Title: Two Princes

Rating: T or PG-13 for cursing and sexual implications.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything or anyone in the Naruto universe.

Warnings: Shonen-ai. Boy on Boy. Homosexuality. G.A.Y. No sex scenes since this story will be fairly mild. Other than that, there might be a few grammatical errors, excessive cursing, and angst moments. I'll try my best to keep the characters as true to their manga/anime counterparts as possible but things will be tweaked to fit the setting.

Background Info: Everyone is in their late teens unless otherwise stated in childhood flashbacks and the occasional adult/elder. The story is based off the fairytale 'Cinderella'. If you do not know of it, I advise a quick reading of it online for the sake of knowledge. Oh, and the characters will only be from the first Naruto arc. Which means Sai, Sasori, etc. will not make an appearance. Apologies.

Summary: AU. A spin-off of the classic Cinderella story with Sasuke as a spoiled ice prince and Naruto as a shunned goose lad. Sasu/Naru.

-----Part I: Enter Goose Boy, Forehead, and Pig -----

"Damn it! You swan drop-outs! Its just wheat! WHEAT!"

A rather exasperated blonde boy with a thick burlap bag slung over his shoulder stood amongst his herd of domestic waterfowl, anger burning into his brilliant cerulean eyes as he thrusted another fistful of feed onto the unblinking geese. A couple of the birds had seemed to humor the young man, pecking at the ground but obviously uninterested in the grain. More had decidedly wander away into the far edges of the pen, slowly dissolving the large crowd that had previously gathered. Most simply opted to hold their heads high and away as if to say, ' We refuse to be fed by the likes of you.'

This was what made the goose lad especially livid. He had enough of the high-minded attitude from the other villagers but it'll be a freezing day in hell when he allowed geese to treat him that way. With anew passion, he dipped his hand into the bag, pulled out a handful of feed, and than catapulted the mini-projectiles at the animals as hard as he can.

Satisfied, a large grin formed across his tanned whiskered cheeks. Although the action was nothing more than an excuse to release his pent up frustration, it nevertheless made the boy feel much better about himself.

"Ha! Take that you bunch of little-!"

The previously large grin faltered as a bewilderment slowly replaced his features. Were the geese...were the geese glaring at him? They have all become strangely silent and fifteen pairs of eyes turned to face him with...was it possible for geese to hold a spark of menace in their eyes? The poor goose lad felt a large lump develop in the back of his throat and tried unsuccessfully to gulp it away. Uncomfortable seconds stretched between them as neither side refused to look away, each daring the other to submit to unnamed demands. The boy wanting only compliance. The geese wanting...well he didn't know what they wanted.

"Naruto!" came a sudden echoing shrill from behind them, "We need some hot water for our bath!"

The goose boy gently turned to the mansion where the order had come from. A girl with short pink hair leaned over the windowsill, a bored expression on her face as dull emerald eyes gazed down below. Though it was almost mid-afternoon, it was obvious she had just awoken since her nightgown held bedtime wrinkles and her hair was slightly disheveled. Another girl came up from behind, a morning scowl on her face as her long light blond hair laid tangled over her head. Her own light blue eyes providing a perfect contrast with her sister's green ones.

"What is with him this time, Sakura?" asked the blond, lightly suppressing a yawn with the back of her hand.

"He's feeding the geese again, Ino," replied Sakura with a look of mild amusement, "How much do you wanna bet-?"

But before she could finish the question, a loud yelp came from the ground. Both turned their heads expectantly at the scene unfolding before them. Apparently, the geese had seized the opportunity of lapsed attention and had charged at the boy in a tidal wave of snapping beaks and flapping wings. Noticeably panicked, Naruto made a mad dash to the gate of the enclosure. However, just as his fingertips grazed the wood, the young man found himself engulfed by the heard of murderous waterfowl. A single hand, reaching vainly over a giant mass of flying white feathers, was all the two girls could clearly see of him. Though they did hear a string of creative profanities resonating from the frenzied voice.

"Damn it! Damn it! Holy hit on a stick! Get off you damn feather dusters! Oh dear god no! Not there! OUCH!"

Comical as it was, the sisters had a busy day ahead of them and needed the hot bath as soon as possible. Sakura took one last look before turning searching in an ornate dresser beside the window. Her greens eyes shifted from one carefully organized section to another as her delicate hands lightly pushed away items to reveal the hidden contents underneath. With proud zeal, the girl finally found what she had been looking for and produced a small tightly wrapped cylinder with a piece of thread. She held a match in the other.

