
I can see the same look in your eyes.

You've fallen for a red-head beauty.
Her cunning and your strength...

You feel for her
As she does for you.

You know my one true weakness,
My love.
You hold tears only for her...

I hold my rose in my arms.
Her thorns are gone.
How frail my tough love is.

Don't lose sight of her, Goliath.
You and Demona were made for each other.

We're more alike than either of us cares to admit...