Disclaimer: Howl, Sophie, Calcifer, the Hatter family and friends is the intellectual property of Diana Wynne Jones.
All other characters belong to me.
Howl, Sophie and Calcifer is based on both Ms Jones' book and also Miyazaki's production.

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Chapter One:
In which Sophie feeds Calcifer several suits

'Stupid Howl!' muttered Sophie furiously as she methodologically cut up the last of his suits. The silver and black suit had looked absolutely magnificent on him but all that remained now was little slivers of material that would be extremely difficult for even Howl to magic back together. 'He'll not wear my suits to go romancing some other girl! Here, Calcifer! You can have the last bits of this too!'

Calcifer crept gently atop the smouldering piles cloth and looked worried at Sophie.

'I'm sure Howl is not interested in another girl… He cares too much for you!'

'Hah! You should have seen him yesterday at the party! He had women hanging all over him… Especially her!'

'It's not his fault that females find him attractive.'

'Well… HE didn't need to encourage them and he was certainly enjoying himself!'

Suddenly scrubbing a hand across her brimming eyes, she glared at the charred remains of all eight of Howl's suits (six of which she had lovingly made for him from scratch) and quietly said:

'He's never said he loves me in any case.'

Gazing at the tiny orange-blue flames licking at the coals with a look on her face that quite terrified Calcifer, Sophie finally made a decision.

'I'm moving out and going to Kingsbury.'