"Didn't Shizune tell you to keep those things outside?" asked Ino, momentarily averting her eyes. "Really now, Sakura. It isn't proper for a woman-"

"Don't be such a worrywart. You know as well as I that Madame Tsunade is traveling to the next kingdom and won't be back for two months," came the lamed reply. She looked down at the group of geese, honking bloody murder, and back to the cylinder with a frown. "No...won't do...too long," she mumbled and took out a pair of sewing scissors to adjust the length of the string. "Aha! Perfect!"

Ino gave a huff but couldn't help herself to watch as Sakura smiled devilishly as the match ignited between her fingers. Against her will, the blonde found the corners of her mouth curling slightly in a matching smirk. Sometimes, she had to admit, her brainiac sister could be useful.

"Do you want to do the honors?" asked the pink-haired girl in mock formality. "You're better at aiming."

Ino nodded, her smirk widening. "Why thank you dear sister."

"Wait three seconds," breathed a warning from the other as she lighted the cylinder and hurriedly handed it to the blonde's awaiting hand. "And...NOW!"

The cylinder fell to the ground, true to its goal to the white feathery mass below. Two sets of eyes peered eagerly over the stone window ledge to watch. In what seemed to be hours, a loud 'pop' rang through the meadow, just two meters above the struggling boy. Mistaking the sudden noise as a gunshot fire, the geese quickly parted, frightened of becoming the main dish of tonight's dinner. On the ground, amongst feathers and dirt, laid Naruto curled in a fetal position with his arms covering his head and neck.

He only risked looking up and getting his eyes pecked when he felt the last of the geese waddled far away. He gave a large sigh of relief but something must have scared them enough to stop. What was that loud bang earlier? The forest was further away so it couldn't have been the hunters. Naruto was suddenly reminded of Sakura and Ino as he registered their familiar laughter. Grumbling, he quickly stood up and brushed off the dirt that still clung to his already soiled clothes. "Oi, stop laughing and tell me what happened!" he yelled angrily, cupping one of his hand to the side of his mouth. "What was that noise!"

"We'll tell you when you get us the water!" replied Ino in an impatient voice. "And hurry up!"

Naruto scowled and folded his arms. "Why should I! Get your own damn-!"

"It's something I made!" Sakura interrupted urgently, "I'll give you more if you fetch the water for us! Now!"

Interested, Naruto wanted to know more details but decided against it. After all, he had no reason to not trust Sakura. She had made many things and was sometimes kind enough to show him her inventions. And even though she would deny it without fail, Sakura was one of the few people who somewhat cared for his well-being. Besides, his voice was growing hoarse from all the shouting.

"Fine! I'll go get your water! My ladies!" A low jeering bow followed before the youth trudged towards the shed to retrieve the buckets.

"Of all the days he could be a pain!" said an exasperated Ino to her sister as they both turned back to their respective wardrobes. Each opened the jeweled handlebars to reveal a thick line of various custom made dresses made of the finest lace and silk.

"Well, it is Naruto," Sakura shrugged and headed towards the large mirror with an embroidered light green selection.

"Yes, but today is Prince Sasuke's return to the kingdom!" There was a noticeable swoon in the response as Ino leaned dramatically against the fabric. "I have to be presentable at the town square to be chosen as his bride!"

"Ha! He won't even glance at you," came the reply from across the room," He'll be too busy adoring me."

"What did you say...forehead!"

"Why? Didn't hear me with your thick ears, pig!"

"Take that back or I'll tell Shizune about your 'other' books!"

"You wouldn't dare! Besides, its for educational purposes! Which is more than I can say for that paint you always plaster over your face!"

On the ground, Naruto had already made his way towards the nearest stream when he heard the girl's bicker echoing from over the grass. It was tempting to sit below their window and listen to their entertaining taunts but he planned to bathe himself in the water and needed the extra time. Tasty though it was having goose ass-feathers in his mouth, the spiky-haired blond prefer going through his daily chores without it.

----Part II: Enter Ice Prince and Co.----

Kakashi must purposely set himself on driving over every rock in the forest, the prince was sure of it. He had already counted 34-

The carriage suddenly bucked up and landed on the road with a dusty thud. The prince and the two nobles who presided inside reacted by gracefully lowering their necks the exact amount needed to avoid bumping their heads to the low extravagantly crafted wooden ceiling. To avoid a concussion, they had all learned around the seventh rock how to safely estimate the distance between each of their heads and the top of the carriage.

"How troublesome," muttered the noble leaning lazily to the side of the carriage, gazing apathetically out the window at the passing mass of forestry and the occasional deer. He had been irritated about the sudden disturbance of his nap but already felt his eyelids droop a bit. No matter. On average, he had roughly ten minutes until the next rock. Plenty of time for some quick shut eye.

On the other side, the second noble gave a disgruntled sigh but said nothing. In fact, he didn't even bother to open his blank white eyes but settled on silently reverting back to his previous state of meditation. It was a good thing his long black hair had been tied properly by the servants of the other kingdom yesterday morning. Otherwise he'd certainly have a bad case of static from the constant brushing on the soft interior.

"That makes 35, Kakashi," the prince counted with a note of impatience. Dark obsidian eyes glared at the back of the driver through a small window across from him and between the nobles. A back of a gloved hand appeared in an appeasing wave before quickly going back to the reins.

"Sorry about that Prince Sasuke," said the driver in a pleasant tone, "The rock wasn't there before, I could've sworn-"

"Forget it!" groaned the prince in displeasure, "I don't have the tolerance to deal with your excuses now."

And that was the truth. For it was in the dead middle of summer with degrees in the cooking-meat-over-the-fire temperatures. Though the windows were open and some breezes had managed to drift in, the carriage was still unbearably hot. Especially considering the stuffy outfit each of nobles were wearing. All of them had already set aside their high-collared vests and heavy long coats but sweat still settled on the backs of their necks and the scope of their foreheads. How Kakashi managed to look comfortable in this temperature was a wonder.

Sasuke bit the bottom of his lip in thought as his eyes grazed over the other two. They all looked pretty bad for supposed nobles. Their clothes were undoubtedly soaked and the smell of perspiration was hardly flattering. Even Neji, who had become infamous for his cool calm demeanor, shifted uncomfortably from side to side. If possible, Shikamaru was taking more naps than usual, most likely to escape from the heat. This simply will not do.

His arrival back to the kingdom is today. The citizens had undoubtedly heard that announcement from the herald he sent days beforehand and was now preparing a little festival in his honor. The prince knew what they expected and three sweaty young man was the least of it. Clothes were not a problem since they had trunks of it just over their heads, restrained neatly by Kakashi before departure. However, Sasuke was sure someone would say something about the putrid stench that they were currently drowning in. It would be weeks before the 'Prince Stinky Sasuke' joke would die down, especially in the tight knit gossipy Kingdom that was Kohona.

"Neji, is there an inn around this area?"

"No. Too close to the kingdom." The reply was curt, almost as if the noble had already given thought to the situation.

Sasuke cursed under his breath. He had half-expected Neji to suggest going to a nearby manor and asking for assistance but the idea was quickly shot down. All of them had spent months dealing with suck-ups from other kingdoms. Dealing with ones from your own would be ten times worse.


One eyebrow raised, the prince turned his head to Shikamaru, who had one eye open. Even Neji broke out of his meditation to listen. His opaque pearl eyes peering questioningly at the other.

"Explain Shikamaru," ordered Sasuke.

Shikamaru sat himself up, yawning slightly and opening both his eyes in the process. "There's a stream nearby an old large oak tree to the left of the path about three miles from here. It flows downstream so its relatively clean enough to bathe in." Before the prince could ask, the noble continued, "Its small and hidden between two rocky hills and covered with thick forests so not many people know of it."

Both nobles glanced over to Sasuke, who was carefully absorbing the information. It wasn't that the information could be possibly unreliable. On the contrary, if it came from Shikamaru's mouth, then it would be wholeheartedly reliable. It was the thought of bathing in such a public place that was slightly unnerving. Nudity was not much of a concern but he would be entirely susceptible to attacks by a wandering fangirl from the kingdom. An unnoticeable flush nestled across his cheeks as he imagined a group of rabid girls hidden behind rocks and trees. However, what choice did he have?


"Right away, your majesty."

-----To Be Continued----

Author's Note: So how did I do for a first time Naruto writer? Boy, its been years since I last typed up a fanfiction and this would be my first time taking a stab at a BoyxBoy centered one. I hope I didn't make Sakura too despicable. I really do like her as a character; she shows admirable growth and personality in the storyline. In fact, I was this close to turning this into a SasuSaku fic but Naruto kept popping up with his cute little chubby cheeks and...and...GAH! I couldn't say no. He's just too adorable!

Now that I got the introduction out of the way, I'll have much more fun when the two finally interact in the next chappie! Yay!

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